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  1. All three PS4 Shadowrun games also got patched a few days ago (patch 1.03, i'm assuming this is the 3rd patch for the PS5 versions as well). But anyway, the PS4 patch notes for all three games just say "Bug fixes", and there's no info on the publisher or dev's twitter accounts or websites or anything about what has been fixed. Another PS5 player earned the Shadowrun Returns Platinum a few days ago so at least the trophies are all working, even if the ports were buggy messes, but hopefully these latest patches fix the remaining major issues. For me personally, I was going to order the LimitedRunGames PS5 physical as I haven't actually played any of the Playstation versions of these games, so i can't give any specific details on any fixes of the latest patches.
  2. Hi, thanks for the tips! Just wondering if White Day on PS5 has any patches at all as of 9/16/2022, particularly the North American version. I'm thinking of picking up the NA PS5 physical edition, but prob won't if the game had a day 1 patch or post-digital launch patch.
  3. I watched a stream of the PS5 version of Edith Finch on youtube yesterday and the performance and visual upgrade is phenomenal. PS4/Pro/PS5 backwards compatible versions VS native PS5 version 30fps cap -------- locked 60fps 1080p max resolution -------- 2160p resolution medium graphic settings -------- ultra graphics bad texture pop-in -------- no pop-in Plus of course the 3 extra trophies INCLUDING a Platinum =)
  4. No, but you should be aware that there are a lot of torches on Apprentice difficulty that are removed from the other two difficulties, so you'll want to make sure to play through Apprentice at least once and burn each torch since there's a lot of them. However, there are a few rooms that are only accessible in Journeyman and Master difficulties which i think* have a few torches, but as i think about it... i don't think the laboratory, djinn riddle room, the extra rooms in the mines except for maybe the one with the broken standing mirror, the goblin armory, and the giant bone dragon rooms have any torches. So maybe all of the torches can be found on simply Apprentice difficulty? Also, i personally think the burn all objects trophy is the toughest and most annoying, since you have to quicksave and quickload a lot to get it, especially with the various scrolls. HEY, I JUST LOOKED UP YOUR TROPHY PROGRESS AND SEE THAT YOU GOT THE PLATINUM! GREAT JOB! 🏆 You just earned one of the toughest Platinums to get in the PS4's library! One thing I really like about going for the Platinum is that almost every single you do while playing the game slowly adds up. Even just experimenting with different actions and objects, or failing and dying all leads to trophy progression lol. The game itself is pretty short but it's the trophies that really make the game worthwhile and fun. The devs, aside from taking a year to fix all of the bugs did a great job with the port, it looks really good, is very user friendly, the action wheel is quick and easy to use and the game's UI is simple and friendly. I'm hoping someday the game gets a PS5 native 4k port, though I doubt it'll happen. Since it's a game all about looking at the screen, playing at 2160p compared to 1080p and enhancing the game's awesome art would be super cool. I'm also really annoyed that the LimitedRunGames PS4 physical only includes patch 1.02 on it, but it's patch 1.04 that allows the game's Platinum to be achievable. So if they did a PS5 port and did a physical, i'd def buy the game again.
  5. I think you can also eat pumpkin seeds from cutting open a pumpkin but don't remember if that's correct or not. Also, as I mentioned, you should try eating a lit torch, the dirk (i think that's the sword you start out with) and the sword. You can try and eat a bone (any bone, doesn't matter, just try it once). I don't know if these actually count towards the survivalist trophy but attempting to eat them does have your character perform unique actions. I think you can also try to eat the magic thorn or whatever is it that's hanging from the ceiling past where Lakmir is meditating.
  6. Ah thanks. I should have posted shortly after my question that I messaged RedArtGames on twitter and they said the game didn't have any patches. I managed to buy the physical copy after it had sold out off of a 3rd party website for like $42 inc shipping or something like that, so not bad considering what it had been going for on ebay. Game looks really cool, it's gonna be a while before i get to it but maybe i'll try to Plat it in October lol
  7. Hi! For each playthrough, even ones you don't finish, the game keeps a hidden "stat tracker" of stuff that you do throughout every playthrough and I think so long as you've saved your latest progress and haven't uninstalled the game, the game will keep track of everything you've ever done. Let's say for example for the "find and light every torch" trophy, say you lit every torch in the game except for the one in the 2nd room of the game right after the first room where you find Yorick's skull and open up the door that has the skulls lining the top of it like an arch. If that's the only torch you haven't found and lit, then if you start a new playthrough and light it, the trophy will pop. (also i'm not sure but i think for that trophy you're supposed to light the torches without taking them, but i could be wrong). So for the Survivalist trophy, as long as you saved your progress and don't uninstall the game, then you can go back to a previous save, or start a new playthrough, whichever is more convenient, and eat the remaining things that you haven't eaten yet and you ONLY need to eat the remaining things to get the trophy. Also, i'm not sure how reliable the Steam guides are, but you can also try and "eat" every weapon. I know you can swallow either a torch or the dirk or sword like a carnival freak lol, though i don't know if those count towards the trophy or not.. Also, i think eating the different things you can make in the lab is also required for the trophy.
  8. So I just started playing this game earlier tonight for the first time. The game is ok, it would be a lot better if the camera wasn't so wild and the game speed was slowed down a bit, but I really like the enemy designs and cool bosses. Anyway, while checking out the different difficulties, I noticed on Easy that your character's health regenerated suddenly. Didn't notice that on Medium difficulty and thought maybe that was just something that happened on Easy, then tinkered around and saw that if i got hit and stood still for a few seconds, my health would regenerate. Tried it on Hard difficulty and it takes a bit longer and doesn't regenerate quite as much at a time, but it does still work! So this'll make Platinum'ing the game quite a bit easier, though still a pain in the butt, especially trying to beat the opening intro boss without getting hit once which is going to be a nightmare. No pun So just thought i'd make this topic for the few people who check out this game's forum here lol
  9. USEFUL TIP: IF YOU STAND STILL, EVERY 5 SECONDS YOU'LL GET SOME OF YOUR HEALTH BACK (doesn't matter which difficulty you're on, though i think your health regenerates fastest on easy). I just started playing this for the first time earlier tonight. The camera jumps all over the place and the game speed is too fast imo, making the game way more difficult and annoying to play than it should be. The enemies and bosses are super cool looking though and the game has some really nice music. The speedrunner trophy for beating the game's opening boss (you can't get hit once) is going to be a gigantic pain in the butt and take well over 20 attempts.
  10. This should* be fixed now, along with several other issues. They mention achievements in the GOG listing but in the PS4 patch notes it also lists fixing a bug preventing trophies from being awarded, and while PS5 games no longer give patch notes (so stupid on Sony's part), the patch changes should be the same along with adding a V Sync option. https://www.thegamebakers.com/furi-patch-notes-june-21th-2022/ - Fixed a bug that may prevent trophies to unlock. - Fixed a bug that permitted to skip The Edge fight in Practice mode. - Fixed a pattern in Furier difficulty during The Line fight. - Fixed bouncing bullets against the shield of The Line. - Fixed missing feedbacks while tweaking the audio settings. - Fixed several localization issues.
  11. I just earned the Platinum. I did the no death run legit without cheesing it using the Quit selection in Options to reload any stages. Used Rider, just because Bones' sword has such a short range and there's a ton of enemy placement designed to hit you in mid-air and knock you into pits. Also Rider is just way more fun to use though maybe too much easier to use than Bones lol. I'm also including separate vids i did to show the two extra boss fights that happen if you don't collect all four floppy discs when you reach the final stage
  12. Greetings. Just wondering if Dragon Lapis for PS5 has a higher framerate cap on PS5 compared to the previous PS4 version, as the game even on Steam, had something like a 30fps cap that just looks awful in motion. Really wish Kemco would make 60fps the standard framerate for all of their releases, usually only like 1 out of 4 actually have a 60fps cap.
  13. You can pause the game, "Quit" to go to the map select screen and restart the stage. it doesn't count as dying. You just have to be quick about pausing if you're about to die.
  14. I just started playing this game, earning a lot of trophies along the way as well as finding all four discs, getting the true ending as Bones, unlocking Rider, but only finding i think 7 or 8 of the hidden NPCs so i'll have to be more keen on finding secret areas as i play through the game again as Rider. Fun game, but wow each stage aside from the opening has a lot of really annoying and cheap parts designed to kill you as cheaply as possible. Regarding the no death trophy, I was thinking that because the game does allow you to pause at any time and quit to the stage select map, that it could be very cheese-able and indeed it is. Slain: Back From Hell also has the same type of exploit for no-deathing the game, where you can just pause and restart at the last checkpoint if you're falling into a pit or running low on health and think you're gonna die. Though you still have to avoid getting instakilled by traps and there's a ton in that game lol, so still pretty tough. Personally I think the speedbike section on the desert stage is the toughest part of the entire game. It's so easy to jump when you don't have to, and then by the time you land and try to jump again you're going to crash into a wall.
  15. Out of curiosity, did the game ever have any patches to download? Just wondering if the launch 1.00 version of the game is still the current version of the game.