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  1. I would definitely like to see another game. Besides the lack of bosses, I really enjoyed the second game.
  2. Looks like all of the difficult tasks were brought over. I've never earned Excalibur II, Athlete Queen, or skipped rope 1,000 times. I've most likely defeated over 10,000 enemies across all my play throughs of this game though. There are a lot of "missable" trophies here as well.
  3. Interesting. I wouldn't have thought you'd have two hours to work with.
  4. There's no reason why they can't disable trophies once cheats are activated, but unless they've received a lot of feedback regarding the issue, I don't have any hope that it will be any different for IX. I would definitely need to find some tips, as I've cleared IX over 20 times and I'm still not sure how it would be done. Actually, on one play through where the in-game clock was over 90 hours, I decided to see if Excalibur II would be available once the clock went over 99. It does indeed change color, and does not spawn Excalibur II.
  5. I've never earned Excalibur II or skipped 1,000 times, so either one would most likely stop me from getting the platinum trophy. From what I've read, VII has similar cheats and they do not disable trophies, so I imagine IX will be no different.
  6. Obviously it won't be. The game couldn't have 85 trophies, even if they were all bronze. I'm definitely interested to see if Excalibur II is one that will be ported over.
  7. Apparently some people haven't heard or deduced yet, but yes, you're correct. For quite awhile now, it has been up to the developers whether or not their game has a platinum trophy:
  8. Censorship never makes sense, and still finds ways of becoming more ridiculous. A great example... I find it very difficult to believe that any sane person could look at the image on the right and deem it "inappropriate" and then look at the image on the left and think that it's "suitable". Yet this is the type of behavior that we continue to see. Why is this accepted as necessary? Why do this at all? No one ever has a logical answer.
  9. So as I originally said; extortion.
  10. If they were actually trying to help these companies, there would be no reason for them to start these "negotiations" in public; rather they would just contact them directly. The fact that they do this all in public and demand that the companies go to them tells me they want something.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if they cut "Farewell" out at the last minute in order to sell as download content and just forgot to change the trophy for it to something else.
  12. There have been so many reasons why people have bought or not bought games in the past. I care in this instance because I find it extremely dubious that someone on a site that exists because of trophies, and therefore caters to them, would talk so negatively about people wanting trophies. That is what looks illogical to me. As I mentioned before, I don't see how anyone here is in a position to be criticizing others for wanting trophies. If the game doesn't meet sales expectations, then that's a problem on Sega's end. They would clearly need to do a better job with the game. People are only going to buy a game if it provides them what they're looking for. And you're not going to be able to force people to buy games for the reasons you want them to.
  13. It seems more like you have missed my point. Who decides what is significant or not? You? Why is it illogical to buy a video game for the reason you want? You actually think the developers care who the "real fans" are? I don't think you, or anyone else posting here, is in any position to say who is crazy.
  14. What I don't understand is the "It's sad that people don't think like I do or do what I do" people that inevitably show up in these threads. Does it really matter if random people buy games for a different reason than you do?