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  1. This game has it's frame rate issues, strange driving physics (not all vehicles) & dumb ai at times but I'll say this game has some of my favorite dlc, each one changes the game mechanics & add alot of gameplay variety. Jetpacks that shoot missles & mech suits etc, pretty sick lol. It made the main game far more enjoyable
  2. I'm running into this same issue too, hopefully it gets fixed
  3. This method works great, still a grind but not as bad, I'm surprised the platinum is this rare. I'm about halfway through ammo resupplies if anyone wants to boost that back and fourth
  4. This still works, not sure how but all the trophies pop except for meatwall, even 5 flawless ranked wins is achievable if you earn 3 stars on every situation.
  5. Just admit there is absolutely no fix for a majority of the users attempting this platinum, there is no bit of research you discovered across the internet that we haven't found from the hours we spent finding a fix for this broken game. I would wait for a patch before even attempting this otherwise your probably wasting your time.
  6. I can confirm it does not work by visiting then all in one sitting. You can take a whole list from 12 different guides, right each location on a piece of paper crossing them out one by one & still not receive all the locations for even 1 planet. Visiting them all will not work u t they patch this, unless you have a physical copy and can revert to an older version you are 100% screwed. If you somehow manage to get this trophy without it bugging, then I honestly doubt it
  7. I did this same exact thing, all 223/233 locations. Also following powerpyx location guide to a T, writing & checking off each location with a pen and paper just to make sure, I even hit up spots like the water fall in Eden 6 along with Pitts stop in Pandora among many others yet still no trophy. I don't think this is obtainable without reverting back to a previous patch or wait for a new one which I doubt the team over at gearbox can do since alot of these problems haven't been fixed since launch. The main issue for this trophy bug has to be the areas being rediscovered glitch causing the stat tracker to break even worse. It's hard to believe others have been able to achieve this trophy with the glitch, seems impossible
  8. I'll run it again hopefully they'll patch it before I do but last time I took powerpyx guide checking off each location even slaughterhouse & the proving grounds yet no locations for the planet Pandora. I was only able to get nekrotafeyo's trophy to pop after rediscovering each location. Maybe discovering every location in new game plus will help. Seems inconsistent but who knows maybe I actually missed a location lmao
  9. I don't even have city slicker or the Pandora trophy, I wasint gonna even attempt doing it all in one sitting if I can't get one planet completed in one sitting. It's extremely broken, coop must've broke my game at launch as well as entering true vault Hunter mode which bugged out the statistics even more. Maybe I'll run through it again with powerpyx guide just to check but I'm pretty sure I need to delete all my saves & game data for this to work. Something is bugged on my end, I appreciate all the help thank you!
  10. I can confirm that many of the fixes don't work, I've went through every location with powerpyx guide for both Pandora and Promethean yet no trophy, all slaughter houses were visited yet still nothing. These location trophies will stay broken until they patch it.
  11. https://cod.tracker.gg/modern-warfare/profile/psn/Jwalker707/mp#