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  1. Well, i started years ago with Yakuza 3, so i may be biased.. but yeah, compared to 0 and both Kiwami´s, it hasnt aged well. Still, keep playing, the story is just like the other Yakuza´s, and personally i liked the substories in Yakuza 3 the most (as far as i can remember, been a while since playing some of the games XD). Dont wanna say something wrong, but Yakuza 4 and 5 are basically the same. 4 has a "bigger" story and 5 has more mini-games.
  2. its a difficult problem... on one hand having a voting system would in theory make the average difficulty and length more fair (?).but when only the one who have the Plat may vote, we still would have the problem with skill. since (imho) there are two main reasons trophy-hunters stop pursuing a certain Platinum is Time and Skill, this voted average will still be compromised of peoples votes with above average Skillset. or just like this dude said... all rhythm games and racing games are 9/10 for me, but FPS or economy based simulations are easy peasy(e.g. Frostpunk rates at 9/10 and 100 hours.. which is IMHO overestimated, but for console gamers who dont play such games often it may be adequate..) in the end, i think, we here are "professionals", so everyone has their own system, knows what they likes and their own Skills, etc..
  3. No, most of us will never experience that, because most people dont cheat. I dont know what happened, but, as someone else put it, if someone cheated with your account and unlocked trophies, its on you. "Telling the truth" is not so unambiguously when you cant prove it, but the other side (CRT) has enough evidence. Anyway, since you seem like i little kid who throws a tantrum, instead of learning from your mistakes.... i´d say good riddance. grow up and cya
  4. Thx, for the tips mates^^ i tried it many many times, and still could not beat several songs on Hard. Dont remember which exactly, since i´m actively suppressing the memory.. but seriously, even this one Karaoke Song for Haruka (in Kiwami, Otometal on Hard, 950 Points) wasnt as hard as this one Minigame >< maybe i will try again in the future. Probably. Definitely.
  5. IMHO Yakuza 0 has the hardest Plat. i got the Platinum every Yakuza game, except this one. Main reason is the dancing minigame, i just cant beat the hard scores.. tried it a lot of times, bot nope, it simply impossible for me :/
  6. that´d be me. also struggled a bit with the controls. and so far have no plan on getting the platinum after one playtrough. 6/10 DIFFICULTY from the guide here hits the mark pretty well. its not easy, but not like, super hard.. my advice, try doing Time Attack mode to see how you cope with that. (i did not, so said screw it). GL HF
  7. glad it worked out (kinda).
  8. seems that way. cant verify it (no PS5), and did not found anything on the internet, but to be fair, i did not search too long.. there were some problems with trophies registering very late, and the PS4 to PS5 is less a feature and more of a accident. hope you find some kind of workaround/reinstalling works out..
  9. this happened at least once before when i did some trophies last year (juli/august? doesnt matter). they fixed it with the next update.. write them a mail or in the forums, i suppose they´ll fix it pretty fast. i think there was a notification in the box in the upper right corner of the starting screen that the bug was fixed. look out for that.
  10. dont think so, i used the "normal" option with only one railway throughout every different level, not the complex option, and had no problems there..
  11. Wazzup. Well, yeah, that is weird. I played a lot and had not encountered any problems with trophies. So the first steps would be to delete the savefile (better save than sorry), reinstall, make sure your have the latest patch, etc. there used to be some glitched trophies (mainly the President rating ones) but as far as i remember that got patched... One thing i can say is that i played offline for most part, so, maybe that may be the problem? but from what you told, if the trophies were a OK in the beginning, than, it sounds like some kind of screwed up savefile? so, yeah, try setting up the game again, reinstall, play offline, and try to get 10 cites connected or 20 locomotives.. you should get those pretty fast.
  12. Most important thing: upgrade Armor and Weapons evenly, dont put all your material into e.g. one weapon, because apparently difficulty scales with the highest level Item you have, so if one thing is +10 and the rest is +1, you will get screwed (like i was in the beginning...).
  13. to dig out a older thread... have the same problem with the trophy "Precious" Played Co-op at the beginning, and dont know if one of the players i was with turned in the ring. Got the Scavanger trait, but dunno if its because i got 2 of the 3 scrap trophies and got it from that. Thing is, up till now i did 3 full campaign runs on earth, and 4 complete runs on adventure mode (earth), still no ring. Is the only workaround to create a new char, and play offline?
  14. Yakuza 0 - The danicing minigame broke me. simply impossible.. really annoying because its the only Yakuza game i have no platinum on.. Diablo III - A Trophy related to Gold. it would have taken me at least 15 hours of power-farming to get it. and at that time, i get better things to play. Destiny 2 - Completing a Raid on Grandmaster dif. had no luck finding a team, so at some point i said, screw it :/ Deponia Doomsday - A really retarded (no offense) trophy for a point and click adventure. Had to clone like, 240 different monster thing, and that takes hours and a spreadsheet .. Who came up with this?!? Flappy goat is quite easy if you know what to do. trick is, use this weird mods (like zombie goat, giant goat, magic goat,etc.). kick in 5 or 6, and the game slows down a bit (like a slight lag, since its cheap XD). that makes this trophy possible. i struggled myself, but got it after like 10 minutes tops.
  15. are you guys serious? this game is pretty hard. 7/10 i´d say. its pretty unbalanced. take the first boss. strong ranged attack, gives you plague, spams a aoe, can teleport.. and the adds have a ranged attack+ melee. i cant imagine what the rest of the game has in store.. :/ no chance to do it alone, as far as i can say.
  16. Yes i did...
  17. really? i played it for a few hours, several trophies did not pop...
  18. Final Fantasy X!!! Hell yeah, took only ... "Platinum in 6 years, 10 months" XD
  19. Yes you are cheating.. by the rules of this Site using another players savegame is considered cheating.
  20. Basically all of the Yakuza games.. they are fun, but there is always this ONE minigame (out of 20 or so) that makes me wanna scream, and in my case prevents my form getting the Plat in Yakuza 0! The Disco dance! in the remastered versions Billiard and Darts were screwed up.. then you have the UFO catcher, which only eats away your time. puyo puyo in Judgement!!! ><
  21. nah its not you, this game is simply reeeeeeally buggy. for me the 100% trophy bugged out.. gladly there was a workaround ><
  22. Yeah, the game is bugged like hell.. but i can confirm that ".... Without Bullets" popped for me just now. Did it on Cima Leon: Silo base. cant say anything about the other trophy since i got it before finishing the story. maybe reinstall the game, otherwise you are really left with starting from the beginning, and that sucks. are you sure that you do bases and not cities? dunno, thats the only thing that comes into my mind.
  23. German and russian as native languages, english because the internet is 99% in english.. and spanish. also l337 sp34k, and i´m almost sure i can understand my pets, at least half the time. when they are hungry.
  24. Do the tape thing. And also, dont forget to put your TV into gaming mode! that helped me a lot! even a tiny fraction of time may save your ass here, since like you said, the sinkers and 140km/h balls are fast as hell and you need to react quick. keep on trying a couple of times every day. eventually you should get it..