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  1. (deleted)
  2. I wonder if setting DLC = Off will make a difference. I've read that Inca Vessel, Inca Mask, Inca Cup, Inca Figurine are available only in DLC maps. If you obtained those already, then maybe playing on non-DLC maps will increase the chances of obtaining the non-DLC treasures?
  3. The only online players are boosting players, so you probably won't see them if you connect without coordinating with other players beforehand. There is a very active boosting community at Uncharted boost Discord server and it's active 24 hours/day right now.
  4. Fortunately, the store made a correction. It now says:
  5. I would follow the guideline written here. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Boosting Guide
  6. I should also mention Discord. I still encounter players who ask, "What is Discord?" and I have to spend time explaining why Discord is much better than spamming my PSN mailbox with PSN group messages.
  7. Assassin's Creed III: 100% and Assassin's Creed Revelations: 100% This is part of my attempt to 100% all the PS3 Assassins Creed titles. I started playing them in 2012, but finally got around to completing some of them. I have a few more to go. For Assassins Creed III, the Original Gamer trophy, especailly winning the game of Fanorona, was daunting, but after some practice and luck, I was able to win. Completing the Wolfpack game to get the Wolves for Lambs trophy was also tough, but after practicing on Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag's Wolfpack, which was much more generous, I was able to go back to AC3 and win the Wolfpack there. For Assassin's Creed Revelations, the Impress Warren Vidic (Complete the Animus testing sequence without failing) and the Cross Styx without Dying trophies were the toughest and took me multiple tries to get done. I did have fun with the Wolves for Lambs trophy, but I did not enjoy the time spent getting the Impress Warren Vidic trophy. I'm sure if you've played these games, you might agree! Let me know if you feel differently! 😜
  8. I will resist the most obvious aspect of your trophies, which is something to do with your PSN id. 😜 However, the broader point it is that you've achieved trophies across platforms (Vita, PS3, PS4) and regions (EU, NA, AS, JP) which shows super dedication. 😮
  9. I hear so many negative posts about Adam's Venture. I think I may have purchased this, thinking, it looks like a poor version of Uncharted. But is it that bad? Would I regret even starting it? Are the trophies easy/difficult/impossible to achieve?
  10. Am I the only who doesn't mind trophies that require online cooperation? Yes, it requires a bit more work than single-player trophies. Yes, it's a pain, since it's not under your control. Yes, you have to come online and coordinate, organize, cajole, convince people to work with you, get the timezones rights, deal with randoms, deal with server instabilities. I used to hate those. But you know what .... after participating and running some of the boosting sessions, there is a nice social aspect where you end a successful session with a sense of pride at having accomplished something together as a team, something you could never do alone, and everyone is thanking each other, and everyone is offering to help with other trophies, even though they've already got some of those trophies. That part of the experience is growing on me. Maybe I am becoming less anti-social as I grow older. Who knows. Am I alone in this? Aren't we online at psnprofiles precisely because we can talk to each other about our gaming experience and also setup boosting sessions?
  11. For me, the game that is the most daunting Platinum is EA Sports Active 2. Ok, you're probably thinking, what, dude, a friggin fitness game, for crying out loud?! Well, let me tell you. Most of the game's trophies are actually pretty easy to achieve, some with even simple clock changing hacks. But you quickly come to the realization that there are three trophies that require you to run/ride/skate 1000km in-game. I suspect the developers mis-estimated the enormity of the challenge they created. If they had used 100km instead of 1000km, that would've still been a formidable but achievable challenge. For 1000km, it's estimated that EACH trophy will take 70-100 hours of real exercise to do. Multiply that by 3. Even worse, the in-game tracker for this is a simple progress bar with no numbers, which doesn't seem to move until you've spent maybe 10 hours of in-game time and then it seems to marginally move. And this is a fitness game, where you have to actually, physically do the exercises, with electronic devices strapped to both of your arms and a leg to track your movements. There is no turbo controller workaround. There is no boosting session. There is just you and the machine and you have to physically work at this. But wait, there's more. Worst of all, the trophies are glitched since there is only a limited number of exercise sessions that the game can keep track of, and starts to delete old sessions to keep itself within this limit. I kid you not. So if you happen to do short sessions, you will LOSE your progress. Of course, most people don't know this unless they've read the sad stories in various forums. The only workaround is always do an exercise session that lasts at least an hour. Who would ever want to get these insane glitched trophies? Well, there is a very small group of people in the world who have actually achieved this Platinum and there is a shared sense of pride, shame, exhaustion, disbelief and a simple WTF-ness of this community. I am not part of that community .... yet. Call me a masochist or call me insane. I will get these trophies. At worst, I'll get a good workout. Maybe. Check with me in about a year. I may have given up. Wish me luck. I may be dead from exhaustion or I may be in a great shape. Something will happen.
  12. This is a slightly different topic, but has anyone been surprised by a server shutdown? Very old games, with not a lot of user community, getting shutdown, I can understand. But when Portal 2 was shutdown, I was flabbergasted. It was not old. It was popular. Valve had a good community reputation. But none of that mattered, and now the online trophies are unobtainable. This made me sad, of all the server shutdowns.
  13. I too have been using the "YaPSNapp", on Android. It's better than the Android "PS Trophies" app that I used to use. I also use the Discord app, and when I'm forced to, the PS App and the PS Messages app, but only to manage PSN friends, but I almost always steer my friends to use a Discord channel for in-game discussions.
  14. I would like to get ObsiEez's Infamous platinum since collecting 100% shards eluded me in 2011, and I have yet to go back to it. However, I am also very impressed with the Terraria platinum since I hear so many horror stories about its difficulty/grind. Major kudos.
  15. Like first-person shooter/adventure games. Good job on Black Ops platinum! I also noticed that Dex Fragg likes to post multiple times on this thread. :-)