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  1. Wow I've done everything and only have about 350000. I also didn't drain the water so can't do the crystal thing. Anyone else got a good method to farm quick money?
  2. This trophy requires you to collect 1,000,000 currency. Do you need to have 1,000,000 all at once, or can you spend your money freely and it will still count towards it?
  3. Using your guides so I can get the lightsaber. Can I use the lightsaber for following your knife only guide and get the trophy? Or do I have to use knife Thanks
  4. Yeap this was no problem for me. Just gotta keep and eye on the cards and do some simple math. Most of the time you can tell exactly what your opponent has. Great game
  5. I killed sasuki in my first playthrough because he got hostile with me cause I had the sword equipped. Can I get this trophy on NG+. Or do I have to start a whole new character?
  6. I killed ostrava early on, am I able to still get pure black character tendency and still do the quest line this run, or have to do it in NG+?
  7. Can this be done solo?
  8. Wow, interesting, ok thanks. Cant wait to get my hands on my ps5 today
  9. In the DLC trophies there is one to speedrun in under 7 mins? Is this the entire game?
  10. I'm not sure how to add videos, but basically I'm starting my own private multiplayer match, combo challenge, setting the score to 250k. Then I'm just doing a 250k combo, winning the match and starting a new one. And repeating this over and over. It is so much faster. Hope this helps
  11. I found a better faster way to farm XP to speed up the process of getting that Level 100 trophy. Start a private match in multiplayer, put game mode to combo challenege and put the score to 250K..... select chopper drop as the map. Now just do a 250K point combo, wait a second, hit start, go to launch, and then scroll down to launch again to repeat the process. I timed myself and recorded before and after 1HR and got just over 18.5K XP and I think I could do it faster. Hope this helps, ZomBowner
  12. Level 90 and a half. Final stretch. So painful of a grind cant wait to be done
  13. Theres challenges for: 50 competitive wins 1000XP 100 competitive wins 2000XP 200 competitive wins 5000XP After only my 20th competitive win, all 3 of those challeneges unlocked for me, netting me 8K XP.
  14. I dont know why, but after I got my 20th competitive win, all three challenges popped for 50 wins, 100 win, and 200 wins. 8K XP. SCORE!
  15. Yes please I hope this is true