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  1. I'm trying to boost the league matches with my Alt account/console as i had read somewhere that only 2 players are required to start an online match (they should fill the other spots with AI) I'm matching but the start game option stays blanked out Any one self boosted this who can advise?
  2. Tier 1 Game 2 complete Worms W.M.D. 1.39% Had loads of fun with this one, and it has a mildly challenging list which made it fulfilling. Practice made perfect with the training gold medals, and persistence helped with some of the tougher campaign sub goals. I'm not a fan of online but thankfully only a couple of trophies that i could boost with my second console/acct, even if matchmaking was difficult at times as the game seems to still have plenty of players in Europe Had a look through my library and the PS Plus lists and made a mega list of UR completions to go for this year so i'm likely to keep juggling my Tiers with games in and out. Ive used the PS Plus effect to throw WWE2k22 into Tier 1 as i've always enjoyed the WWE games in the past ** Advice on how to make the image any bigger appreciated the hosting site i used says that is the maximum??
  3. Hopefully its just PSN then, although im having no issues online on WWE2k22 at the min. Fingers crossed
  4. I've had a good run and managed to boost 28 ranked mode games with my alt now when i match with my alt the loading screens come up as normal but then get left at a black screen and the level music on my main and the alt gets a "Session no longer available error" Any one else had this and got a fix? Ive reloaded both consoles and reconnected the net to be safe but still the same Gonna wait and see if its the same tomorrow
  5. Heart of the Serpent, Shadow of the Tomb Raider Was from before i used PSNProfiles or had any interest in trophies so didnt pick it
  6. Similar happened with the licensing for Friday 13th: The Game (although that didnt get delisted), and the servers all stayed up fine for that so id say likely the same for this too Im gonna buy it but not start it until someone has confirmed 100% though
  7. Nothing online at all buddy
  8. Shafted by this last night 78% completion, all missions/assets/packages done, loads of rampages etc ruined Last manual save i made was at 18% completion, so not a full loss, but still a waste of easily 15+ hours Sickening
  9. Im at 46 hours played, only need to clear Floor 29+30 in Heroic assault and im done. Until more DLC comes anyways Generally enjoyed it, but got pissed off at the camera a load of times, mostly in Heroic assault or indoor areas with multiple enemies. Other than that its been a 6-7/10 for me overall
  10. Use the mapgenie.io interactive map, i collected as i went, then post game went region to region using the map and found it smooth
  11. I used the interactive mapgenie.io map and got it no issues I actually use that mapgenie for most collectibles in games
  12. Weirdly i just came back on to update with the same, once id got to around case 3 i noticed they had reappeared. Managed to smash them all out first attempt too, so onto Heroic Assault for 100%
  13. Also to be clear, it is not just hitting them to get the "flame/Ice/Toxic" symbol, you have to hit them to fill the circle as well which causes them to have a full reaction to the element once filled
  14. One of my fave ever little indies
  15. Thanks, tbh your response is confirming what i had already suspected I'm mostly annoyed as i had grinded out on the main game save so that i had a set of Level 60 Legendary Suit/Melee/ranged, with level 60 mod chips, which put me above the recommended power for the showdowns, and i had only gone onto NG+ as the information message was clear stating that all showdown progress would carry over. Likely a misinterpretation on my part though so can only really fault myself Looks like im smashing the full NG+ out then