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  1. Yes i have created three profiles it can become very addictive. This profile is my second one but i do not use it anymore only for this site because i am a premium member. I will be staying with my third psn account as i am happy with the psn id and i have worked quite hard on the games i have completed. If you feel the need to ditch your current profile then do what makes you happy and content.
  2. Unfortunately you can't transfer online/ranking stats for RDR. Only GTA V online, not to sure about single player stats for GTA V.
  3. Save up enough money to buy a plane ticket to visit Parkers game room, ah nostalgia.
  4. Windows Vista.
  5. Resistance 3
  6. A Lot of Cheddar Spend a total of $200 million across all three characters. 1 day ago in Grand Theft Auto V 13.01% RARE
  7. It came from some where.
  8. Hey hows it going and welcome to PSNP, hows your new edition to the family (PS4) what is Playroom like it looks interesting and you have KZ-SF very nice indeed if i say so myself. Anyway happy gaming have a good one and enjoy the site the community here are good i have had no major problems except the people that stalk me, Just joking enjoy.
  9. No i did not hit my PS3 goals i came to the PS3 party rather late so there are a lot of games i would like to play, mostly exclusives and there are some multiplatform games i would like to play before go i next generation but like i said mostly exclusives so that's my main goal.
  10. Fallout 3 and Skyrim (the complete editions) are on my gaming list of most important games to play on my PS3 before i move on to the PS4.
  11. What is Dial Up? Just joking Dial Up, wow Blast from the past, do i remember those days 1 week just to download a movie whilst PC is on 24/7 then you go play the movie and the quality is up to Sh salt. I don't think Sony would make a stupid move like that with the trophies.
  12. Samsung Galaxy Express 4G first smart phone, made the switch from a Nokia C2-01 in September it was a fathers day gift.
  13. Hey welcome to PSNP, PS Plus is well worth the money lots of free games. What's your favourite Role Playing Game. Enjoy the site and keep those trophies syncing.
  14. I would have to say The Last Of Us, Naughty Dog truly created an amazing game that i enjoyed from start to finish and even playing it four times just to get the difficulty trophies did not hamper the experience. I would have to say it was one of the best games i have ever played and i can't wait till Naughty Dog releases the single player DLC and for that matter a future release of a second game for the The Last Of Us on the PS4. Beyond Two Souls for me was not as good as The Last Of Us but they are totally two different games with two different styles of game-play, but i still enjoyed Beyond Two Souls thoroughly and the concept that David Cage and the team from Quantic Dream was very intriguing that about life and death and the reality that us humans live in and the reality of what is beyond death was very unique and the ability to use Aiden in conjunction with Jodie made the experience even better. I am hoping with the PS4 that Quantic Dream create something different from that of Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls with a different style of game-play. Have a good one, happy gaming.