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  1. WOOHOO! 😀 I FINALLY GOT THE PLATINUM TROPHY! Regarding the Pyromaniac trophy, oddly enough I got it after burning the regular flute with my torch and having burned all of the spell scrolls (you can only burn spell scrolls with the torch on Master mode, but of course you'll want to quicksave before burning each one, quickload afterwards and then learn the spell and proceed). I did throw tons and tons of stuff into the lava flow and the bubbling tar in the fire drake room, I don't know if those contributed to the trophy but I specifically remember having thrown the flute (not the broken flute but the regular flute) into the lava flow before, so it's weird to me that i would get the trophy after burning the flute, but this is where i'm uncertain about the trophy, i had just burned the last spell scroll Ascencur with the torch like 5 seconds before burning the flute, AND like i said i know for a fact i had already thrown the flute into the lava flow. So regarding the Pyromaniac trophy, unfortunately I can neither confirm nor deny if throwing stuff into the lava flow/fire pits (fire elemental room, fire drake room) factor into this trophy or not. I don't remember throwing the dragon eggs into the lava flow/fire pits though so it's possible that the trophy is only for things that can be burned by the torch itself. EDIT: However, I just saw this on the Steam page so it looks like the trophy is only for things that can specifically be burned by the torch. In fact, I wonder if throwing things into the firepit/lava flow instead of using the torch on them doesn't count... my recommendation would be to just worry about whether the torch will burn it or not. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=632382438 It took me like 2 hours to then speedrun Master mode on ironman mode/single play session. I was super careful when quickusing something to make sure i didn't accidentally choose the wrong item when having to defeat enemies, since you have to hold the analog stick and it's easy to move the stick and then accidentally select a different item or command right as you press the use button lol. I also experimented with a bunch of different things to see if i could find any easter eggs or hidden things that no one has reported before, but nope. I did go back through the library to reread a bunch of the excerpts and saw the excerpts that gave pretty clear hints about creating the cold vapor, freezing/shattering yorick, finding the items in the dark of the catacombs and finding the bent key, all of which i looked up, d'oh, oh well. Some hints were right in front of me and i just blew it lol.
  2. Earned 4 more trophies, just have 3 trophies left plus the Platinum =) The only tricky trophy I have left to get is the Pyromaniac trophy, which i think i can get by burning all of the spell scrolls which can only be done on Master. The downside is that I'm going to have to do a bunch of quicksaves/quickloads to get this done which is going to be a pain. This also means i'm going to have to do one final playthrough once i get that in order to beat Master mode on ironman mode and in one session. But if i can get the Pyromaniac trophy, then basically I've got the Platinum lol. Just earned... - Master Necromancer, -Seven Angry Dwarven Miners (note to self: pry the crystals, DON'T DESTROY THEM WITH THE HAMMER, derp) lol. - Beat Master in less than 1000 turns - Beat Master without hints (i got this and the 1000 turns trophy by loading an older save file on master before i started talking to Yorick) Regarding Master Necromancer, i had to look up what the last few deaths were that i missed. I did the electricity elemental one with the cape on which i never would've figured out, thought i had it, then did the Talimar timer trophy and thought i got it because my controller started to shake (in Shadowgate every time you earn a trophy the dualshock will rumble) but instead that was just a part of the death itself. So looked up the other deaths, turns out that there's two different deaths from getting killed by the goblins in the barracks even though in both instances they bumrush you and turns out that the final death i was missing was getting zapped by Talimar after talking to him three times in teh final room, which i personally think is ridiculous because i had been zapped by him already in that same room when trying to hit him! So, whatever. On a side note, nevermind what i said about using Yorick on the book in the library as part of the Boon Companion trophy, as he says repeatedly during hte 2nd half of the game that Elyren's Stand is one of his favorite poems, and there's a book in the bookshelf of that, so that makes sense, i just never noticed. I also pryed with the bar several eggs from the Egg Chamber room which i did unexpectedly when messing around lol. Can't find any purpose for them at all, other than that they would've helped out with the 200 items trophy and look at 600 diff objects trophy which i already earned. Thought maybe there was some sort of hidden death or something to do in that room but i guess not?
  3. Really good news and some minor bad news. The bad news is that I'm dumb and misread the requirement for the dwarven miner crystal trophy. I could have sworn the trophy was to smash all of the crystals with the hammer, not to actually obtain them. I wasted so much time smashing crystals going for this trophy rofl. I thought it was weird too to have to smash them because there's more crystals on the other side of the chasm but you need the crystals to cross the chasm, so you'd have to do two separate saves in order to do the trophy. So anyway... yeah i wasted a ton of time being dumb about this trophy, but the good news is I have a save at the mummy king's room ready to go into the catacombs so i just have to go through them and pry them all loose to get the trophy. There shouldn't be that many that i haven't already obtained either and i think most of them are on the other side of the chasm, so i should be able to get this trophy pretty easily. Also, i was slighty wrong about my progress ending saves, i must've thrown the white crystal into the lava and then saved, because i tried to smash it earlier and the game said it was too hard of a material to break. The really good news is that I got 5 more trophies, including finding 100% location/notes, which i got after finding the first of the "hidden in the dark" relics. That trophy had me confused too because the demon statue by the lava, Yorick is like "Wow, this looks like some sort of ancient relic, i wonder what it does", so i thought that was related to the trophy but instead it's finding those two hidden items in the dark in what is an incredibly cryptic puzzle. So i got... - find 100% of locations/notes - find the two relics from another time - beat the game on master without killing goblins - beat the game on all three difficulty modes - good housekeeping which i got super quick by sweeping the first rug that i ended up burning instead so many times The only two tough trophies i have left to do are to burn everything and find the last few unique deaths. For burning everything, i noticed that scrolls that contain mandatory spells can be burned, which of course halts game progress, but since they can be burned and they disappear after learning the spell, that's gonna be one big "quick load" over and over again thing i'll be doing. I dunno if i need to throw anything in the lava as part of that trophy, i don't think so but i'm going to burn everything i haven't already burned in previous playthroughs including those scrolls. Also with my save file at the mummy king's room, i should be able to get the "beat master in under 1000 turns trophy" as i think i'm right around 900 there, and i haven'ts spoken to Yorick despite having hints turned "off" so i wonder if i can get the no hint trophy too. Also, gotta say that i'm super disappointed that the final boss room is no different on Master than the other difficulties. One action and that's it, i was expecting something complex.
  4. Ranari Kai, i may have figured out what you need to do for the final trophy you need (Master Scholar). Great news and then some bad news lol. The good news is that i just earned 6 tough trophies to unlock over the course of 30 minutes, including MASTER SCHOLAR =) I surprisingly got it by using the bar on one of the blue crystals in the catacombs, so i wonder if using a bar on each crystal counts as solving a major puzzle each, because i'm almost certain that i had used the bar on previous blue crystals when going for the "obtain over 200 items" trophy. The only other puzzles i can think of that i solved that aren't mandatory for any of the other trophies or game completions are blacksmithing the dirk (heat up dirk with a big source of fire such as the lit bowl that you need to use the hammer on to get the hook, hit it with the hammer twice and then pour water on it) and relighting an extinguished torch (but not completely burned out torch) with either an already lit candle or a source of fire (an already lit torch on a wall included) when the torch has gone out such as if pouring water on it, or using a brand new torch in the bag on a source of fire to go from the "you're torch is out" moment to fully lit room. Or even using different skulls in the pumpkin quest room such as the rat skull, i don't know if each type of skull put in the ritual circle counts as a different thing or not though i'm almost certain some of the different skulls when looked at count as new item looked at. Oh, and i had also used the torch to unfreeze Yorick after freezing him with the blue mist in the lab so maybe that counts as a major puzzle as well? Also using the bar to pry skulls put in the opening doorway at the very beginning of the game may count as solving a puzzle too though i dunno about that. But those are the only things i can think of that might count as major puzzles, everything else is required for the other trophies which you've earned.... I also earned.. - the boon companion trophy (i dunno how anyone is supposed to figure out the library book part of it without looking it up) - 22 consumables trophy (i drank the frozen blue mist in the lab and didn't get the trophy, then couldn't ever remember eating a mushroom so i ate that and the trophy popped lol), - all special hidden deaths trophy (turns out that the exploding Yorick trick is considered a hidden death despite not getting the cutscene treatment, - kill 9 goblins trophy -and...all recipes in the lab trophy (on Master). The REALLY bad news though is that when going for the angry dwarves trophy, i smashed the white crystal in the secret room.... and didn't realize that i only had one save file of before i did that... and saved over that save file with a later save file where i had smashed the white crystal. So.... yeah, i can't make it past the chasm and i need to start a whole new game =( So it'll likely take me about 2 hours to get back to where i want to be, i think anyway, now that i've gotten almost all accumulation trophies over and done there's a lot of things i can skip and not have to do anymore, plus i know exactly what to do up to the catacombs so maybe it won't be that bad. But i'm still gonna have to play through the game at least one more time after that because i don't know anything about what's new past the chasm on Master as i haven't made it past that yet.
  5. Alrighty, I've since earned 3 more trophies. Use all spells, pickup 200 different items and burn all torches. I looked at a guide and now know what else I'm supposed to do. I'm pretty annoyed that there's all these things that looked like they were part of puzzles but aren't, like how in the library the chairs and tables are dusty, but there's no way to use the broom on them and they aren't even part of the "clean all cobwebs and dust" trophy. I mean really? A lot of these puzzles i could've spent weeks and months trying to figure out and never would have. Also, i found all hidden deaths, but i didn't do the final room one on Master mode so i'll have to do that again for the trophy to unlock i guess since the trophy specifies it needs to be done on Master, but that's no big deal, i wast just confused at first when i got them all but the trophy didn't unlock. That final room hidden death cutscene i'm pretty sure isn't even mentioned as being a hidden death. All of the remaining trophies should be easy, EXCEPT the "burn everything" trophy which looks like it's going to be a huge pain in the butt to get. I wonder if for example if i have 4 gold coins for example if i need to burn all 4, or just one of each type of item?
  6. Woohoo! Made great, great progress today playing for 2 hours. Earned 6 more trophies (I knew i was close!). - Talk to all skulls (i needed to do the black axe quest to speak to the creepy skull in that room AND i missed a big pile of skulls late in the game after having visited that room several times before, luckily i spoke to the one pile, had no idea it was one i actually missed though lol). By doing the black axe quest, i got 4 more trophies out of that alone. -Examine 600 items (thank goodness i got that out of the way!, got it by looking at the different things in the room the black axe was in), -solve 50 puzzles (there's 5 goblins i haven't killed so that'll bring me up to 55, i have to experiment with the armory to try and figure out how to kill those) - black axe quest itself - use all weapons (used black axe quest on myself, i still can't figure out what few other things i need to do to get the 45 unique deaths, i have to be only 1 or 2 deaths away from it I should be just 1 or 2 edible consumables away from the 22 consumables trophy. On a sidenote: i love the insane amount of lore that was added to this game, it really creates a very interesting world with interconnecting stories and characters. For example, how the black axe was rumored to have Also, i can't emphasize enough just how crucial it is to have at least 3 different save files going on at once. I hammered every single crystal up to the great chasm, but now i have to reload an older save to get enough crystals to pass the chasm, then i can hammer the rest of the crystals after that to hopefully get the angry dwarves trophy. And then hopefully i can mine enough crystals to get the 200 items trophy, which i should be fairly close to i think although i haven't really counted. Also i discovered 4 more hidden deaths, one of which is way out of the way of the main game to get. I actually knew what it was going to be because of the Zojoi art book for the game lol. But anyway, I am so relieved to have finally talked to all skulls and most of all looked at 600 different items. And finally, once again the game system keeps track of everything you do during every playthrough and seems to record stuff if you die so not everything needs to be done in a single playthrough for accumulation trophies.
  7. Alright, got the "cure banshee's curse in less than 500 turns on Master difficulty" trophy. I played ahead without saving after that, just to see what all is different. Some things i'm confused about and don't know what to do with some of the items that i have, i have a few guesses but not sure entirely. I also discovered a hidden special death for the first time, i think it was #8 or #9 , it's really cool that each one of these looks like they have their own special cutscenes lol. I feel like I'm super close to a good 6 or 7 accumulation trophies. I should be super close to 45 unique deaths, 200 items, looking at 600 objects, solving 50 puzzles, consuming 22 items, wearing all equipment and using all spells. There can't be that many new rooms either that i can go to that have torches in them to light up. When i do clear Master, i'll probably do a quick ironman/no saves/single session clear to clear out those 3 trophies, but i'm hoping with the command wheel that i don't accidentally choose a wrong command and die, i'll have to be super careful when i play.
  8. After a week long hiatus (work sucks!), finally started tackling Master (Hard) mode. After being stuck trying to figure out how to get past the wraith for an hour, I looked the solution up and can't believe I didn't figure it out on my own. What's funny is I'm almost certain I used Other than failing on that puzzle, I managed to make it to the moat, but with half a torch remaining, I'm going to restart my game all over again since I spent probably a good 50-60 turns more than necessary to get there. Plus after messing around with the levers doing every combination possible, i have all of them written down including what they do so that'll save me lots of turns (and time). At least I figured out how to make it past the firedrake room on my own and how to open up the sewer door to the mirror room on my own. Still annoyed at myself for not figuring out the solution to the wraith puzzle, that's what i get for not paying closer attention to that one room lol.
  9. Earned 3 more trophies (see? it's always trophies in sets of 3 lol). Completed the Journeyman ironman mode, single session and no hints trophies. I'm pretty certain I've now done as much as possible on Journeyman mode as i can, so that clears out Normal/Casual mode, along with Classic Easy/Normal (Apprentice/Journeyman) modes. All that's left is to play on Hard (Master) mode for the remaining trophies. It's soooooo annoying where the game gives you hints and puzzles and such but you can only do them on Master difficulty. I thought brackish base as part of a recipe would be the sewer water or nasty lake water, but nope, turns out it's something totally different that i can only get on Master difficulty. It's really irritating spending so much time trying to do something and it turns out it's impossible to do it on the easier difficulties, bleh. Anyway, I'm super close to a lot of the other accumulation trophies. I haven't really tried Master mode other than for a few minutes and holy cow does it look to be an even bigger jump from Journeyman than Journeyman was from Apprentice. I wonder how many of the puzzles are designed just to trigger the hidden deaths and how many are actually needed to progress and clear the mode. Looks like i'll find out during the next several days :gulp: I'm trying to do this having to look things up as little as possible, if i can at least clear the mode without having to look anything up i'll be happy lol. The hidden deaths though i'm sure i'll have to read at least a few of how to trigger.
  10. Ok, burned every torch on apprentice along with every item possible on apprentice. Noticed a hidden metal bar on the floor that i had never noticed before since the game text box partially blocks it rofl, i wonder if that'll come in handy on Master mode. Also ate a piece of the meat, so got that as another consumable (i think i'm now at.... 16 consumables now? I'm a little confused about the two torches in the invisible room, i collected them and ended up burning them but i dunno if that counts collecting them or not, thought maybe it's only while they're mounted but i could be totally wrong. Anyway, i'm gonna wrap up some journeyman specific trophies, see what else i can do in the lab, also read about the glasses so that might create some new things to do in the mode, then onto Master which i tried briefly and holy crap do torches run out fast on that mode! Not looking forward to the intricate and confusing Master specific puzzles either lol
  11. I seem to be averaging 3 trophies per day lol, just got 3 more today. Just from messing around i found the electric element (which i think i actually needed in the catacombs anyway), so got the "catch all elements trophy). Found a bunch more ways to die so got the 35 unique deaths trophy, i think i'm at maybe 38 unique deaths now so 10 away from the 48 deaths trophy although the special hidden deaths on Master are going to be a pain to find. Also beat Journeyman in less than 2000 turns, i think i was at around 1800 when i finished. What's annoying and some of this happened on apprentice mode too is that the game will give you all these puzzles and items and stuff, and sometimes it's impossible to do anything with them because they are Master mode specific (or if on Apprentice, some things can only be done on Journeyman/Master). Like i spent a good 40 minutes trying to figure out how to open the locked door in the room with the well in the catacombs, tried the disconcerting key, tried the iron key, tried the skeleton key, none of them worked. Then read about how I do get the key, i don't think i ever would've figured that out unless by accident when going for the "don't kill any goblins on master" difficulty. Journeyman wasn't too bad, i did have to look up how to find the 3rd wizard skull, also had to load an older save because i smashed all of the black crystals which killed further game progress but that only cost me maybe 10 minutes or so so not too bad. I may fly through apprentice mode again one more time to burn all of the mounted torches and curtains and everything else possible on that mode just to get closer to the two burning-specific trophies. Then play through journeyman mode again to light the rest of the torches and anything else i can find that's torchable that i couldn't on apprentice aside from some lab specific things along with using the glasses which i didn't know i could use. Then play through Journeyman again to do the quick banshee cure/ironman/no hints/single play session trophies, then after that i should hopefully just have to wrap everything else up on Master and i should be done with the game, but that's gonna be A LOT of work. I keep making progress though so so far so good =)
  12. 3 more trophies down (Master Pumpkin Hunter, Journeyman Tradesman - examine 500 objects) and Weather Master. I have three different Journeyman saveslots going, one is way far back in progress, i'm worried that the banshee's curse is going to end my game because i can't figure out how to get the 3rd skull yet. I know where it is i think, i can't figure out the puzzle though since normally it's lit up on apprentice but isn't in journeyman mode. I still have a few doors to explore in the towers though. Also i think i'm like 3 or 4 unique deaths away from the 35 unique death trophy so i should get that no problem. If i do figure out the banshee curse cure, i'm going to do two saves. One to cure it and become safe from that, the other to just do a ton of actions over and over again so i get the death from the curse. Journeyman hasn't been too bad but some puzzles have been taking me a while to figure out lol. It kind of sucks that i'm going to have to repeat all of the deaths again for Master mode specifically. I mean i guess i could just wait to do this but going into the mode at least i'll know what they all are or mostly all are by the time i'm done with Journeyman mode.
  13. It's a really fun game if you're looking for a challenging puzzle adventure game. Also it's def worth playing if you are a fan of the old Zojoi games from back in the day (Deja Vu, Uninvited, Shadowgate). Regarding going for the Platinum, just be aware that you are going to have to replay the game a lot BUT every difficulty mode you play on throws new and different things at you and gets much more challenging each step up you take in difficulty. I played the game again earlier after a week long break (work takes up all my time/energy). Been playing on Journeyman difficulty after having done everything i think i possibly could on the Normal Casual difficulty (easiest mode in the game) and the Classic Easy/Apprentice difficulty. Just earned another trophy, the discover 25 unique deaths trophy and i'm already up to 27 now so i'm already close to the 35 unique death trophy and should be able to get it i think by the time i finish the mode, as there's tons of new possible deaths that couldn't be done on the easier difficulty modes. I got stuck for a good hour on trying to figure out how to power the drawbridge lol, i need to pay way better attention to the special markings on the map. I'm going through the game pretty much blind but persistence has paid off so far =)
  14. And... i just cleared those 3 trophies mentioned above (apprentice - ironman, no hints, no saving). I'm actually confused about two of those trophies... isn't no saves and doing it one session one and the same? Also discovered a few new things while playing... the cube of ice from hammering the icicle.. the hidden shooting star behind the picture in the observatory, and a few other things that i'm sure will become significant when i start playing Journeyman mode next. As things stand though, i think i've now wrapped up Apprentice mode and done as much in it as i can. Now onto Journeyman mode which i'm sure will be having me pulling my hair out, i don't even want to know how bad Master is going to be especially with having to cure the banshee's curse.
  15. Just earned 4 more trophies: - Pumpkin quest on apprentice - examining 400 different items - praying at every altar (which i got by accident because i didn't realize i could pray to the hooded statue in the 3rd room of the game until going past it like 50 times then saw the "speak to" cursor icon appear over it, i meant to try and talk to it not pray to it lol but ok! - beating apprentice in less than 2700 turns (i don't even know how you can go over 2700 turns on apprentice!) I'm hoping and i'm assuming that i no longer have to look at the non-book/scroll items anymore when going for the 500 and 600 examine item trophies, which'll save me a ton of time. There were two doors in one of the towers that i couldn't find the keys for on apprentice, i'm assuming i can't access those on apprentice. Gonna speedrun and do an ironman/non-hint/no saving playthrough of apprentice one more time just to completely clear out the mode and get those 3 trophies, then i should be done with both Normal (casual) mode and Classic Apprentice (easy) modes and never have to play them again. Then onto journeyman mode....