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  1. Oh my... I didn't know anymore how i solved it, i'm sorry I think i replayed one ending bc i messed Something Up Sorry for the late replay
  2. I got mine from a side mission from the dude with the prosthesis
  3. I didn't get the trophy too. Tried everything. But i really have to start a new game I contacted Bandai but i don't think that they'll patch it... I didn't see any warnings in the trophy guide i used... only for "i love ninja tools"... I got an answer.... In the case you have already talked to the NPC within the Hokage's Mansion, there could be the possibility that there is a corruption with the save file. For the Fragment scrolls, one user online recommended acquiring the scrolls in order (from 101 to 108) as it's possible this may have something to do with this. We'd also recommend making a back up of your original save file as well.
  4. thanks for your videos! @josephineola just got platinum!
  5. Need some People who'll play my level :/ (1 sec lvl) I play, heart and like back
  6. I need some guys who'll play my level: i'll play your level too. just leave a message --- got the trophy. you can play it with one acc
  7. Hey! We'll start a new boosting group for the dlc trophies. We don't have a date yet, but we are searching for people who want the dlc trophies, too. We communicate over the ps4 party. Add or write if you are interested!
  8. got it now. Hey there! i am trying to get BTS on platinum. but i just don't receive the "all endings" trophys. i played the game now for the times. no f**cking trophy -.- i also started with the chapter "homeless". on my first run i saved everyone but forget to choose "beyond" second run: everybody died, choose every charakter (zoey, alone, jay). and did the Black Sun and loose the fight. third run: i rescued everybody, choosed every charakter: alone, ryan, jay, zoey and also "beyond". fourth run: everybody died, choosed zoey, jay, alone. played the black son chapter and choosed "beyond" and then i played it again and lost the fight again. i don't get it... is there a bug or i am just stupid? i also said yes to the save option... i could screaaaaaaaaaam. it's just frustrating.. can anyone help`?