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  1. @everyone SERVERS ARE BACK!!!
  2. I also know that kind of guy the OP is talking about. He's toxic. This guy creates alt accounts to join sessions. Sadly if you block him it can't be avoided that he joins a public in game lobby. We are having issues with that guy for some weeks now aswell. Last thing I've heard from him was "I'm gonna follow you till death." I'm not gonna call out a name here aswell. But I'd like to so every member here can avoid to join a session of that guy. And yes, it's been already reported to the Moderator here on psnp. But they said they can't do nothing.
  3. In that case yes. "All Rounded" can still be done after reaching level 55. But since some game modes servers are really empty I advise you to at least boost the game modes. It doesn't take long and you should be able to manage a day where all of you can play like 1-2 hours max for that one. 😁
  4. Yes you could boost in Wolfpack alone. But since you are 4 just use this method: This way you will be 3 times faster gaining the XP 👍🏻
  5. Just go for the XP boost first. If you got 4 players just use the bench boost method. As soon as you unlock any new weapons or perks make sure you equip them and use them. Just go down the list and you will be golden. "All Rounded" will pop up automatically on your way to lvl 55. So don't worry about this one. You can also use every perk in Wolfpack mode except *bodyguard*. For that you need at least a second player as your pursuer.
  6. As no one mentioned this before: Yes, you still need either another player with NAT 1 type or another console in the same network as you (like an alt account)
  7. I will keep that in mind for future reference. Thanks for making your points clear. 👍🏻 I know the thing about putting everything in rules and stuff. Moderating is sometimes hard on any devices 😀 I'll see if the problems will be solved that way. 👍🏻🙂
  8. Understand 👍🏻 But I can't put a time in if for exapmle I need 8 players but just have 3 atm. I need the others to talk about a time for everyone. So that's a hard thing to handle. Hope you understand that point. 🙂 I'm using this side for some years now. First of all I think it's good that you guys want to avoid these gaining members people. I ran into 3 or 4 of them back in the days. Then some of us decided to create a server where we can really help others. That way everyone has his games he is in charge of. And I just post about games I am leading. No one really likes to join a session and nothing happens. I completely understand. We all came into this. I just hope this misunderstanding can be done that the session don't get deleted in the future. That's why I asked here what it was about. Thanks for explaining your decision. 👍🏻 EDIT: By the way. I reopened my deleted sessions earlier today. If something is wrong about them, maybe you could just tell what exact to change instead of deleting. That would help everyone. 🙂
  9. I'm not unhappy with the rules. But they talk about rules that don't exist. That's stupid acting as mod. (Generally, nothing personal) I'm mod myself on some groups and servers. If I'd do it that way.. I would not wonder why people are complaining and be frustrated if I do whatever I want without holding to the rules. Just because I don't mention I host doesn't mean I don't host. OK, maybe I can mention that in the future if you want. No problem at all. 👍🏻 I just didn't saw that this is necessary so I didn't wrote that. 😉 And yes, I repost sessions when people are done and some still in need. So the sessions go on and everyone can continue. The fact that I have 100% doesn't mean I don't continue hosting in the future. 😀
  10. Maybe this is a bad statement to some people. I understand when people think that. I want to help. Yes, I use my server. But as said no one is forced to join or stay. If I would get money from Discord or something that would be another point. But I do this for free in my personal free time. I just can't stand people that are taking my benefits for their own. Easy as it is. What they do afterwards idc. If they decide to help others too and use my method. Fine. But don't take mine and use it on their own. And yes, my self benefit is the good feeling that I helped another guy. 👍🏻
  11. Well, talking from mod to mod: I think you should read your own server rules again. 😉 2 other mods said the session text is fine. So it's obviously your personal problem. I just don't know why. Is that the way you guys work here? Everyone is doing his own thing and demand on rules that are not written? 🤔
  12. Okay, I see the way you think here. But most of the sessions I saw here just say time and date is a placeholder. You'd have to delete them all. So this is no point for deleting imo. (: And if I boost via Discord, PSN or whatever should not matter as long as I help the people get what they need if you ask me. Back in the days that was the main priority for this side. I mean: If they got their trophies done, no one forces them to stay on a Discord server. They all can leave on their own. (; Me personally I don't care about an amount of members on a server. I just want enough people for a session. 😀 And you can always ask how a session works. I expect people to do something to get my help, be an active part and not just take your trophy and go away. If someone doesn't want to join because he 'needs' details he is always free to create his own sessions. No one gets forced to join mine. 👀 Well no one is forcing you yo join these sessions. You can just create your own and share your boosting method. That's a free decision for everyone. (:
  13. The reason is that I want to put this message as short as possible. Cause most of the people don't want to read a book. And I don't want to write MY boosting method there so others can steal it. I think this is understandable. 😀
  14. OK then thanks for now. 👍🏻 Seems like I can only hope the person see this and can give an explanation to me. 👀 But with that method you guys are loosing members. I'm sure nobody wants that. 😅
  15. Is there a way to see who deleted it or to talk to him then? Somehow? 🤔