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  1. #53 - Fifa 21 Platinum Difficulty 3/10 - Fun 6/10 This is probably my last fifa ever, it was very bad the only thing that "save" this game is Volta but other than that is a dead game.
  2. i don't have 2nd console but if the game doesn't shutdown next month i will probably get a boosting group for this game
  3. if i buy the game now, i can the start the grind next month? because i don't have time now and i don't wanna waste my money on the PS3 version if i can't get the platinum.
  4. This is beautiful 😊
  5. GTA IV - Auf Wiedersehen Pretrovic, Done! E3COUkcXMAEfkcH?format=jpg&name=small

    Now i "only" need Fly the Coop and Wanted and i hope i can get it done this Sunday, so i can 100% base game + DLCs


    1. StewartBros


      Congrats! I remember this trophy (and GTA IV in general) was an utter pain to finish.

    2. MidnightDragon
  6. Thank you so much i got Trine 2 from PS Plus some year ago so i will probably get platinum trophy for that game and also i think i got rogue legacy too
  7. i can play both with PS Now because i got a good connection and also i can download forbidden siren from ps now i hope i can get 75 platinums this year because i got a lot of games to complete.
  8. i will probably buy it anyway but i think i will choose RE1 or SH3 for the horror game to complete so i can say is a proper horror, thank you. i got Dead Space 2 but i never played the first one so i never start the second, next week i will probably buy a copy or maybe one of my friend can borrow his copy. I'm a big fan of JRPGs but i love almost every genre, i complete Dishonored 1 so many times on PC and i got a PS3 copy of the game so i will get platinum trophy for that version and i will buy the Arkane Games on Amazon because they are "cheap". Indie games that i like but i play only on PC are Gris, Hollow Knight, Journey, Abzu and Celeste if you know other indie game i'm open to play everything. i will complete all the games you listed but for now i don't have PS Plus so i can only complete Gravity Rush and P3D and also thank you for the advice because i started last year to trophy hunting properly and i think that i got a pretty good list now even if my completion rate is not amazing.
  9. I love Rinoa's Diary they help me with FF IX and i will probably use the 100% guide for X-2. For bloodborne i'm waiting because i need to buy PS Plus and the DLC, so i can 100% everything i love the game but without PS Plus i can't play it, i will probably buy the Goty edition so i can play it without PS Plus. I'm in a good spot for my completion rate because i started to cleanup a lot of old games and later today i will 100% Gravity Rush Remastered and this week HZD, can i add you on PSN?
  10. Should i buy Dead Space? i never played it but everybody says that is one of the best horror games of the PS3 generation
  11. I finished my second game NieR:Automata:
  12. Thanks to a guide i got the trophy but the strategy was full attack everything and i complete the fight in under 5 minutes... Honestly i don't remember the strategy but i didn't have any Healing or Revive builds for sure just Attack, you can play this fight whatever you want.
  13. Very Easy Platinums but quite good games.
  14. for now i got this games done but i hope i can get FF X FF X-2 and FF XII next month. Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy VII Remake Final Fantasy VIII Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy XV Final Fantasy Type-0
  15. #50 - NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... Platinum Difficulty 3/10 Fun 10/10 I really love Yoko Taro universe and this became my favourite game of all time, all endings are amazing and some of them are truly heart breaking and also the new ending doesn't ruin anything instead add a lot more details to this fantastic story and world.