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  1. I better hurry and finish my platinum run 😅
  2. Hi I am 40h into the game and i start to struggle with levelling up. My rank is SS2 with about 350k bp. But now i only go up a few thousend points and down again. ( I am at 48% wins and i struggle to keep my rank) Now my question. Do you have to win over 50% of your ranked matches? How was your win loss ratio when the trophy popped? Thanks
  3. Im glad im not sony. If the 15 year odl store closes all hell breakes loose. If it stays open its even worse?
  4. 7 years 8 months and 1 week. On Littlebigplanet Vita. Still not done.
  5. same here. i got the game again to pick up the last online trophies before the servers get shut down. i started the game and im not able to connect to the internet.
  6. Wow looks amazing I would buy a blue one right now.
  7. Yes i guess switching to microsoft will make things a lot better.
  8. Can you win each match typ by starting a game solo in private match?
  9. The blank account, trophy list, trophies get deleted and will not be on your main profile. If you earn, lets say, 96% of all trophies but can not get the plat (and you are happy with that) you could also sync them to your main account.
  10. Watch this video. He talks you through all steps. From creating one to updating your main account with your new trophies. Its really not hard. I do this all the time
  11. I havent played DMC5 but i would suggest that you play it on a blank account. And if you get the plat, just sync your trophies to your main account.
  12. I completed it last year and my feeling was that it looks really good. Not much worse than some more modern titels like FFVII Remake. But i can see why the do this. TLOU1 is one of the best selling sony titles on ps3 and ps4. They want to sell some on ps5 as well. And most likely it will be extremly successful.
  13. I guess its based on feed. For me 5 was always the standard difficulty. It means everybody who is a normal skilled player can do this.
  14. "The Cleaner" (StarWars Battlefront II)
  15. Yes its really easy to follow. I just watch you doing one step then i did the same and paused the game rinse and repeat. I didnt have all materias to max as you described but in the end i just ran around and hit hellhouse with two more spells and thats it. Did it first try. Thank you
  16. Likes to show his ultra rare plats
  17. Thank you Optinooby for your work. I just used it for the hellhouse fight. Really easy. I will come back to your videos if i struggle again.
  18. Thank you boys 😀
  19. Hey guys. Does it count if i skip the motorbike minigame in the beginning of chapter 4? Or do i need to play the whole chapter on hard difficulty? THX
  20. Nice. Just finished FF VII Remake form last month. Good for me but i think for most players its a bad month
  21. Haha nice one... Sony doesnt drop old games. Most of the classics are on ps now. And i bet you one thing. Sony does not throw away finished, digital games. They will re- release them in a couple of years and charge good money for them. You will have plenty of time to play them again. (if you have a Ps5 or Ps6 of course)
  22. Truth is that you dont have insight in how big the activ customer base for ps3 and vita is. Its probably not even 0.5%. Sony is i a huge company and they think in numbers. Its official its done.
  23. Well i will buy persona 4 golden on vita because physical copys are like 50€
  24. A dev is only a worker who gets information from an other worker. Thats only rumours. Dont melt down about things that arent confirmed by sony. And they would never risk some shitstorm like that for a few thousand dollars per month for keeping the store up.