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  1. helmsdeep40 Injustice: Gods Among Us This guy is a moron. How is cosplay and going to need more closet space suppose to unlock one second after the other, when Cosplay is for unlocking 1 outfit and Going to need more closet space is for unlocking ALL???? And for the multiplayer trophy it's the vita during advoc play. Maybe that makes it take longer to register. These people need to get a life. And know what they are even talking about before they start throwing flags around.
  2. Well damn! Thank you. I have no idea how I even did that. It was fine yesterday. Lol Thank you again!!! It worked! Fixed the timezone, synced and it fixed the times! Thanks again!!
  3. Something very strange is happening. I got the plat on Just Ignore Them on the vita. Then started the NA version. This was at 7am. On my vita the trophies show the right timestamps of 7am and 8am but once synced to this site they show 12:00pm and 1pm. I also checked on my ps4 and they also show the right times between 7-8am. What is going on?
  4. I see 3:34pm on the NA edition. Is there a setting on here that I might have set wrong? And it's 10:30 am central time when I got it. If I could post pics on here I would show you. Something is completely off.
  5. No I was signed in. I just tried again with the trophy, But First, Let Me Uh... and it shows me 10:34 am but once I synced here it shows after 3pm lol I am so confused.
  6. Thank you! It has been, I would download games when I could, but never worried about trophies. Now that I'm in a city I want to join in at long last. Lol
  7. I own two vitas one with a few platinum's and the other with lots. I finally moved to where I have internet full-time. I have synced one vita, but now I'm worried if I sync the other it would look strange. (I have two because I had to have the white assassin's creed vita!)
  8. What do you mean?
  9. The 2 threads was a mistake on my part. Sorry. Thanks for the quick reply.