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  1. Sony "gave up" on Japan awhile ago when mobile took over.
  2. As I said, it gives you a better idea. Not the complete picture.
  3. People still haven't realized that the trophy difficulty rating system is useless. Nearly every game gets around a 3. I've seen people try to argue Silent Hill 2 is a 3. Checking the platinum trophy rarity will give you a better idea as to how difficult a game is, as opposed to reading "3/10" over and over again.
  4. They probably are trying to get extra publicity from this, but good for them. If only we could rely on each platform holder to respect and allow developers to release the game they want, this wouldn't be news in the first place. These video game characters will probably survive the pain.
  5. Not really. I don't know how so many people have missed this, but mobile/handheld gaming became such a huge force in Japan it caused Sony to focus more on the west. That includes catering to what they think the west wants. Everything would be the same regardless of where their main headquarters are located. It was simply logical for them to move to the US if they're going to focus their efforts into that market. Nintendo has not moved their main headquarters to CA because their main focus is not the west. Otherwise it would be the same for them, as evidenced by Nintendo of America censoring their games.
  6. You and everyone else are wasting your time arguing with these fools. Think of them like Senator McCarthy calling everyone a communist, or people in the 1600s insisting everyone around them is a witch.
  7. I feel like I might get to 10,000 trophies at some point in 2021.
  8. Cute cow is also unique to the stage, and almost as tricky to obtain.
  9. All those other games should be removed as well.
  10. You dare boast about this being better than the official site? I would, too.
  11. Cross Edge is certainly my most tedious game, although it's also fairly difficult.
  12. I'll sign up for this.
  13. What exactly is your point? I already stated it's possible that it has a platinum trophy.
  14. It could, but regardless, 21 is a low amount.
  15. Or it's useless to compare viewpoints, acting as if one is superior to the other.