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  1. How do i get the green tick on my game when i have fully completed the game?
  2. yeah it is an offical controller. ive reseted the controller already
  3. Im hsving a bit of trouble. When i play certain games my controller does random things when it is not suppossed to do.. Any ideas why?
  4. Utter useless/// Didnt even answer the question which i needed
  5. Says the game it is on PS4 and Vita but it will only show the PS4 not the vita version on the JP store. Can somone explain why??
  6. guide worked pperfectly
  7. ive followed the guide to the t but still missing one trophy. Shud specify the trophy name
  8. nver tried it on zombies just mp atm
  9. but when i do that it still crashes when its connecting to online
  10. i did work but when i signed in to psn from mp it still crashed my game
  11. its a brand new id but i will give it a bash now
  12. Is this a normal thing or is my dic screwed?
  13. What is the best Stratergy for this game. Dont understand why it is so difficult
  14. Juts out of curiosity how do people chat on mic with a ps3? What do they use as it is not like xbox where you can have a party chat? Just new with all this so in future where i join sessions and make sessions I understand.
  15. For soime strange reason when i play online for a small bit and then play something else like zombies or something, my rank resets and goes back to level one. Any one know what the strange reason is?