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  1. Yes i did...
  2. really? i played it for a few hours, several trophies did not pop...
  3. Final Fantasy X!!! Hell yeah, took only ... "Platinum in 6 years, 10 months" XD
  4. Yes you are cheating.. by the rules of this Site using another players savegame is considered cheating.
  5. Basically all of the Yakuza games.. they are fun, but there is always this ONE minigame (out of 20 or so) that makes me wanna scream, and in my case prevents my form getting the Plat in Yakuza 0! The Disco dance! in the remastered versions Billiard and Darts were screwed up.. then you have the UFO catcher, which only eats away your time. puyo puyo in Judgement!!! ><
  6. nah its not you, this game is simply reeeeeeally buggy. for me the 100% trophy bugged out.. gladly there was a workaround ><
  7. Yeah, the game is bugged like hell.. but i can confirm that ".... Without Bullets" popped for me just now. Did it on Cima Leon: Silo base. cant say anything about the other trophy since i got it before finishing the story. maybe reinstall the game, otherwise you are really left with starting from the beginning, and that sucks. are you sure that you do bases and not cities? dunno, thats the only thing that comes into my mind.
  8. German and russian as native languages, english because the internet is 99% in english.. and spanish. also l337 sp34k, and i´m almost sure i can understand my pets, at least half the time. when they are hungry.
  9. Do the tape thing. And also, dont forget to put your TV into gaming mode! that helped me a lot! even a tiny fraction of time may save your ass here, since like you said, the sinkers and 140km/h balls are fast as hell and you need to react quick. keep on trying a couple of times every day. eventually you should get it..
  10. XCOM 2
  11. Hard to tell, probably not. starts a lot of different things, and lets a lot unfinished. but... a British dude with a anime fetish. would be fun in a apocalypse. we would die, fast, but hey, the conversations would be fun at least^^
  12. Bioshock 1 is definitely not "ok". Fully researched Leadhead Splicer before Defeated Dr. Steinman, meaning at that point player has no access to the camera to do the research.. also, Defeated Andrew Ryan (endgame) before Defeated Peach Wilkins (early midgame). Also, Research PhD (maxed out all research) should pop at the same time as one of the numerous single research Trophies (it did not of that guy...)
  13. dunno. cheetos and mountain dew break halfway through? still easy. and fast. just because you did the game 2x and were still under one.. hour...if you ...add both.... crap.
  14. Can confirm, took me 1 hour and 5 minutes to platinum. Easy, fast, and actually quite fun game..