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  1. No. One of the Kickstarter stretch goals was a separate "retro" game. That's what Curse of the Moon is.
  2. Your response wasn't about trophies though. It was about people.
  3. That doesn't really have anything to do with the trophy system. It's just am issue with humans that you're bound to experience.
  4. Hopefully they will show gameplay soon, as it seems very promising so far. I'd love for it to play like Muramasa or any similar game.
  5. If there was a limited amount of space for games, you'd have a good point. Considering there basically is no limit, the store cannot be "clogged".
  6. In all my time using the PSN, I've never had to search for a game. I read about games on sites like this, so I've never needed to search for anything, as I already know what I'm looking for.
  7. These threads are silly. Does it really matter if games like this are available? Why would anyone need Sony to basically tell them whether or not a game is worth buying?
  8. I've been really looking forward to this game as well. Fortunately I only heard about it when it was posted on the PS blog, so it hasn't been too long of a wait. It feels like this game will be closer to Castlevania than any of the other "Metroidvanias" that are around. So as long as the game isn't glitched/bugged, I will be playing it.
  9. Step 1: Take enough time to think about a username that would appeal to you. Step 2: Take more time, as that username is already taken.
  10. Nope. The only reason I could ever imagine wanting to do this is if someone else accessed my account and added trophies to it. Otherwise, I'm choosing to play these games, so there's no reason why they would need to be removed.
  11. Plants vs Zombies had a standard physical release for the PS3, but it doesn't have a platinum trophy.
  12. From what I read back during the "YLoD" days, not only will it happen again even if you get it fixed, but it will most likely be sooner, rather than later. I don't think there is a specific time frame though. It actually happened to my first PS3, but I never bothered to get it fixed since it seemed so unreliable. At the time, the second version of the PS3 had been out long enough that I felt it was safe to buy that one instead. At this stage, it would make even more sense to buy a new PS3 if you just want to continue playing on a PS3, since it'd cost much less.
  13. I completely agree with this. It actually is a bit odd that most people don't seem to consider this a skill, especially when you look at such trophies on this site, and you see that many people don't get them.
  14. I can tell the difference, but I do feel that they're too similar in color. Bronze trophies should be a little darker. While on the subject, I've always felt the same way about this site concerning the platinum shade for games in which we've earned the platinum trophy. Someone created a Stylish theme that makes it darker though, so at least there's that.
  15. Nope. I enjoy exploring and seeing what the world has to offer.