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  1. For hidden gems not already mentioned, I recommend checking out Death Mark and The House in Fata Morgana.
  2. I am having this same issue. No matter what I do, that enemy seems to show up and then my character will fail to jump the wall.
  3. I always buy games physically unless it either a physical copy wasn't made in my region or it's completely digital-only. The Vita is no exception to that for me!
  4. Hi there everyone! I've lurked here for ages but never actually singed up until now, and I figured it would be a good idea to introduce myself! I'm Bear, and I am from Canada. I really love my Vita ever since I got it many years ago! It's nice to be earning trophies again! I'm a HUGE visual novel enthusiast, so it's awesome to see a bunch of them coming to Playstation systems! I love seeing some of my favourites like Death Mark come to the west and get a translation since it means more people can enjoy them! I started playing on it again this year on a new account since my original one was in the wrong region (I lived elsewhere briefly when I got my Vita and didn't realize the one account/one region thing until it was too late :/) and I am enjoying replaying some old favourites while earning trophies again! I also enjoy playing older games on my PS2 and other handhelds from time to time, especially any sort of 3D platformer, and I also love the Nintendo Switch and physical game collecting! I tend to play a lot of rhythm games, platformers, RPGs, and old-school adventure games, but I will have fun playing almost anything! I’m also a gigantic Pokemon fan too! Glad to be here!