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  1. Me too, I'd love to plat it a 2nd time
  2. Still not free
  3. Wish there were, but as far as I understood this is basically unachievable. Please someone tell me I'm wrong
  4. And they don't reply either; tried to contact all the recent achievers and nothing
  5. I just feel this won't be possible, I've also messaged the recent Platinum Achievers and none replied back. Guessing bad stuff perhaps
  6. Someone get Lord of the Rings Conquest back on track, for the love of god and all that is holy
  7. I still don't quite understand how this works, but what I understand even less is that (in here, PSNProfiles) it's only OK to "revive" dead servers with Gonespy according to that. Like if someone gets the servers running again and we get a bunch of people playing legitimately (I do want the Platinum, but hell I also want to play) they will all be flagged because of reasons I don't even understand. Was Gonespy developed by PSNP or something? If someone gets the servers running they just have to share it and that's it, eh?, no flags no nothing bad. There's nothing Malicious about this, come on PSNP
  8. So, I'd have to look in the LotRC Credits for that people and hope they help? Then try to figure the rest of this mess
  9. I trust that you'll get em Crowns

  10. The reason of this topic - Demon's Souls First of all I don't think it would be possible, but then again I don't even know how Online Servers work or how does this particular case worked. If anyone in here has any idea on how to make it work I summon you for the greater good. I'm searching for answers. Video of the Server Emulation working
  11. Once I stumbled upon someone like this and called him a filthy cheater (he was asking some really sketchy questions about a game I can't remember), and for that reason I was Reported for Member Abuse, hehe. Later on the account was banned for Trophy Hacking, but my scar remained 😇
  12. Whenever stressed and consequentially angry I just quit whatever it is that I'm doing and give it a break. When it comes to gaming I usually don't lose it (and if I did the same process applies). The only games that have made me angry were The Last Guardian and the PS4 Shadow of the Colossus. Stupid AI...
  13. Final Fantasy, just to think about the soundtrack and the epicness makes me really really wonder about it. Then I tell myself that it's a JRPG and the feeling's gone. The only one I've played and LOVED was Crystal Chronicles. What a game and what a soundtrack