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  1. I would really like some more information on what exactly you need to do to earn the platinum for this title. I've started off on career with the Baja Bug League, won the first two in that league and got first place easy. But then i try the Rally's below and i'm unable to get into first place. What am i doing wrong? Do i need to get into first place in the rally's for any trophies? I should have known better than to start a game without any trophy guide or road-map and this has got me slightly confused. So any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. i didn't think i was expressing any attitude, i was just stating the facts so there were could be no misunderstandings is all.
  3. thanks for the info bud, i rarely come on here. but for someone to accuse me of hacking has got me rather annoyed. i pride myself for being an honest player/booster and not going so low as to hack a plat.
  4. i did bud, either yesterday or the day before and got nothing back.
  5. I was notified by a PSN friend that i no longer have a PSN leaderboard rank, upon checking it states that the game i have been flagged for is Death Track Resurrection. I can already say what the issue is, as the challenges trophies popped all at once and was the same for a couple of other trophies. I can't be held accountable for something a game does when trophies are popping in a different order than they are meant to. I messaged the Moderator of this website and i never received a reply towards this issue. I have further checked and i now understand that this website is stating i have hacked or used some sort of save data manipulation with this title. This i have to state is not true, furthermore i have had games in the past glitch where i have had trophies pop early or much later. For instance earlier this year i was playing Hardware Rivals, upon completing a ranked match i became stuck in save data loop and upon exiting i was given 2 rank trophies and i was no where near that rank. Another instance was with Rayman Legends, i was grinding out the 1 million lums and after i collected the 1 million while doing the daily challenges. Upon leaving the session i was again stuck in a save loop and up exiting (took around 2 minutes) my 1 million trophy popped and so did my Truly awesome! trophy. If i'm getting flagged for Death Track, why was i not flagged for other titles that looked suspicious? If it is not resolved anytime soon i would rather be removed from this website altogether, i've spent way too long getting a decent trophy list for some random player deciding i'm a hacker. I've been accused before so it's nothing new, and it's always been some jealous player who couldn't handle that fact i got completed what they couldn't. Like my profile states on my PS4, NO HACKS OR STACKS and that's how it's always been and that's the way it's gonna stay.