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  1. Realised I hadn't answered your first question but I its completing jobs through the phone only, I tound fitting one part to the cars worked best. In the stats menu on main screen I'm now at 89 old cars fixed where I've been spamming just fixing one of the required parts and finishing the order. Not far to go now! There is a list I screenshotted online of which cars to pick that work which really streamlined it too but I don't know how to attach to this 🤦‍♀️ Then its just the story mode and selling 1000 cars that I need to do
  2. Jobs don't have to be 100% finished, except the story ones I've found which do need to be 100% complete.
  3. Potentially, Zoologist and Skin Deep were quite late for me. I did it before finishing off all the challenges, hunting requests and exotics requests so bounty hunts could be a factor.
  4. Longnose Gar by southern railroads into Saint Denis. Dont do from the railroad but the little swampy islands nearby, loads spawn
  5. When you press left on D-pad does it show the mission at all? I found I had to move areas, especially when messing around with the statue itself as nothing would happen if I stayed in same area
  6. Bottom of Bolger Glade I found at night. Run between there and the crossroads section at the bottom. I put down both predator bait and herbivore bait, kill whatever turned up and in turn bait that out. Florida Panther appeared after 3 or 4 baits
  7. Hiya I also had this issue, its a save issue I found. Are you turning the game on and immediately replaying a mission? I found when I started the game in the wilderness several days in a row it couldn't work around the current save, so I ran to the nearest town (Strawberry in my case) and it worked perfectly. I havent moved from that spot since and got the 70 gold trophies tonight Hope this helps!
  8. Stardew Valley - Fectors Challenge Gotta beat the arcade mini game start to finish without dying.... took me on and off 4 years 🙈
  9. Where do all the characters come from? I've finished the level, finished the 3rd film, and this hasn't popped. Checked guide and trophy sends to Parley trophy, but no info there for this trophy 🥺
  10. Did you change your trophy list to private, gain a trophy and sync. Then change your trophy list back to public? That made it work for me as it made PSN Profiles rebuild my list, knew it was working as it took almost 5 mins to update instead
  11. Late to this thread but if you go for the 100% good luck 🤣 I've logged about 40 hours so far and only unlocked the first trophy. Its very diner dash-esque in that the levels have to be completed to unlock the next and are rated on a 1-3 star path. Upgrading your machines is a huuuuuuuuuge grind in itself. A good fun game nonetheless
  12. Urgh yeah I saw the bug warning after finishing the story and going for the 100% of each hub so started Raiders first 🤦‍♀️ No backup saves as was trying to blitz through on a PS Now free trial, got some time today to restart as its going to bug me that I've started it 🤣
  13. so.... not even sure if game is still alive in any sense but found it on PS Now and lego games are always a good laugh. 97.5% on raiders hub, to find Major Toht could be a game breaking bug as I have no torch at the top of the stairs to light the campfire. Pls tell me there's a fix 😭
  14. Definitely wrecking their cars helped, I just did them all but it the GTR 1999 because I didn't read properly and now have to do again 😫
  15. I've just had this with selling 20 houses, not popped 🤦‍♀️