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  1. Its been so long I can't recall but I think the beat ten friends will if you still have a higher score than ten friends on a leaderboard, the highest force score should and the team scores should, but they don't really auto pop, you have to play one game and post a score for those and it should go off of all your current leaderboard stats. So if you lost the highest force score you'll have to gain it back. The rise to the challenge trophy had to be done again iirc, and the online mp one as well.
  2. The force points count for both versions, so earn it on either and it will auto pop the other version when you load up. You might have to post a score on the 2nd version I can't recall.
  3. I created my account here specifically for boosting sessions over boosting threads at the other sites. I found that I could never get anybody together though the threads. The session page is so much easier to find games than going into every single game forum and running through tons of posts where half of them never answer messages or have already boosted and didn't edit their posts. Old games never gather enough players, and newer/popular games gets you buried in a couple days. Here you open up the sessions page and there's a list of what everyone is currently boosting. Very convenient. As an example, I posted in a boosting thread for IL-2 Sturmovik and recieved no messages. I created a session here and had 4 players within two days. I posted in a RDR thread once and recieved no replies because I got buried 5 pages back within a day. As for the open times or placeholders, well I'm with the mindset that not everyone can always guarantee a specific time, and I find it better to get a group together and work it out amongst the group to see what's best for everyone. I haven't had any problems getting everyone to agree to a specific time when joining those sessions, but I understand that may not always be the case either. But you can always create a session with the specific time you want and hopefully those that join will adhere to it.
  4. I just searched it on the vita store and as far I can tell it's all still there. They still have this license, no Star Wars tables have been delisted afaik. You'll have to buy through the vita or ps3 store. It won't be listed on the web store anymore. You should get both ps3 and vita versions. Friendly fyi, you'll need 3 other guys to boost the mp trophy, plus 10 people on your friend list that have posted a score. This game ain't no joke either, 9 or 10/10 difficulty and at least a couple hundred hours but probably more than that if I'm being honest about it and depending on your pinball skills. Let me know if you need help with the boost for mp or another person for the friend list trophies. And good luck.
  5. Servers are fine. As of this post leaderboards all work and I just created a MP game. You will need to boost the online trophy though, no randoms play anymore.
  6. Nope same issues, though I seem to be able to connect to the home page more often than not, but once there cant connect to trophy profile or game sessions still.
  7. No unfortunately. Same issues.
  8. Actually, yes. If i switch over to incognito mode I can now view home page, my trophy profile and game sessions without issue. If i close and use normal mode the problem starts right back up. I didn't think to try this before. Using Android Chrome mobile. Hopefully this helps you narrow it down.
  9. Has anything been looked at regarding this issue? The site has become almost unusable in the last two days. 9 times outve ten i cant connect to the home page. If i do connect, then i cant get to game sessions or my trophy profile. Its now 90% of the time "webserver returning unknown error." The only way i can connect is going through my browser history into a forum page, then through my forum profile to a post. But if I try to go to home page from the forums its back to unknown error. Very frustrating. Edit: now i can not connect to any address that starts out with at all. Cant connect to game sessions, trophy profile, home page etc. I can connect to the forums, but those addresses begin with perhaps there is an issue there. I get the blue screen with error message. Shows a "ray id" #, an ip address thats never the same and a cloudfare server location. Oh and the psnprofiles twitter feed.
  10. Yes Ive been getting this a lot recently as well, for over a week now. At first a page refresh would clear it up but last couple days I would have to refresh multiple times before it would finally connect to the site. This is on mobile android chrome.
  11. The William's tables have been delisted for over 2 years. If you haven't purchased them prior then you won't be able to 100% the game. If you have them, trophies are all obtainable.
  12. I purchased it a couple days ago and the ps5 upgrade is free. It was listed separately. I was able to add it to my library from the ps4. NA/US account.
  13. Vendetta missions are still appearing at time of this post. (Gmt -6 at 0500 on 31st.) Start the game, do the prologue, do the "Enter Mordor" mission, then do "Spirit of Mordor". They showed up for me after these 3 missions. I dont know of any of this gets them to appear, but along the way i forged 3 towers, and gained enough power points to open the second tier of abilities. I also did the mind melt gain intel thing on about 5 or 6 orcs. Thats it. Maybe 2 or 3 hours depending how fast you get the game mechanics down. The first two missions were from my friends list but the third was a random player. And to the 3 randoms that avenged my death, glad ya got your trophies.