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  1. Some good news
  2. Hehehe another trophy that didn’t pop for me
  3. Yeah but it wouldn't have changed anything because the tracker is broken :/ and yeah I get all 10 by defeating 4 bosses in a row.
  4. I got my 10th figurine right now and unfortunately, no trophy. Here is a video where I show you my 10 figurines (sorry for the bad quality) :
  5. The more players there are and the more the number of enemies increases, so for these trophies it's better to play with at least 3 players. I also advise you to do these trophies against the Data Daemon Prince boss, since there are a lot of those weird purple/translucent enemies during the fight. It's the best way I've found…
  6. For my part I don’t have any tracker because I’m playing on PS4. At the moment, none of my trophies are glitched/bugged and I played as much time as a host as a guest. The only trophy that didn’t pop was the one that requires to unlock all primary surge abilities, I had to reset by paying 10000 ticket and unlock all again. For the figurines, I collected 7 of them by killing all 4 bosses 7 times. My record times are 40 mins duo and 45 mins solo and I recommend that you play with 2 players maximum because it lags much less and the bosses have less health. I unlocked only 4 figurines while I was hosting so tomorrow if I don't get the trophy when I get 10 I'll let you know
  7. Personally I did like this : 1) Choose the three weapons on the picture as your starting weapon (or find them during your adventure) 2) When it’s available, use the Tiny Tornado ability to make the tornado appear. 3) Then, before it disappear shoot one bullet with each of the three weapon. The tornado turns blue when it get frozen (with The Long Winter), it turns yellow when it get electrified (with the Power Surge) and it turns red when it get on fire (with The Melter).
  8. How long did it take for you to complete all 4 bosses in one run guys ? Personally i did it twice and it took us 2 hours for both, so it means that it will take like 100 hours for the platinum. Unless there are techniques to go faster of course… And also, do you know how we can see the figurines we got ? I searched in all the menus but I did not find.
  9. I have the same issue. At first, i thought players with joystick & mouse avatars were bots but they’re playing very well.
  10. Personally, I downloaded the version that was available in my library. I was asked to link my epic account and since then I can't start a game anymore and I always see the same list of trophies.
  11. No it’s just glitchy, I tried on many bows and melee weapons and I finally got it on the Master’s Katana yesterday.
  12. Nvm, I don’t know why but it didn't work before for some reason but once I put the language settings of my PS in English, it worked perfectly. It’s really weird but it’s working so I don’t care haha.
  13. Is this method patched ? I tried a couple of time but it never worked.
  14. If I'm not mistaken, we must be at least 1335 during this season to do the Grandmaster NF. 1325 was for the last season.
  15. It was ironic but it might be haha