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  1. I understand and agree that it was a big mess of a release, I just don't understand the quality of hate I've found so far. Like, seriously, give it a break, it literally jut released. Flame Squenix all you want if they do nothing in 1 week. I was also hoping to play with friends but that will have to wait, and it's completely fine. I'm really hoping they fix the game because as much as I love playing solo I want to play with friends. I'm also surprised by the amount of original solo players, I didn't had the Tingle Cable and it felt like a privilege to play this with friends back in the day
  2. I feel bad to all those people angry about Crystal Chronicles Remastered



  3. Which weapon are you talking about?, like the one you have that according to you is the one related to the trophy. As far as I remember you needed Orichalcum, some (if not all) of the Trades at max level, and am not sure if 5 years is just way too early for all of that. I just read that there's an Ultima Weapon for each class which I didn't remember, I do remember that my Clavat had the Ragnarok (which was the very last upgrade) and it took me a pretty damn long time to get.
  4. Levels are NOT that big Every time you finish a level you get a power-up, a broader opportunity if you complete the Bonus You might still need to redo certain levels for materials, recipes or power-ups People are SO ANGRY about this issue, I can't understand the problem. I never got the opportunity to play with friends so I'm way ahead of all this hate, yet I admit that this is very unfortunate because I wanted to play with friends (guess what, I CAN STILL PLAY WITH FRIENDS DESPITE ALL THIS). The only real problem is Connectivity Issues, which I've heard do exist. I'll keep the Lite Edition until next week, hopefully the devs will address all of this problems in no time.
  5. Chaotzu was useful indeed, I mean I already got the Platinum but my team was Gohan + Goku with Vegeta, the ultimate Cheese Team. Spirit Bomb + Big Bang = instant Finish at the beginning of a fight
  6. What about gear and that?, any idea of some hot selling gaming headphones or something? I haven't played Tsushima and am really looking forward to it
  7. I was aware about Animal Crossing, I think it's still pretty big right now. Someone sent me a site called VGChartz and while it looks good I'm having a hard time finding the updated charts, still I'll look for channels or Reddit
  8. I'd like to know a personal opinion or just fact, a non-gamer friend of mine asked me and I really didn't know what to answer. According to me Digital Games obviously might have peaked (I have no idea about those statistics, personally I'm just about to go digital) and probably something like Warzone Coins, Lootboxes or similar. On a side note, which website would you recommend for me to read about this things?, a friend used to read Kotaku for instance.
  9. I'm in the intermission between Cell and Buu and just realized I can customize my Party, which made me realize that Yamcha and Chaotzu are pretty low level so I'm leveling them to be at least 30. Should I?, Does it really matter?
  10. It's taking them a while to fix things, I've no idea how a AAA Update works and what does it involve but I do hope they fix it. I'm still enjoying the game
  11. Bloodborne, Infamous, Shadow of the Colossus, Uncharted, The Last of Us, Spiderman, and the new Ghost of Tsushima. Take your time with God of War, what a game
  12. Just the 75. From the guide:
  13. I can perfectly relate, something suddenly/abruptly changing your so loved routine. There are routines I consider sacred and will make me feel off if missed, and it's horrible. I've stopped doing certain things because their respective routines just didn't feel right anymore, because they were overlapping with other routines. I hope the vaccine/treatment gets to everybody quickly so we can go back to semi-normal with no problems at all
  14. I'm in the exact same train, it took them like 11 years to let you change your PSN ID so I expect we'll be able to change region by the end of the PS5 era