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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if they cut "Farewell" out at the last minute in order to sell as download content and just forgot to change the trophy for it to something else.
  2. There have been so many reasons why people have bought or not bought games in the past. I care in this instance because I find it extremely dubious that someone on a site that exists because of trophies, and therefore caters to them, would talk so negatively about people wanting trophies. That is what looks illogical to me. As I mentioned before, I don't see how anyone here is in a position to be criticizing others for wanting trophies. If the game doesn't meet sales expectations, then that's a problem on Sega's end. They would clearly need to do a better job with the game. People are only going to buy a game if it provides them what they're looking for. And you're not going to be able to force people to buy games for the reasons you want them to.
  3. It seems more like you have missed my point. Who decides what is significant or not? You? Why is it illogical to buy a video game for the reason you want? You actually think the developers care who the "real fans" are? I don't think you, or anyone else posting here, is in any position to say who is crazy.
  4. What I don't understand is the "It's sad that people don't think like I do or do what I do" people that inevitably show up in these threads. Does it really matter if random people buy games for a different reason than you do?
  5. Isn't this the Capcom standard?
  6. Anyone that refers to themselves as "master race" already looks like a fool.
  7. Super Stardust HD.
  8. I used to play it every day. I'm especially fond of my memories of Ludibrium.
  9. They have yet to announce a specific date, but supposedly Black Cat will be the first character released.
  10. From what I've read, unbinding a legendary item will reset all of the experience added to it.
  11. Good luck with the online trophies. Even five years ago it was difficult.
  12. I also had a good laugh out of that.
  13. Why would you want to pay for something that ultimately makes no difference, especially when you have the option to not only research the game before you buy it, but also to play it on an alternate account if you're still so unsure, which completely avoids the situation.
  14. I'm clearly aware of how the system works. My entire point was that people seem to be asking for inconsistency.
  15. No, it doesn't. There are already people on this site that haven't earned a single trophy in games that basically give you one immediately. I don't see the logic in their addition being valid simply because someone added their PSN ID to the database here, yet it "makes sense" to not include similar users because they don't know this site exists. It also doesn't make sense to endorse the original calculation of the rarity of download content trophies, saying that's how Sony calculates them, while not using Sony's rarity stats in general. One would think it would be optimal to have the most accurate stats available, yet some people seem to want the exact opposite. Very strange.