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  1. Probably Kingdom Hearts II.
  2. I've noticed it as well. Most of my difficult trophies are from the PS3 era or early PS4 era.
  3. You are just wasting your time contradicting yourself like this.
  4. There will always be a legion of people that will accept anything as long as they're still getting whatever it is that gives them their fix. They will only care once their own fix is taken away.
  5. If the change is so minor, then why would there have been any backlash? This is just more proof how ridiculous censorship is.
  6. It doesn't matter how "minor" you think it is. People are against censorship, and for good reason. Trying to find varying degrees of it that you're willing to accept renders the whole issue pointless.
  7. You cannot reason with the "who carez" crowd. If someone doesn't understand simple concepts such as integrity or freedom, then you're just wasting your time trying to explain why censorship is wrong.
  8. I gathered that. After seeing the trophy list for the game, I was wondering what would cause anyone to need help.
  9. What's not hard to figure out is point and click games that have a quick and easy solution.
  10. Ah, of course. How silly of me.
  11. If it's "quick and easy", why would one need a video walkthrough?
  12. Something else worth mentioning is that, contrary to what some people think, players would complete games even before the PS3 era. It wasn't exactly unheard of for someone to complete everything in an RPG on the PS2. Many of the Disgaea games have a higher rate on PSN. No doubt some of them are cheaters, but I'm sure there are a few that just aren't using this site, too.
  13. You could have just said, "I see this the second way".