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  1. #69 (nice) - Splatterhouse - Make the Voices Stop "Unlocked all other trophies." PSNP Platinum - 12.49%, Overall Platinum - 5.0% Overview I vaguely remember Splatterhouse's release back in the ye olde days of 2010 and I also remember the critical reception it got, and it wasn't good. I would've been twelve at the time, and I was just getting into my "I'm so mature I wish to not play such debaucherous pieces of mindless "entertainment" and only wish to be enriched by highly complex experiences," phase and wrote it off. Kinda wish I didn't considering I had a mini heart attack trying to get this game at a price that wouldn't leave me without other things in my budget like food and rent, but fortunately I got lucky. Not terribly sure what possessed me to try and grab Splatterhouse specifically but it looked like a bloody good time and I've become increasingly dismissive of critical reception so here we are. I will say that I'm really glad I did, and this game taught me that if I wanted to do Beta stuff like "think" or "show empathy" I should turn it off and play BioCuck or God of Soy 2018. Seriously though, I understand why some people aren't a fan of this one, especially considering this style of gameplay was really common when it came out, but it was almost refreshing to play in 2021. Game Difficulty - 4/10 The game isn't terribly good at explaining its mechanics at the beginning of the game ie when you need to know most, and there are some sections near the end that resemble the smell and texture of bovine waste, for lack of a better term, but for the most part it's pretty smooth sailing. After unlocking "Oh Heck You're Gonna Die So Bad" difficulty or whatever it's called I barely noticed the difference bar like two sections, though this game does have a NG+ feature which helps. Trophy Difficulty - 3.5/10 The list is very simple and you'll complete the overwhelming majority of it just by beating the game two times, which as I mentioned isn't too hard. The only trophy that might give people some issue is 'Jason Schmason' as the arenas required to beat it can take twenty plus minutes, and if you die you go all the way back. Perfectly doable with a little practice however. Game Enjoyment - 8/10 I'll be honest, I see the bugs. I see the repetitive combat, small enemy variety, the clearly unfinished ending, the boatload of cut content due to this game's troubled development and this game's weird tendency to take 5-10 seconds after you killed all the enemies to let you proceed to the next area, but I just don't care. I found the combat entertaining and punchy, the voice acting utterly superb, the soundtrack just perfect (mostly, being a big metal guy there's a tonne of great licensed tracks here, but a couple not-so-great ones. You know who you are ) and a length that feels just right. I didn't think "Oh GOD," when I had to go through the game a second time, but just felt glad that I had another reason to give it a go. It's not without it's faults but I must say it was a great time. Also the original three Splatterhouse arcade games are here to play, just as a nice bonus! Trophy Enjoyment - 7/10 Like I said it's a very simple list and you'll be doing most of the actions required to complete it just by playing through it twice. However there are trophies like 'Happy Ending?' which ask you to gather all of the game's collectables, but these collectables are pretty easy to find and are, uhh, pretty incentivising to get by themselves. The arena trophies were also a nice change of pace. Overall nothing too great but completely inoffensive.
  2. Kingdom Come: Deliverance, because whilst I absolutely love the idea of that game I am afraid that my brain isn't large enough to comprehend all the mechanics.
  3. #68 - Skylanders Spyro's Adventure - True Portal Master "Unlock all other trophies." PSNP Platinum - 8.03%, Overall Platinum - 1.2% Well, Skylanders, who remember these things? I remember when you couldn't escape them and ever kid under 13 owned some (except me because I was, y'know, so cool), there was annual releases across every imaginable platform, a Netflix show, a trading card game, a garbage barge's worth of merchandise and probably a go karting spinoff in there somewhere, and then poof, just disappeared, at least mostly. But hey, this is the cycle of any popular Activision title (Guitar Hero says "hi") and Skylanders is no different. Now I was what most people would consider a little outside of the age bracket for this game when it came out but after a few years I decided to pick it up on Xbox 360 on the cheap to see what the fuss was about. I thought it was okay and left it at that. Then, 6 years later, 22 year old me saw a big bundle of figures and the first two games for pretty cheap and thought I'd give it another shot, and I was genuinely quite surprised. This is no masterpiece but if I was 8 or so when this game came out I'd totally be a sucker for it (hell, I was for U.B. Funkies, if anyone remembers them). Difficulty - 3/10 Whilst I am nothing short of ashamed to admit that there was a single moment in the search for this platinum trophy of a children's video game where I actually got frustrated, namely 'Tag me if you can! " and it's annoying tendency to send you back to the beginning of its respective level if you fail, but the rest of this game is an absolute breeze. Not in a boring way however, least not that I find. Game Enjoyment - 7.5/10 An actually pretty fun, albeit simplistic adventure game with an engaging gameplay loop and satisfying progression marred by a predatory monetisation scheme (not that it matters to me anymore, now that Skylanders are dirt cheap), repetitive level design and characters that do NOT know when to shut up. I guess we have something in common. Trophy Enjoyment - 7/10 A pretty straightforward list with some lightly challenging, level specific trophies sprinkled in to mix things up. Nothing to write home about but nothing to tear your hair out at (mostly) either. All in all a solid platinum to obtain and one that I'm almost entirely not ashamed to display! I'm sure I'll do Giants soon.
  4. Oh God, why... Please note that I did not spend £30 on this, the only thing I had to give up was my dignity. Also fun fact, because this copy came with a download code for the (now delisted) DLC I figured I'd grab it. Upon redemption my PS3 completely crashed and I had to perform one of those hard drive safety checks to make sure nothing got corrupted. I haven't even put the disc in the console and I'm already getting game breaking bugs. Well played Ride to Hell, well played.
  5. Splatterhouse I'm willing to give anything a chance despite this game's mediocre critical reception, and this looked like a pretty fun time in a mindless kinda way so I thought "why the hell not" and figured I'd give it a go. Plus it seems to have some bangers on the OST.
  6. Gonna have to agree that the BFV & Stranded Deep rumour is more likely, especially with the new Battlefield announcement right around the corner. With Disco only being a month-ish old and Godfall not even on PS4 (yet) it just seems kinda hopeful. Then again I doubt many people expected FFVIIR (even if it is technically a lesser version) but May is like, 4 days away, so we'll see soon enough. Our patience will (hopefully) be rewarded.
  7. First time doing something like this, so think I'm gonna give it a go. My game will be The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope. I can't go terribly into why without massive spoilers (which I'll save for when I've platinum-ed it), but it deals with themes of trauma and forgiveness so I feel it's pretty appropriate. This subject, like a lot of you here, means a lot to me. I have a lot of personal issues which have been exacerbated by my prolonged isolation from people and the majority of the real world (about 10+ years) but I've fortunately managed to get at least a bit better thanks to the internet and meeting likeminded individuals there. Mental illness is a very wide spectrum, and having recently witnessed the consequences and reactions to Alzheimer's and schizophrenia in my family and friends respectively, it is something that will always need to be taken more seriously. By the medical industry, by those closest to you and by society at large. Playing a videogame for awareness may not inherently seem like a lot, but it's a +1 more than what many, many people are doing, and whilst I don't have the financial stability to make a large donation I will do my best to put my money where my mouth is. Good luck all, and I look forward to seeing all those platinums pop!
  8. The only podcast I really listen to with any consistency is CastleSuperBeast. If you want to listen to a reasonable man endure the opinions of a charming albeit terminally wrong man, even when they agree, I'd recommend it a lot. They mostly talk about videogames, but there's other stuff in there too.
  9. Siren Blood Curse I've wanted to play this game for absolutely years and after the PS3 store shutdown scare lit a fire under my ass I managed to get a cheap-ish copy (about £40) on eBay. Unfortunately this game was released in that unthinkable dark age when PS3 games weren't required to have trophies which is always a bit of a bummer, hooooooowever horror games were so sparse during the 7th gen of consoles I'm more than happy to give it a go regardless. If I'm actually honest I got Lollipop Chainsaw after Siren Blood Curse however I thought that having the same game twice in a row would be a bit boring, haha. Good find, especially a brand new one!
  10. Seconding this, if your friend is also interested in getting 'Exhaulted Reputation ' this will make the grind quite a bit easier as you both earn medals when you kill a boss together and seeing how this game is over 18 months old I imagine waiting around to join randoms might take a while. If you go for it be sure to hook up a podcast or Spotify playlist or something because hoo boy is it tedious. Good luck!
  11. #67 - BioShock 2 Remastered - Platinum Trophy "Unlocked All Trophies" PSNP Completion - 20.26%, Overall Completion - 3.2% Damn, I actually got this one (almost) completely by accident. Figured I'd turn Vita-Chambers off for 'Big Brass Balls ' and thought "Well if I wanted to platinum this in the future I've gotten the hardest part out of the way," but aside from going out of my way for '9-Irony ' due to playing this game back in the day on Xbox 360 I ended up nabbing every other one just by playing. Admittedly part of this is due to BioShock 2's linearity in comparison to the first but considering a lot of the trophies are geared towards exploring every nook and cranny of what is there I'd say it just proves how well BioShock 2 has held up and, in my opinion, is the best BioShock game. Difficulty - 3/10 Yeah if you want to get the platinum in one playthrough you have to both A: Play the game on hard and B: Play without what are essentially checkpoints but hard honestly isn't that difficult with the right loadout and whilst no Vita-Chambers seems daunting at first you soon realise you can manually save and that almost entirely negates their purpose. I'd argue finding enough audio logs for their respective trophy is the hardest part if you don't have the keenest of eyes. Enjoyment - 9/10 I always liked BioShock 2 and it seems that appreciation has grown with time. Don't get me wrong, I like all the BioShock games, even Infinite, but I think BioShock 2 has the most refined gameplay, the most consistently quality (albeit more simple) narrative and of course, the most enjoyable platinum to obtain. Now it's just a matter of getting everything done in the DLCs!