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  1. I checked and the leaderboards and the leaderboard for danger ball is up so all of them might be online
  2. are the trophies that are on 0% glitched or are they just really difficult?
  3. ok so it's probably not possible for me I haven't played any doom games except the 100% for doom 64
  4. I really don't have anyone to play this with so I wanted to know if it was possible to be done with just one player if I leave the 2nd player at the start and then complete the level with the 1st controller and then complete it with the 2nd controller and is the same possible with DOOM 2
  5. is the obsessed trophy glitched or is it just really hard?
  6. thanks for letting me know
  7. on average how long will this take to 100%
  8. thank you for posting this but I have started a norther playthrough but what I meant was I traveled back to Siwa without having a fast travel point to the where the story was and I had to walk 70000m to go back
  9. so i just started playing this game and when i got to the place after te title card /the second area i guess i fast treveled back to the starting area and now i dont have a fast trevel option to go back there even though it is a main story mission is there is there someting i can do or do i have to restart the whole game again.
  10. this game looked kind of interesting and wanted to know how long and how hard the platinum is
  11. this game looks fun just wanted to know after reading thait some of the trophies were glitched if they were patched
  12. do trophies stack for this game or do i have to beat it 3 times i am thinking about buying it
  13. I killed about 40 creepers with bow and arrow and did not get the trophy any ideas about what I should do? I already turned the game on and off and deleted and reinstalled it