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  1. Can you complete 'Spare some change for gas?' in the multiplayer mode?
  2. ohh thanks a lot!
  3. Can you disable the duelsense features in this game, they are really bad and I feel like its going to break my controller
  4. You can just leave the game instead of hitting the PS button to quit DRG if you are not the host of the game. I did the trophy by joining games that were in progress that had more time on the clock so less time needed to survive and leaving if everyone died. It's personal preference which mission type to go with. I found Aquarius to be the easiest. I am not sure if your streak will be broken if you are kicked from a game however.
  5. If you are struggling to complete 5 hazard level 5 missions in a row, you can back out of the game when you die before the mission failed screen is displayed and this won't ruin your streak.