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  1. If I'm not mistaken, we must be at least 1335 during this season to do the Grandmaster NF. 1325 was for the last season.
  2. It was ironic but it might be haha
  3. Let's create a joint account in which everyone pays $ 1 for the DLC x)
  4. Did it several times, I even restarted my PS4, i hope i got it
  5. Got my 5th win with the exploit, but I got a connection error on my last win, i don’t get rewards and no trophy, any thing that I can do ?
  6. Hi everyone, idk if someone said it before me but i discussed with a person who achieved this trophy and he said me that he got it by getting 5 five gold medal in one episode like this : He said me that he only got 3 wins in a row and this one (on the pic) was his 3rd , so idk if it’s true or not but if someone can confirm i would be happy PS : Sorry for my bad english