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  1. I got the "Die will you" trophy very easily using raiden's (hold)(hold)combo. Just make sure not to hold the first triangle for more than a second. This way, you will teleport behind the boss wile he's doing a combo, and surely will break his armor. You can actually do this combo on any distance away from the boss, because the second triangle will still teleport you right behind him, regardless of if you hit him with previous 3 inputs. This method gave me 20-30 hits per try. Btw, I was fighting Sector.
  2. Is there a way to track your progress?
  3. Yoooo, everyone. Invasion is here!
  4. Grinding and waiting for the right animal to spawn was the most annoying thing I have ever done in this game (maybe others too). But replaying the whole story for the gold medals, reminded me of why I love RDR2. Didn't have too much trouble golding missions.
  5. I stumbled upon a California horned owl at the bottom of the road to the right of Lake Don Julio, at 19:18.
  6. That's crazy. What's wrong with platting a game I enjoyed, again? I'm currently in the process of platting The Witcher 3 EU, myself. Aren't trophies a way to bring joy to gamers? I'll absolutely LOVE getting TW3 platinum trophy one more time. Not talking about autopopping, tho. Das not cool.
  7. Still nothing?