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  1. I ended up using the all vaults cheat code, spent hours replaying missions to no success.
  2. Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus The Thievius Raccoonus #79 Still fun to this day, will complete the whole series now it's on ps plus
  3. I'm on the first level, man this game is difficult
  4. Before I beat clockwerk I noticed a vault saying it was written in "owl dialect" I figured it was referring to clockwerk. after I beat the game I came back to open my final vault and it gives me the same message. If anyone has had this happen or can give me some help I'd appreciate it greatly
  5. I agree, I'm just glad this one has trophies to begin with, not all the classics are lucky enough
  6. I mean it's a similar game with some new stuff, if they had a new trophy list they'd just copy and paste it and might add some dlc for the new heroes right?
  7. Thank you!
  8. Platinum #78 Toem And that completes the list! My bad, I'm not sure why the image doesn't work?
  9. (Long post, sorry) Hello, im JEDI_BROTHERS. My name comes from when i was little, me and my brother would play together and we both had a common interest in star wars, the name is a little cringy but in a good way :). I've been on these forums for a couple years now, im decently active here. I do feel an introduction would be a good thing to do and long overdo. I'm a trophy hunter from the United States, I have been trophy hunting since 2019. My first platinum was rocket league and my most proud is star wars battlefront. I am pretty broad with which games I play, I never want to miss an experience due to being picky. I have very big issues focusing on a game so you'll notice a lot of random games I haven't finished (I swear I'll get to them) My favorite game series are: call of duty, Uncharted, battlefront, GTA, Just Cause, and maybe some others. I am a big music fan, my favorite genre is rap and hip hop. I would struggle naming my favorite artists since it constantly changes but rn it's (No order) Trippie redd Xxxtentacion Juice wrld Joji Lil wayne Asap rocky Playboi carti Destroy lonely I am also a big sports fan My teams are the Broncos, Red Sox, Bulls, and Avalanche If there's any games you think I should try out let me know
  10. Doesn't this seem like a good thing for us since it's not punishing for losing but all you really need to do is play games? That sounds good
  11. There are new trophies with it
  12. I dont even bother with these games trophies anymore
  13. Battlefront on the ps2 Must've spent over a hundred hours playing that game and the sequel
  14. Interesting, never heard of this idea somehow Sadly only 2 ps5 controllers on premium.
  15. So 4 controllers are needed to platinum this game. Issue is I only have 2. So is there any way I can work around this like an online Co op or multiple accounts or should I just forget about it until I can do it legit