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  1. they do not, i platinumed the ps4 versions for pretty much all the ones that initially dropped except wild arms. I downloaded the ps5 versions afterwards, booted them up and no autopop. side note: I hate autopops, its ruined trophy hunting for me. since now I have to decide if i should play the ps4 version just to get an autopop. i know some games can works backwards and allow ps5 to ps4 autopops (ex. Plauge Tale) but its rare.
  2. You can just do an extreme+ challenge on joe must die difficulty instead of doing the delete save file method and the trophy will pop. this takes literally 3 minutes. It’s actually really easy to do the first extreme+ challenge with the dual AMG’s even though they speed the clock up, Mr Reign has a guide for this. but assuming you for some reason did the extreme+ challenges (which I highly doubt anyone did since there was no reason too) then just use the delete save file method mentioned above.
  3. For anyone having trouble getting the perfect on the final stage, you can actually pause the game and click start over and it will give you a new pattern. Some of the randomly generated patterns are really hard even with rewind to get a perfect, so I just clicked start over until I got a not so complicated pattern and i got it in less than 3 mins.