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  1. This seems like quite an early release! St Patrick's isn't for a while.
  2. Sorry if this has been asked before but how do you unlock the Dominus and Takumi cars?
  3. Agreed. I have tried to stop playing them but I keep going back. I've limited myself to only buying 2 each month, though. So am I. I buy each game knowing what to expect so I can't complain.
  4. Was anyone else observant enough to notice an extra silver in this game? It looks like there'll be a Sundae Boss as opposed to just the usual three bronze trophies that we get for beating the bosses. Do we reckon that this boss will be a bit tougher somehow?
  5. Realistically, is this plat still obtainable? I haven't got the coop trophies yet.
  6. Is Sushi Run going to be a one-off part of the 'Break' series or is this going to be the start of a separate series that will see 'Space Run', 'Oktoberfest Run' etc.? Anyone else disappointed that there are no bronze and silver trophies here?
  7. I assume that this one will retain the difficulty of 'Sushi Break' the original
  8. I would love Chinese New Year Break or Diwali Break
  9. Thanks for the guide! I still haven't platted this game even after 1.5 years. This and Super Weekend Mode and 36 Fragments...
  10. Has anyone managed to complete this game without using invincibility? I can't even get past level 2 without using the code. 😱
  11. Fun, easy and relaxing. I'll put my own music on in the background, though.
  12. Hold tight, my man
  13. One trophy hunter's trash is another trophy hunter's treasure.
  14. Are there any new features on this one?
  15. Is there any noticeable difference between Halloween Candy Break 2 and its predecessor?