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  1. Turns out I'd missed one mystery in Asgard, and I'd missed one hut that I already had the resources for as the Warrior hall isn't required for settlement 6 as its part of the river raids update 🥶🤣
  2. Ive done 115 hours gameplay, and finally have done everything (Bar Wield Mjolnir) Ive cleared all regions to 100% but no trophy popped for it? As ive cleared all wealth (by the region maps), i should have enough raw materials to complete the settlement to 6, but im 100 short of upgrading the last thing (Warrior hall near river riads hut), so im also not getting that trophy Any one had similar? am i missing some raw materials that aren't on the map? (ive only done 1 river raid so maybe in there?)
  3. Yeah its shocking how much a game can have major functionality issues. I totally get bugs happen and graphical glitches but story progress breaking ones, and now a trophy specific one is just embarassing
  4. I wasn’t timing myself but did have to do this 4 times for it to pop, so maybe a little glitchy. No issues with others though
  5. It seems Sharing is Caring is still possible, but no one has earned the rate park trophies since July 2020 RIP Plat
  6. Im now forced into doing the 100% and substories on Legend Ive come back to clean up this for Plat after an 100+ hour normal playthrough a few years ago My PS Plus cloud only had my System data not the save game so i cant now do the cleanup on premium adventure as it states i have no save game Thankfully though due to the system data, it is going to allow me to do a new game starting on Legend diff. It is even allowing me to do all of the climax battles at this point Not ideal as id completed so much of the grind stuff on my old save game
  7. Not sure why so much hate and frustration over DO, its the hardest difficulty for a reason, it was never meant to be a cake walk I was buzzing to get through all of cenote without a death but then hit a chain of frustrating deaths at the oil refinery. Frustated the life out of me but that what a top difficulty run is all about, its just cheese if you have regular checkpoints and the ability to just repeat retry the same bit over and over. The platforming isnt broken on this difficulty, its just all about timing and mechanics which can be annoying but again is all about the challenge Ive just got Mission of San Juan to do and then im done, but i did do this on NG+ so didn't need to worry about anything bar progressing through the story (and 2 misc trophies) Peace and enjoy folks, its all about gaming for a challenge
  8. Il give it another go next point i find grouped enemies. Only other thing i can think is maybe i missed a shot in between the 3 headshots, so it wasn't 3 clean shots. So i did 3 in 3 seconds but by firing 4 shots maybe Hopefully it pops for me then
  9. That does make sense.... Only thing i can think of for the gunslinger issue is that im using a DLC pistol, maybe i should retry with a bobby basic main game pistol
  10. Hey, Ive 100% all the DLC's and now only need 2 Misc trophies and to complete my deadly obsession run. Im doing deadly obsession on new game plus I need Gunslinger and Friendly Fire trophies, which i attempted multiple times just after the dock area heading towards Kuwaq Yaqu I've definitely farmed/checkpoint replayed to make an enemy kill 5 other enemies with Fear Arrows, in fact probably 8-9 times but no trophy. Then very shortly after a perfect spot for 3x headshots in 3 seconds, which i've definitely done 3-4 times but again no trophy Is this reported by others? I can easily start another game and get to the same point but was hoping to pop the plat with the completion of DO
  11. Ive managed to already boost most of the online in a session last week, but i see loads so hopefully you get sorted out buddy The last few i need i can boost with my second console
  12. Took me 2.5 hours last night against Tanya using Raiden's Sq,Sq,Tr,Tr combo.and getting an X Ray in where i could At first i was worried it rarely ever registered showing "Hit" on screen but soon realized even when its blocked it registers a hit each time you see her flash gold and you hear an audible ching noise So frustrating for the first 30mins until i worked out a rhythm and her patterns. Some fights getting 0 hits, some getting 25 but just stuck at it Thank god its done and no more invasion worries for me
  13. After using this guide to revert back to 1.09, I’ve just completed my Kill play through. all trophies popped as they should have, and I played it with multiple shutdowns, turning the console on and off was absolutely fine onto the last trophy for my 100% to flip all bosses will be glad to be done with it
  14. I have also turned off auto updates but similarly everytime i start the game (not the console) it starts the download. Im still online though as its a large update so easy to cancel and delete