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  1. Set up world diff to challanging find someone who s got jupiter manhunt mission unlocked I just put a post into division 2 group on ps4 groups and someone messaged me. You cant start a mission with him but as soon as he starts a mission you can join both just finish mission and you ll have a trophy. Jupiter manhunt is on roosvelt island. Hope it helps I did it 2 days ago as I found it on the internet this one works like charm and it did. Otherwise you have to rank up and unlock that mission.
  2. Only guarantee way to get cat call is from catwoman legendary multiverse but requirments for it is just riddiculous. I spend 6 mil of credits for boxes and opened more than 1000 of them in total did a lot of events to get diamond and platinum boxes and abilities and still nothing so Iam going for legendary as its 100% guarantee but its a long grind. Your AI can do most of it if you have turbo controller.
  3. from what I know guide says that it was patched