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  1. Children of Morta, looks like a fun game
  2. I will be going for this as well. Send an invite and mention that’s Rayman. PSN ID: Legendary-GR
  3. Hotline Miami , always wanted to try that game and i might go for it soon
  4. Persona 5 Royal. I want to play that game once i get some time
  5. Well this is awkward i just got it but without taking any damage, no idea if that’s why.
  6. So, I decided to go for the platinum on this game cause it’s so much fun but it seems that the Exorcist trophy is bugged. Unless I’m doing something wrong. As far as I’m aware i need to get my curse high and hope the boss is jammed, which means that it will have a red colour to it and do one full heart of damage. It seems that I’m getting the boss like that killing it and it doesn’t pop the trophy. Any suggestions at all?
  7. I went for nemesis as well it has good recovery so that way you can use it more and its pretty fast
  8. To be able to get those trophies you have t beat all levels in one sitting with the same ship. Meaning you can't exit and choose a different ship or continue from where you left off. As long as you finish your run in one go and it doesn’t matter how many times you may die. I did Phobos on rookie difficulty. Hope this helps
  9. Hello guys, I'm new on the site and it looks awesome so far. Now I hope this is okay to ask but is anybody willing to help me out with this platinum? I just need a few collectibles from 1 of the Co op missions so that I finish all of them and some multi-player matches. Mainly for channel changer. If anyone can help that would be great and let me know so we can arrange a time. Thank you.