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  1. It can be speeded up by purchasing few parking levels, and filling them with cars from salon. Then make backup of save to cloud or USB, sell all cars, bring back previous save, and repeat. It's a little faster, beside it's possible to only take 2 cars from parking at time, it allowing to sell 250 cars per hour this way, because of a lot less of loading screens.
  2. Earned platinum today, 100 jobs trophy popped after 30, maybe 35 jobs completed after popped 50 jobs trophy. Dont know if it's glitched or maybe failed jobs also count, that way it's correct cause I had about 20 jobs failed due to my problem from previous post.
  3. 50 jobs trophy popped normally, for me biggest problem is with that the game is showing jobs for works already done on field, or new jobs are not appearing, even after skipping time for few days
  4. Ok, thanks
  5. Do I need to do it on one save, or is it counted from all saves?