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  1. Same as Hans said, i simply set up the position change request/training then simmed until the weeks has passed, and the trophy popped once i went back to the same place and pressed Triangle to complete the position change
  2. Awesome, thanks for the links
  3. I have now also completed Team Sonic Racing Platinum I will also have to swap out Fall Guys and swap in Fifa 22
  4. Took me most of today, but thats also Jurassic World Evo 2 Platinum done Listed at a UR in Jan, it slipped out shortly after, but is back at a 4.97% UR just as i finished it, cant wait for some DLC action when they release them
  5. NHL 16 cleared in time for server closure and good progress on others Just need to start Oddworld SS soon
  6. I even saw that the last spin was "we three kings" when i walked up to it for yesterdays spin
  7. Hey, anyone else encountered a glitch during worse than death mission..... you follow the NPC at the start of it and he always gets stuck on the 2 geysers in front of you. ive restarted mission a few times and always the same Im stuck Turns out the devs acknowledged the issues and put a morgai nest above him, hit that and hes free
  8. Im on PS5, confirmed to work perfectly following your info
  9. This is me right now, followed OP's advice and now works perfectly
  10. It's possible but you would rely on finding folks to boost you, mostly for the EASHL ones, 6 pack/blocks etc
  11. Aye i will, it'll come just didnt think it would take trying everyday for 9 months+
  12. tried again tonight, made sure to use the same player for all 5 blocks (and not get him sent off doing freekicks) and it worked fine
  13. Another 3 months, only one missed day logging in and spinning.......still no trophy
  14. I followed this to the letter, so easy to set up and complete the actions but 8 blocks by half time and no trophy Good advice but not popping trophy for me
  15. Yeah my launch controller has bad drift in the right analog stick, some games its back some nothig at all, i just try to only use it for non challenging games as its the "camera" stick