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  1. Just FYI if anyone intends on doing time attack either for trophies or just for fun. DO NOT INSTALL THE DLCS until you've done what you wanted with time attack. After many hours poured into this game i decided to buy the DLCs right when i was nearing the end of my last time attacks. A few time attacks after acquiring and downloading the DLCs the game started freezing the console. Had to hard reset everytime and the game was simply unplayable. Did some troubleshooting and searching online and discovered i'm not the only one and that the recommended fix would be to delete everything (Saves/Patches/DLCs). Which would mean starting over and i would have probably quit there because of how hard these were for me. Luckely the last comment on a reddit post (after many posts and comments read) mentioned he managed to fix his game by deleting everything else but time attack data. I did exactly that and tried playing the game. My time attacks were there but the tracking on the trophy in the garage said: 0/128. My heart droped but i decided to atleast finished the last time attacks since I was missing like 10 ish. The game was a bit buggy so i decided to download the patch. The game ran smoothly again and when i quit to the menu after finishing the last time attack the trophies popped. Hopefully this post can prevent this from happening to other people or help them to fix it if it happens. I'll now enjoy the DLCs (not the time trials I've had enough) and finally finish this game after like 11 years.
  2. Can confirm me and a friend used the guides and got everything no problems. Great guides
  3. Some trophies have notes saying it will only pop locally (host/solo)
  4. Bought a We Are Tekken Edition from Ebay used. Tried using the code just in case. Actually worked. Saved me 10 euros. Used it on the Playstation Store Browser. EU btw.
  5. Another ''Online Only'' game released like a year or 2 ago and getting shutdown soon. Developers/Publishers are starting the plug much sooner on the multiplayer only ''failures''.
  6. 50th = The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope (PS4): PSNP - 13.51% / PSN - 1.1% 100th = Dirt 5 (PS5): PSNP - 22.95% / PSN - 1.2%
  7. Pretty sure the preorder bonus of free Dead Space 2 is pc only. To give it on PS5 they would have to give you a ps3 version. Which I doubt they would do in 2023 and found no source that said this.
  8. Exactly! Why do I have to look at 1-5% on a game I didn't even like when you can just hide it!.
  9. Man how the times have changed. Games that had no Platinum on PS3 and were ''easy'' to 100% would for sure have a platinum nowadays. If Terminator Salvation came out today no one would shame plating it.
  10. As long as you don't load any old saves and create a new one you won't auto pop.
  11. Didn't know having an H (Hidden trophies) on your profile carried a stigma. Games i played and got trophies, but didn't like i just hide them. Maybe i was lucky but never faced any problems with interactions or sessions so far. At this point leaderboards are meaningless. I do enjoy climbing them since my country doesn't have that big of a population but at this point 150/230 people ahead of me are shovelware platinum people so I've nearly reached my limit while not going for those pay for platinum games. I've done my fair share of easy games but those are just not even games imo.
  12. Sign Me Up! Finished All Games In every version possible Lombax Praetorian https://psnprofiles.com/series/31-ratchet-clank/Jimiboss98
  13. I'm to 23 Letter I can be Beta Collector now??
  14. Edited mine down to ten!! Sorry for that.
  15. ==PSP: Jak Lost Frontier Secret Agent Clank Ratchet Size Matters Daxter Killzone Liberation Resistance Retribution Persona 1 Yakuza Black Panther 1&2 Motorstorm Artic Edge