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  1. Also on Night Trap someone got the platinum before in 2019. So these 3 trophies are not impossible. You just have to be determined as it took me 11 failed attempts and that's not counting the times I started over for not being able to complete in a single perfect play through. Actually I was wrong. That person is Actually the guy I tried to help get the platinum on Night Trap before I got it. Only 3 people on the leader board is above 50% complete. So that makes them impossible because those couple people didn't put in the effort I did? Lol This can not be a flag.
  2. I was never fully given my dispute a chance. Night Trap and Daed or alive should be unflagged. As Night Trap is possible on digital and Dead or alive was flagged as to fast, yet I'm not even in the top 50 for time it took to complete. Also you called me a cheater for an amazingly dumb reason. You said I play on the vita and not ps4. If you look at every timestamp on the vita it's between 7am and 3pm. Why? Because I can play at work, so I play nice short games most days. My ps4 times are after 5pm because thats when I'm at home. I don't get much game time at home I have a wife and 4 kids. I play when I can. And when I do I'm not at home playing foxyland ok, I'm playing Farcry5. So you actually expect me to cheat on an impossible vita but never on a ps4 that can easily be done with save wizard? Your logic makes no sense. I completely understand about Dead Nation and Black Ops. Things happen with the vita and those games were between 5-8 years ago. I have no problem hidden those. So that brings me down to the allowed 2 games hidden and back on the leader boards. You may talk to the person at 79% on Night Trap as he is the only other person to get 2 of the so called impossible trophies and told me how to get them and I gave him help with the 3 he hasn't received. Yet in the end he decided not to get the digital version. I hit him up for him to be the first to get platinum when I finally got the trophies he didn't have and needed his help to get the other two. Thanks for your time.
  3. Yes I know. It's like they had popped to the game but didn't sync to the list, as they did on my second play through. That was years ago. Not really sure if this was a problem or something I happened upon in my game play.
  4. Custom Firmware on the vita years ago? Ok! Lol If you look at those three trophies you can easily see that they didn't pop when they should have. I had to play the game again and they did on my second play through. That's why those dates and times match up. So I had to play the entire game a total of 3 times to also get the morbid trophy.
  5. helmsdeep40 Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified Trophy popped late on the vita for this. No real reason as to why. Also this was 7 or 8 years ago. I know for a fact there was nothing you could do to a vita that long ago to get trophies. (As I'm told now you can use save files on a vita) This being the case the times would be from this year not 8 years ago. SMH...... Dead or Alive 5 Plus Too fast? Once again I'm not even in the top 50 for completion time. This and Daed or Alive seems to have been flagged by someone who took much longer than me to complete. How can I not even be top 50 for fastest times, yet I completed to fast? What a joke. Dead Nation Too fast? Once again I'm not even in the top 50 for completion time. This and Daed or Alive seems to have been flagged by someone who took much longer than me to complete. How can I not even be top 50 for fastest times, yet I completed to fast? What a joke.
  6. Even so I am not flagged for save files. I'm flagged for completing a digital game and even explained in the games forum my methods to help others. So if you are correct and save files can be used on the vita (which i still don't believe/have never seen any) there is no save files that exist for the game i completed.
  7. It's literally impossible to use save files on a vita. I have never heard of a single case of someone cheating on a vita, only some problem with timestamp glitches, which I am not even flagged for to begin with.
  8. helmsdeep40 Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition You can get it on the digital version on the vita. I even stated in the forms on the game what I did to get it to work. It took about 11 failed attempts before it didn't glitch. Also This is the vita version. It's 100% impossible to cheat as you can't use save files and or someone else's name.
  9. I was able to get these. Just don't pause and if you do mess up, back all the way out and start new. So basically you have to be perfect on a completely new game without ever stopping. Sorry I wanted to EDIT this and say this is the digital version. I don't know how the physical version is. Also I haven't tried the survivor level 50 yet. That's soon.
  10. helmsdeep40 Injustice: Gods Among Us This guy is a moron. How is cosplay and going to need more closet space suppose to unlock one second after the other, when Cosplay is for unlocking 1 outfit and Going to need more closet space is for unlocking ALL???? And for the multiplayer trophy it's the vita during advoc play. Maybe that makes it take longer to register. These people need to get a life. And know what they are even talking about before they start throwing flags around.
  11. Well damn! Thank you. I have no idea how I even did that. It was fine yesterday. Lol Thank you again!!! It worked! Fixed the timezone, synced and it fixed the times! Thanks again!!
  12. I see 3:34pm on the NA edition. Is there a setting on here that I might have set wrong? And it's 10:30 am central time when I got it. If I could post pics on here I would show you. Something is completely off.
  13. No I was signed in. I just tried again with the trophy, But First, Let Me Uh... and it shows me 10:34 am but once I synced here it shows after 3pm lol I am so confused.
  14. Something very strange is happening. I got the plat on Just Ignore Them on the vita. Then started the NA version. This was at 7am. On my vita the trophies show the right timestamps of 7am and 8am but once synced to this site they show 12:00pm and 1pm. I also checked on my ps4 and they also show the right times between 7-8am. What is going on?
  15. Thank you! It has been, I would download games when I could, but never worried about trophies. Now that I'm in a city I want to join in at long last. Lol