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  1. I don't even want to ask you about TLoU2. And to be honest I didn't even noticed this plot device, now that you mention it would've been "better" if he was captured a couple of extra times but I seriously don't care. I'm still enjoying the hell out of this game.
  2. I haven't even tried Treasure Hunting yet, even after originally making this topic. I'm more "worried" about this than crowns. I'll eventually do it, but boy oh boy what a pain it was back then.
  3. I have no idea if the new controller is first gen or what, but the one that came with my PS4 definitely is yet it's the one I fixed and works perfectly well with TLoU2 (even before fixing the triggers it worked). Now, this is something I mentioned to someone yesterday: a friend of mine has a controller with a light on top of the gamepad, what gen is that? I wonder if my "newer" controller is still Gen1 because it still has no light on the gamepad
  4. I really wanted this game in digital, guess I'll have to get a disc instead. I don't see it returning to the PS Store anytime soon
  5. I'm yet to open the newer PS4 controller and see what the hell is going on with its R2, but I guess it's related to the flexible circuit board that connects the entire controller. Maybe it's a tad displaced, which is basically my entire theory because I can actually feel the flexible metal clip doing its job, so is the silicone button thing that's behind each button. Or maybe it's that silicone thing, we'll see.
  6. Damn I definitely am lucky, I can't relate to any of what you're saying other than R2 misbehaving. Even my friends with PS5 are complaining about their controllers. Have you?!?!?!?
  7. Got some replacement parts and fixed my first controller, now everything works as intended and the controller feels brand new. Will have to check the new one later, what a disgrace of these controllers that can make games unplayable. Although I have to admit that in all these years it's the first time that I actually have problems with them
  8. Necroing this topic, is anyone aware of a better updated method?
  9. Classic?, Sure, better than Part 2?, Opinions
  10. I ordered some replacement parts to fix my original PS4 controller, and after doing so I'll open up the new one and simply reposition (or something) the bumpers. Hopefully that'll work
  11. Yesterday, while playing TLoU2 NG+, I felt like trying different clicks with the R2 and to my surprise it worked. Basically instead or normally clicking R2 I clicked from the very top of the bumper in direction to the center-interior, and it actually worked. That means that there is indeed something going on with the components inside of the bumper, I think. I still am not sure if I want to open it up, I really thought it could be a matter of "updating"the controller but apparently that's not a thing.
  12. Bloody hell, can you share this fix you mention?, just to see it. Not sure if it's related to the videos I find online that require you to open up the controller, as if it was worn out and needed fixing because of that.
  13. Yesterday I finished TLoU2, and damn... I really fucking enjoyed it. 
    It made me feel like shit and that's no easy task for a videogame. 

    There are some discrepancies with the storytelling, nothing for me to rant about. I will gladly replay and recommend it. 

    Actually, I'll be playing NG+ Grounded with Infinite Ammo and some other cheats to make it interesting. 

  14. First of all, I bought this controller not 8 months ago so it's in minty condition. So far this has only happened with Days Gone and recently TLoU2; at first I thought it was a problem with Days Gone, the game being clunky af (I wasn't able to get past one of the first parts where you learn how to melee and do such things because my R2 simply didn't work, can't remember what I did to workaround). I truly thought that the game was buggy and put it on standby. Now, I finished TLoU2 yesterday, and simply wasn't able to use the Rifle. It didn't fucking work, it was the only weapon that wouldn't shoot. I looked it up online and a bunch of people had the same problem, one of them said that the problem was their controller; I couldn't believe that, I mean my controller is almost new and not worn at all, why would that be it? This person suggested to change the button bindings and that did the job, the only way to use the rifle was by doing that. Yesterday I also felt like going back to Days Gone and R2 literally doesn't work, it definitely is my controller and I'll buy a cheap one to get around this. Has anyone had a similar situation and were able to fix it?
  15. Thanks for this