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  1. Thanks ☺️👍
  2. How many people are needed to boost it?
  3. Do you guys know or think this game will autopop the trophies if you've already done it on PS4?
  4. Can confirm, if you win with someone you haven't already won with, you will get progression with the trophy and once you've done 8 fresh characters, you will get the trophy.
  5. Hi, Has anyone loaded up the game and not have all the trophies autopopped? Some reason it only autopopped my level 50 trophy ?
  6. I found the best way to do this trophy is to. 1. Get a vehicle 2. Drive to an outpost 3. Make the enemies set the alarm off so reinforcements are coming. 4. Kill all the enemies while the reinforcements are coming (so you're not dying while trying to get this trophy) 5. Get back in the vehicle with your buddy (make sure you are the passenger) 6. Have your buddy drive next to the upcoming cars 7. Perform the takedown! If you fail to do it the first time, simply kill yourselves and repeat.
  7. The way which worked for me was, Playing offline Having the armour that gave you 3 food items once activating your heal position. Then going through the first level (Creeper's Woods) and finishing it all the way to the end near the exit door (this will mean you'll have a good chunk of foods consumed already and repeatedly activation your armour.
  8. Thanks, I just failed it no knockouts!
  9. Hi, Can someone confirm something for me, does failing the Hall Monitor Boss fight mess this trophy up? I failed this boss fight by not countering the Boss' channelling so it led him to ring my parents and failed the mission. It put me back to the point where I get the gold key and I had to redo the boss fight. No one died during this but I'm just worried this messes it up. Please someone clarify!
  10. Good work man, had a little giggle at this!
  11. Not a dumb question, this was the issue, thanks!
  12. I’m trying to mop up the districts for SR3 and I’ve came across a “glitch” where one of the activity’s, mayhem, has not appeared on my map, nor can I see it, when I go to the location. This is on the Arapice Island or the “Zombie Island”. Can anyone help me/ give me any advice please!
  13. Good guide! You should make an actual trophy guide to this game!
  14. I have made a playlist for people who want to be “extra” careful when going for the extra life trophy, “Running Up the High Score”. This is a playlist with all locations of the extra lives on all missions, they’re by different YouTubers but all just as good. I only needed to use 3 of these just to have more than enough but if people mess up during some of these missions it might be useful. Remember you can also play this extra life mode in the easiest difficultly. This playlist can also help with the trophy: “Extra Extra Lives” but is unlikely that you won’t get this trophy naturally through your first run. Playlist: