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  1. Necroing this because it works on PC, and it may have nothing to do with PS3 but maybe this thread will get to the right person. Play The Lord of the Rings: Conquest Online with Radmin VPN (lotrcon.quest) My 00,01% of hope speaking here, and the discord is surprisingly active ("active"). Still I would need to rescue my PS3 from my father's house. But, say, if this worked out would people get banned from the LB?
  2. The game is VERY special
  3. Definitely a similar situation, although I'm nowhere close to be as stable as you mention I do feel a similar way about turning to certain games or genres. I played Monster Hunter World/Iceborne for almost 2K hours and believe that was part of the main problem (sort of, because I did enjoy 99% of that playtime) because I did feel something develop when I really thought about how much time that was; I've never played and will most likely never play something as much as that game, I think my record was like 600 hours with another Monster Hunter game and that's a LOT. Rise came out and it was a day-one for me but... It wasn't the same, I got bored really fast considering the regular MH playtime. It's a cool game but I guess that spark died out on me. And now that I think of it... MMORPGs are the best games to keep a low gaming profile. Low as in keeping at it but not going balls deep if you know what I mean, or maybe do going balls deep but with just that particular game. Next month I'm finally moving back to Spain and have decided to not take the PS4 with me at least for the first 7-10 months because I've been wanting to develop the reading habit for a long time, and well I also need to meet new people. I barely use my new-ish Switch and that I'll be taking.
  4. That's what I started doing little by little with the Switch; bought this thing in November and have tried some indie games and will be trying platformers for example. I've tried Fighting games and... Damn, the time required to adjust my brain into it won't be happening. I do think it might be related to the comfort zone. 16?, fucking hell I'm 30 let me change that hahahaha. I don't really plan on having kids, at least not now and for the last many years. Time will tell. I've been wanting to play the 4th one for years, and it's funny that you mention it because every time it's on slae I'm like "uhm... Damn, not right now but I should definitely buy it for once" and not do anything. But eah that's on my list. I'm usually an active person but that's been fading away too, will have to look into new hobbies and people are mentioning. I was thinking about learning a trade job (blacksmith) but it's just impossible to find what I want in here, next month I'll be back in Spain and there things will change. It's always been a hobby and one that I enjoy a lot, it's what I do to relax or have fun at home. The best way to call it a day. But it's made me realize that I need more in-house activities other than gaming, I've been reading for some weeks now so that's a start Thanks a lot, I appreciate it. I liked this hobby because it didn't clashed with my mental health until now, andto some degree I understand the situation but it's still extremely weird because more than a hobby it's almost a tradition already. I've been reading for a few weeks now and plan on keeping at it; wanted to do it for years because insomnia has been my worst enemy my entire life and reading before bed has helped a lot. ---------------------------------------------- Thanks for the replies people, this is one of those things you just want to get off your chest. I've talked about this with some friends (nothing too serious because we can all agree that this is no serious matter) and the feedback has been pretty vague, so I felt like trying in a gaming cradle.
  5. Not sure if it was related to the COVID Season, or my usual depression / mind bullshit, or existential dread, or simply a new stage I'm dealing with, but for the last months it's been extremely difficult for me to sit down and enjoy a game; even games I would usually play. Should I try new stuff?, gaming is what I do to have fun and now it's a chore that feels very weird. I've been gaming ever since I was 5yo like the majority in here, years ago I began labelling myself because some friends were constantly mentioning that X character was for Tryhards, Y was for Hardcores, and Z was for Casuals; I've always gamed for fun and never really felt like I was better than the others at PvP so that'd make me an average gamer (some matches are good, some matches are bad, and some matches just suck), eh? Also as much as I might enjoy a multiplayer game my jam has always been single player or co-op games. So far I feel like this might be a stage or a phase or whatever you want to call it, or maybe it's the beginning of the end. Guess I'll know for sure in the next couple of years. I won't be getting any replies from those who simply abandoned gaming eh?
  6. Getting a trophy gives me some sort of satisfaction but I don't really give a damn about them anymore; my hunter years are long gone BUT if I do enjoy the game I'll consider the platinum. For example after 5 years I decided to do a Nightmare run for the Dragon Age Inquisiton platinum (I hate timed and difficulty trophies) because after listening to the OST several times over the last months I was just so eager to play it again, also it's a great game. Another example would be TLoU2, I LOVED that game and replayed almost 4 times in a row and was a really good platinum candidate, but the collectables felt like a chore so I just kissed it goodbye. For the last months I've also discovered how unhealthy for me some games are and I'll just avoid them, the same thing happened with trophies years ago. Don't forget to enjoy the game.
  7. Indeed, just finished the Nightmare run without much trouble or even an OP build. The Golden Nug helped me craft a pretty good bow from the start and that was basically it. And well Cassandra + Blackwall keeping everybody away from me because I was literally a glass cannon. Later on I duped > sold for buying extra materials and craft the same recipe weapon again but stronger. Can't imagine doing this run as a Mage (what I originally planned).
  8. I felt like finally trying Nightmare mode and want to cheese it as much as possible, I'm aware that for the better exploits you need Skyhold so that'll be a chore. I was also aware that you need an unpatched game BUT my curiosity has led me here and it's saying that a patched game will work the exploits without trouble, is that really so? I can't access my original playhtrough yet for some reason (background ghost installing of this game goes on forever) but once I do I'll try it. Has anyone done them lately? EDIT: IT WORKS!!!!!!!

  10. I'd attempt this if it wasn't a pain in the ass. Any tips?
  11. Same here, got back to the game after it was free on PS+ and Globetrotter unlocked in the very first match I joined
  12. Hahahaha wow that's the worst opinion I've read this year. Truly amusing, do NOT keep it up!
  13. Hey, necroing this thread. I've read the guide and wonder if it's really necessary to breed a couple of 2nd generations to get 3rth generation puppies. Will it not work if I breed 1 first with 1 second generation to get 1 third generation puppy?
  14. I don't even want to ask you about TLoU2. And to be honest I didn't even noticed this plot device, now that you mention it would've been "better" if he was captured a couple of extra times but I seriously don't care. I'm still enjoying the hell out of this game.
  15. I haven't even tried Treasure Hunting yet, even after originally making this topic. I'm more "worried" about this than crowns. I'll eventually do it, but boy oh boy what a pain it was back then.