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  1. I can't find (if there's any) items guide to make this process quicker. I know that you just have to give them a bunch of items until they give you a hint back, but hell is it time consuming. I remember my very last hint for the first area took like 15 reloads of giving them the same things because I had nothing else to give them and they weren't reacting any further. I'll appreciate any insight, because this, the giant medusa and the ancient fish has taken forever (I still haven't started the crown hunt, just taking it easy there). If there's no guide but you have any kind of tip I'll appreciate it too, and if there's nothing, well... Damn. This is a grind I don't really like.
  2. Offline 1/10 Online 3/10 Once I managed to get enough gold bard for Collector my RDO changed drastically, that Role helped me really enjoy RDO. I maxed it out really fast and made good money, but what really gets me going is just doing the Daily Challenges (since my friends rarely play and the only one growing the Posse is myself)
  3. It can still get ridiculous from time to time
  4. PSN: YORGOS_PB Pawn: Lv200 Sorcerer called Kjell with level 1-2 Bitterblack gear (need Rift Crystals)
  5. I still remember losing my shit to the 3rd Colossus TA, oh god. Can't believe after all that sweat and tears I still platinumed the game. Not playing it again in yeeeaaaaaaars
  6. I usually get disconnected once a day, but today was ridiculous. While loading I was disconnected 4 times in a row, the darned thing was still loading.
  7. I'm months late, but you have already realized that Swordmastery Skills are NOT cross-functional. Unfortunately
  8. Yesterday I got back from a week-off and and a guy (who's got a Dropping Weapon Thread in here) dropped me absolutely everything (I made a new character and got to André real quick), and I noticed one weapon that may have been the difference but it was definitely not on my checklists. The Demon's Great Hammer. Now I'm just supposing because there's no reason for the trophy not popping originally, unless having a mix of upgraded weapons or something screwed up the scripted list; I don't know. I can drop them for you, mate. Message me on PSN. I play on weekends.
  9. I'm extremely curious about the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles trophy set. 

    Oh how am I going to enjoy replaying that beauty

  10. Thanks mate, I've everything but the Jagged Blade and according to what I've read on different lists and comments it's not needed, still, I'll look for it. I was thinking about starting a fresh character and ask for everything, this is horrible. I even dreamt about getting the damned trophy, things not working as they should frustrates me.
  11. I do have them
  12. Priest enemies?, hmmmmm the Channelers Trident? I have it.
  13. I've double and triple re-checked the needed weapons lists and I have absolutely everything and more, so, why is the trophy not popping? A friend gave me some maxed-out weapons, could that be the problem? (I don't think so). So I noticed that I was actually missing the Black Knight Halberd, so I began to farm it and got it on my first run. Still, no trophy. Re-checked the list. Decided to drop something on the floor and pick it up, nothing, dropped everything on the floor and picked it up, nothing. Decided to reload my game and try again, only to find myself without Priscilla's Dagger. What the shit is going on?, now I'm also missing weapons? Any ideas? Edit: It wasn't only Priscilla's Dagger, damnit Edit2: So the game can only handle a certain amount of dropped stuff, that's why I lost the weapons
  14. You did something, didn't you? I was signed out and was only able to login with the new account, and now the Drop-down list works. Thanks a bunch
  15. Yup, I'm actually trying at work. Could it be related to my old username merging wrongly to the new one?, I changed from YRGS to YORGOS_PB