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  1. So I guess there are no trophies during the trial
  2. Not sure, hope I can find out asap
  3. I did more research its a free trial. I may just play to see how truly broken it is
  4. Nooooo! My fault ig, waited too long lol. Guess I'll just go for a new game, I've become content with not being able to platinum everything at this point
  5. So Madden 22 is gonna be free according to some articles and a youtuber. Is it 100% free or a free trial
  6. Thank you. I just saw that limited was off rn and wanted to make sure
  7. Title
  8. Any advice? I'm struggling with these.
  9. Can i get all trophies without premium pass?
  10. I got 2k21 recently so i may just move on and get my first 2k plat with that game. Thanks for the help
  11. I still need 1500 cards and with how extinct most cards are and the market being dry i feel it may not be possible for me to get this. If it is possible at all please tell me, i can play all day ad i am very ill right now. Any advice? Should i just move on?
  12. Appreciate it man
  13. How long would this game take and what is thw difficulty?
  14. Thank you for the advice. I did follow a guide but am pretty bad at this game lol. Ive chilled and played something else, will probably return tomorrow Yes i did. I just gotta keep trying a lot
  15. I am at the point where i want to delete this and break my controller. I got through the lightning maze and missed the scroll after 2 hours of trying. Then i decided to come back for it after the eye boss (i heard you could go back). Then the eye boss is the most bs boss in all of gaming. Someone please just give advice im getting annoyed