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  1. I don't usually sleep a lot, so I wake up against my will
  2. i'm 23
  3. Any not Jumping **** game tbh, even spider man is a platinum that I respect
  4. Can i still get all the trophies in less than 3 weeks?
  5. My friends switched to Xbox because it was cheaper
  6. Seems fun, count me in, I got a lot of backlog trophies that I like to get done
  7. Should I complete all the SP stuff before starting this?
  8. I got a problem with wrecking ball
  9. I love this thread, I found a lot of new stuff
  10. Easy enough to plat?
  11. Where? I didn't find any copy here in Italy
  12. so if I buy Bioshock Collection can I get another stack?
  13. i can finally platinum this game, thank you guys
  14. Perfect, I love this game but because of time I can't focus on it so much, still, I need 17 plat before I can make this game as my milestone, after that i will focus on Final Fantasy again.
  15. I think 2008 but i did go online in 2009 i think