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  1. ANOTHER UPDATE: The patch finally came to the PS5 Version so that means the trophy shouldnt be buggy anymore!
  2. Update: PS4 Version is now fixed, i just got the plat on it, now waiting on the PS5 Version
  3. I did and still no collectable. To my knowledge only this version of the game is bugged, the EU Version never had the issue. The Xbox and PC also doesnt have the issue of the missing collectable. Its just the PS NA Version
  4. Hey. Sorry if creating this topic is a bit pointless but i need to ask a question. Is there an easy way to get the "To Train Them is my Cause" trophy? Beacuse i did the Weapon Master/Weapon Collector trophies using the Dungeon Builder so thats why im asking if there is an easy way. Thanks in advance 🙂
  5. Probably too late to give the news (since it was announced a while ago) but the devs said on their Discord that the game should be getting the patch this month to finally fix the bug of the missing Data Cube on level 9-6. AAAAAAAND. It wasnt patched this month
  6. lzlTannoki, Gunsmith
  7. Ok, thanks
  8. Is this trophy cumulative or it needs to be in all in one go? Beacuse if the trophy is cumulative, i should have got it by now beacuse i am certain that i acumulated more that 1000 points (sorry for the bad english)
  9. Fashionista - Worms Rumble
  10. €1,39 At least on Europe
  11. It's paid
  12. Danganronpa 2