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  1. Plants vs Zombies had a standard physical release for the PS3, but it doesn't have a platinum trophy.
  2. From what I read back during the "YLoD" days, not only will it happen again even if you get it fixed, but it will most likely be sooner, rather than later. I don't think there is a specific time frame though. It actually happened to my first PS3, but I never bothered to get it fixed since it seemed so unreliable. At the time, the second version of the PS3 had been out long enough that I felt it was safe to buy that one instead. At this stage, it would make even more sense to buy a new PS3 if you just want to continue playing on a PS3, since it'd cost much less.
  3. I completely agree with this. It actually is a bit odd that most people don't seem to consider this a skill, especially when you look at such trophies on this site, and you see that many people don't get them.
  4. I can tell the difference, but I do feel that they're too similar in color. Bronze trophies should be a little darker. While on the subject, I've always felt the same way about this site concerning the platinum shade for games in which we've earned the platinum trophy. Someone created a Stylish theme that makes it darker though, so at least there's that.
  5. Nope. I enjoy exploring and seeing what the world has to offer.
  6. Video games. I've always enjoyed playing them, and despite what some people seem to think, you get trophies simply by playing your video games. It wouldn't be enjoyable if I were buying games only to hardly play them.
  7. I have the general idea, but I'm not completely sure of the beginning of the path. I had already tried to get to the crystals via those "little paths" that you mentioned, but it was blocked off by an ice hill and there isn't a warthog-like animal to help you up there. There must be another path I'm not seeing, so if you do have some screenshots, I'd appreciate it. Edit: OK, I finally found the way. My issue was that I missed the transparent beings by the waterfall the few times I was over there. Thanks.
  8. Also, this is the location when looking from the map:
  9. Do you recall how to get these two crystals? They're the last two that I need, but I can't seem to get near them no matter which angle I'm using.
  10. Here's to playing whichever games you want, however you want, and for the reasons you want, regardless of what people online say you should be doing.
  11. Any game can have a platinum trophy. I think there are a few examples of that.
  12. How it works should be decided by the developer. There are many easy games out there, many difficult games, and many in between. I'm glad the developer at least put thought into how it would work.
  13. Brotherhood is at least in the discussion for me, if not the winner. I'd say Role Model was the worst one for me. I was lucky enough to find someone that was great with boosting, but I still failed the first two times trying to get it. On the third attempt, I needed one more bonus and went for an air assassination with just a few seconds left, and somehow missed. Thankfully I reacted quickly and thought to try a poison kill, which earned me the trophy. I'll always wonder if I would have ever earned it if I hadn't gotten it then. Silent Hill: Book of Memories is another one, because of the same reason as Brotherhood; online trophies. It being a Vita game that didn't seem to sell very well meant it was going to be difficult to accomplish. Light Heal Us requires four people, so that's the worst one. The first group I managed to find ended up with the first person leaving as soon as he earned his trophies, leaving the rest of us stranded. Thankfully I was able to get it eventually though. For an offline trophy, I'd probably go with The Hikikomori from Cross Edge. That requires getting basically everything in the game, and it takes much too long, as the trophy description even states. Although I earned that trophy nearly eight years ago, I can still somewhat feel it...
  14. It has been this way since the beginning. I was never sure why they disabled trophy notifications in videos/streams, and was also surprised that it wasn't brought up more often.
  15. I think it makes complete sense that a consumer wouldn't want to see a "monetization" method that they aren't in favor of. If it actually makes enough of a profit, it'll obviously become standard practice.