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  1. Thanks for the replies fellas
  2. How are people still able to earn these trophies? I seen on the leaderboards people earning the hunter and firefly trophies still
  3. PlayStation 2 games I would love to get a remake Spartan total warrior Simpsons hit and run Urbz sims in the city unfortunately I know they probably won’t ever happen
  4. It’s free because you brought Far Cry 6 gold edition which includes blood dragon as dlc.
  5. 1. Yes the kill count will reset. What I suggest is to use chapter select before starting a new game to grind for the 100 kill trophy. I believe the is a chapter called D6 which has lots of monsters to kill. 2. leave the kill everyone trophy for Spartan run because you get more ammunition to kill. Also you have to kill everyone person (prisoners, hostages, soldiers) for the trophy. This trophy is best left to be your last trophy so it doesn’t effect your moral points for enlightened ending 3. If in your current play through you have been collecting moral points you should be ok for enlightened. Take into consideration you can reload the last chapter to get both the ending trophies as long as you have enough moral points to get the good ending. This is because there is a certain action you have to take in the end chapter to get the good ending. You can get enlightened on Spartan too . Just be sure to collect enough moral points.
  6. Op, maybe you could use emulation with a Xbox series s? I’ve heard they are quite good.
  7. Great phishing thread
  8. To answer my question, it will not effect the trophy. I just advise to get it ASAP due to the limited combat situations.
  9. Anything I can do to the 100% easier. Have to keep resetting just to get hit as soon as I'm on the flying machine
  10. Thanks for the advice guys
  11. Hello, I was just wondering if you guys could give me any advice buying a ps3. I live in the UK so my main options are either CEX or ebay. Which one is more reliable? Also which model ps3 so I be searching for? I only want to play ps3 games to get some platinums. Any advice welcome.
  12. Pathetically easy. When Naughty Dog remakes it for PS6 you probably won’t even need to finish the game for the platinum trophy. Grounded difficultly is the true experience for this game.
  13. Some jobs do only spawn after you have completed other jobs. There are always some police jobs hidden in the sewers that need completing. Good luck.