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  1. I was 16 and now 283
  2. Not sure if i like it or not. We will get used to it anyways
  3. Definitely looks cute. And the trophies seems easy
  4. Update: this week I haven’t done any of the listed game sadly. But got the plat for PES21 season update and made a lot of progress in FIFA17 was one of my backlog games but i was not sure if i was going to play it so haven’t listed in here
  5. I have checked on google and looks like farfan is not playing in russia anymore. So it will not work probably. @GOZ_35 tabii kral 😁. Aynı şekilde sen de bulursan bilgilendirirsin
  6. Do you know if that combination works? 4* Nationality - Peru, 4* League - Russia = guaranteed Farfan saw it on the last years forum
  7. Yes, you will get a new trophy set
  8. First Update: 1- Metro 2033 Redux (%7)—>(%7) 2- Until Dawn (%7)—>(%7) 3- Need for Speed Payback (%21)—>(%100) 4- Erica (%10)—>(%100) 5- Horizon Chase Turbo (%5)—>(%5) 6- Titanfall 2 (%4)—>(%100) 7- Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution (%4)—>(%26) 8- Mirror's Edge Catalyst (%8)—>(%8) 9- WRC 6 (%5)—>(%5) I really enjoyed playing titanfall 2. It was a great game, not for the story but gameplay was great imo. Made 5 playthroughs but still have no idea on what the game is all about. 🤯 I really enjoy nfs games and payback was good too. But can’t say the same for the grind.
  9. I use chrome and checked also on safari sidebars were broken for me too
  10. Welcome to Los Santos
  11. Call of duty black ops killzone trilogy infamous 1
  12. I think there should be a progress tracker and an option to delete some games but with a limit like 3 per year.
  13. Abzû I really enjoyed this one. It Was a good experience
  14. I am not sure but I think my first game was tekken 6 it came with the PS3. I also bought FIFA 10 the same day. Good old days...