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  1. Thanks both. Reinstalling the game worked!
  2. I've answered the question in Chapter 1 correctly numerous times now but the trophy won't pop. I did get it wrong the first time around but, since then, I have gone back to Chapter 1 through level select. Any tips?
  3. Hey, does anyone know the game controls? I'm trying to change the player that I control when I don't have possession. Also, how do you cross/chip?
  4. Apparently, I've missed an event that was an easy way to get 150 items! Is the only possible way now for me to get Rocket Pass? Is it easier to get 150 items with Rocket Pass Bundle as opposed to RP Premium?
  5. Costa Rica have had 57% possession but done nothing with it
  6. England - Iran 1-0 Netherlands - Senegal 4-0 USA - Wales 2-1
  7. I'll admit to using a trophy guide/walkthrough to ensure I complete the game story. A 2nd playthrough will then be used to explore the open world. To be honest, I've rarely put 100+ hours into a game since I became an adult in 2008.
  8. Come on Wales!
  9. PSN ID: tampines11 Country: UK (England) PS Systems: PS4 Accepts Blank Friend Requests: Yes. Likely to be the top English gamer on this site at some point
  10. Mine is tampines11 and it's based on a place in Singapore and attached is my favourite number.
  11. I would love for Theme Hospital to be ported over. I know that there was a similar hospital game not that long ago but I heard that it wasn't as good as the original.
  12. I believe it to have been Overcooked but I might be wrong.
  13. Are all of the games in the 'Stroke the ___' series completely identical or do any of them have different features?
  14. In the initial tutorial, the game mentions that you can purchase upgrades to improve the experience. How do I do this?
  15. I was expecting something like RuneScape...