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  1. Sure, why not
  2. What a beautiful platinum icon
  3. are rhe servers alive?
  4. Well I have enjoyed 2k20 a lot so I dont mind the grind and sniping cards for hours. And I love battlefront so it makes me sad that the game is on the verge of death
  5. GOAT collector in 2k20, I've gotten about 200 cards the past few days so its going better but its still grindy, and also finding a server in star wars battlefront
  6. First episode of cowboy bebop
  7. An easier way to explain it is just pick a play ending with press and when the qb snaps the ball (when the play starts) hold your left trigger down and run into the receiver and make sure there's a check mark
  8. Pick a play that ends in press, play as a cornerback, and run into the receiver and it should have a check mark
  9. Welp. Ig my ps4 list is never gonna get finished, but on the plus side its an easy platinum, thanks for answering
  10. Very late reply, but turn on assisted physics in race settings
  11. Sorta, but you'd have to get someone to be kn the enemy team and let you kill them in a public match. But id honestly recommend doing it on hero starfighters to save time. But i found it easier on the normal starfighters modes because no hero ships could gang up on you and get easy kills
  12. Thank you!
  13. Every build in mycareer is terrible, they can't make a wide open layup, they can't do anything worth being on a team for, how do I make a great player, any advice?
  14. I dont remember being kicked but I could be wrong my memory isnt the best