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  1. I am not sure but I think my first game was tekken 6 it came with the PS3. I also bought FIFA 10 the same day. Good old days...
  2. I'm in 1-Metro 2033 Redux (%7) 2-Until Dawn (%7) 3-Need for Speed Payback(%21) 4-Erica(%10) 5-horizon chase turbo(%5)
  3. Invasion today. The boss is Alien
  4. sorry I thing it was in gta 5 that you did not have to do it in one shot. my bad
  5. It is fairly easy But it is time consuming...
  6. Well, it was the time Trevor was mad at Michael. So they did not want to meet so u were right thanks
  7. It did not work...
  8. I called Trevor before picking up Michael. But I will try again with your method. Thanks
  9. I have been trying for this trophy about half an hour but if I call Michael first Trevor says he is busy and vice versa. Did anyone experienced the same problem?
  10. Football: Galatasaray (Turkey) Baketball: LA Clippers
  11. Firefighters the simulation. Saw it on ps now , since I love simulation games I wanted to try. After playing 5 min I got 2 trophies so couldn't delete it from my list. I completed it %100 but it was like torture..
  12. Thanks I just got the trophy.
  13. I killed Simon in the tower he is the only one I need for the trophy. After finishing the game I replayed the chapter and kept Simon alive Do I have to play the rest of the game to have the Survivors trophy?
  14. Feel free to add me and hunt with me psn id: karaman1025