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  1. Is this trophy even possible. It seems everytime I get shot down or my team loses before I even get to the walker. I've seen so many guides but none have helped. Any suggestions?
  2. Yeah I believe so. I just have no one to boost with lol
  3. How can I get this trophy. Any tips on good loadouts? Or good weapons?
  4. Are these servers active at all?
  5. that's exactly what i do lol. I just rush into battle and squish as many as I can before I'm blown up
  6. Could be grindy and a little luck, but if the game is fun I woulnt mind grinding. I plan on doing this when it comes out
  7. Thank you. I've been following the video step by step and plan on working on the pigs today
  8. My pigs will not reproduce. My food, despite me filling trailers full of food multiple times never gets close to 100 percent food, same goes with straw, the water is fine but takes a lot of work. Any advice on how to help my pigs
  9. Yeah this looks very easy. I plan on getting this platinum, hardest trophy will be the domination and the geologist which neither are hard just a little grindy
  10. Well great. This is why I have issues with playing games without platinums, they always add some dlc that cost too much and I end up stuck without 100%
  11. how hard is this if I don't boost
  12. I'm gonna do that one too not on my profile yet tho
  13. Done a lot of games i didnt list due to being super close to them, will keep updated
  14. infamous second son
  15. Some seem tough but doable