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  1. I bought this for my 5-year old to improve strategy and hand-eye coordination (along with pikmin for the GameCube and Shaun white skateboarding) this also helped to give him something to look forward to playing if he behaved the WHOLE day in school. So, you may not like the idea of the game, but it’s definitely for kids. Anywho, he completed it today (got all the trophies on his own) and I couldn’t be prouder.
  2. So, on a whim, I went to my local GameStop on Sunday to see if they had a copy of this game. They did, and luckily I found a “good” version and just got the trophy and the platinum. Almost 6 years later, but it’s done. 😩😩
  3. Wow...you’ve got to be kidding me! So, the devs knew about this and didn’t bother to recall the game? That’s pretty messed up. Thank you for at least responding to me. Now, I have to hunt for a European copy myself 🤦🏾‍♀️
  4. What did you do to get it? Almost 4 years later and still nothing 😐
  5. D4D message me on the PSN after you've downloaded mine and I'll download yours. TIA.
  6. Cloudy with a chance of meatballs Saw Saw 2 Terminator salvation Wanted 😊
  7. Not sure if someone has already mentioned it, but I have a lot of incorrect timestamps for my trophies. 😒
  8. Just went into the store and it's already available. Not sure if anyone already mentioned it, or not.
  9. BUMP ... and yes, this game has remained incomplete for over 2 years, now.
  10. is that george takei or alvin leung, speaking?
  11. I laughed at this WAY harder than I should have. Lmao.
  12. the bolded statement is so extremely relatable! i grew up in the wrong decade and because of that, its difficult to be the hippie that i intended on being.
  13. Looking at everyone else's list is making me depressed LMFAOO
  14. im assuming that you havent played Modnation Racers : Road Trip ....
  15. i wanted gtaiv to be my 50th, but because of the whole gamespy fiasco, i actually got it alot sooner since all i had to do was go from level 9-10. anyfiddles, i do want a special plat for every 25th plat. so im thinking of making my 50th either FEAR 2 or Unreal Tournament 3. whichever one i dont choose, will definitely be my 75th.