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  1. The evil within is 19.99 not 9.99
  2. i will like to join but i can only start on july because i got a lot of work and studying to do
  3. #53 - Fifa 21 Platinum Difficulty 3/10 - Fun 6/10 This is probably my last fifa ever, it was very bad the only thing that "save" this game is Volta but other than that is a dead game.
  4. i don't have 2nd console but if the game doesn't shutdown next month i will probably get a boosting group for this game
  5. if i buy the game now, i can the start the grind next month? because i don't have time now and i don't wanna waste my money on the PS3 version if i can't get the platinum.
  6. This is beautiful 😊
  7. GTA IV - Auf Wiedersehen Pretrovic, Done! E3COUkcXMAEfkcH?format=jpg&name=small

    Now i "only" need Fly the Coop and Wanted and i hope i can get it done this Sunday, so i can 100% base game + DLCs


    1. StewartBros


      Congrats! I remember this trophy (and GTA IV in general) was an utter pain to finish.

    2. MidnightDragon
  8. Thank you so much i got Trine 2 from PS Plus some year ago so i will probably get platinum trophy for that game and also i think i got rogue legacy too
  9. i can play both with PS Now because i got a good connection and also i can download forbidden siren from ps now i hope i can get 75 platinums this year because i got a lot of games to complete.
  10. i will probably buy it anyway but i think i will choose RE1 or SH3 for the horror game to complete so i can say is a proper horror, thank you. i got Dead Space 2 but i never played the first one so i never start the second, next week i will probably buy a copy or maybe one of my friend can borrow his copy. I'm a big fan of JRPGs but i love almost every genre, i complete Dishonored 1 so many times on PC and i got a PS3 copy of the game so i will get platinum trophy for that version and i will buy the Arkane Games on Amazon because they are "cheap". Indie games that i like but i play only on PC are Gris, Hollow Knight, Journey, Abzu and Celeste if you know other indie game i'm open to play everything. i will complete all the games you listed but for now i don't have PS Plus so i can only complete Gravity Rush and P3D and also thank you for the advice because i started last year to trophy hunting properly and i think that i got a pretty good list now even if my completion rate is not amazing.
  11. I love Rinoa's Diary they help me with FF IX and i will probably use the 100% guide for X-2. For bloodborne i'm waiting because i need to buy PS Plus and the DLC, so i can 100% everything i love the game but without PS Plus i can't play it, i will probably buy the Goty edition so i can play it without PS Plus. I'm in a good spot for my completion rate because i started to cleanup a lot of old games and later today i will 100% Gravity Rush Remastered and this week HZD, can i add you on PSN?
  12. Should i buy Dead Space? i never played it but everybody says that is one of the best horror games of the PS3 generation
  13. I finished my second game NieR:Automata:
  14. Thanks to a guide i got the trophy but the strategy was full attack everything and i complete the fight in under 5 minutes... Honestly i don't remember the strategy but i didn't have any Healing or Revive builds for sure just Attack, you can play this fight whatever you want.