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  1. Check the equipment in the store for innocents. You're bound to find equipment with a decent amount of Statisticians.
  2. If only you had posted this a month earlier, as I was also wondering about this. I didn't want to bother leveling up Viola or Manpuku, so I decided to risk it and stick to farming with Rinka. Eventually I went to check my experience count, and saw that I had 5.1M experience, so I assumed I needed to level them up as well. After about 20 minutes of leveling up Viola, the game crashed. After returning to the game, I ended up getting the trophy after one battle. At least I didn't have to bother with Manpuku.
  3. A game called 20 Ladies is releasing on November 19, as shown at around 12:02 in the following video. PlayStation is limited to a "family friendly" version called 20 Bunnies.
  4. I'll gather all the examples I can find: _______________________ ________________________________ ______________________________________
  5. That may have been me, as I like to use Hyperdevotion Noire as an example of ridiculous box art censorship. Do note this is actually all too common, so it will be quite an undertaking if you want to create a list of box art censorship. Muramasa Rebirth, Dragon's Crown Pro, Deception 4: The Nightmare Princess, and Guilty Gear Xrd all come to mind.
  6. No, I don't. Is the company somehow entitled to my money for re-releasing games I have already played? Do you realize how pathetic it is to attack and taunt someone over their opinions about trophies on a trophy hunting website? No, I suppose you don't, since you'd have to be an immature child to do something like that. I suggest you grow up.
  7. As I expected, all the games crammed into one list. What a shame, as these games have plenty of content and deserve their own lists. I'll stick with the old versions.
  8. Many people are under the impression their way is the superior way. Quite a few people on this site are no different. There's no sense in arguing with such people.
  9. You'd think that would be common sense. Someone that wins fighting game tournaments isn't going to worry about the difficulty of a fighting game. It's your average player that wants to know how difficult a game is going to be. And your average player will obviously not be anywhere near as good as someone that plays in tournaments, so such a person assigning a game "3/10" is ultimately pointless. All it does is mislead the people that the ratings are for. It has always been like this though. Every time the subject comes up, I recommend not bothering with the difficulty rating. Looking at the platinum trophy rarity will give you a better idea than "3/10" will.
  10. I would have thought this to be obvious, but people need to know a game exists before they buy it. Doesn't matter what the price is, what it contains, who made it, etc if you don't know it's available.
  11. They simply don't know how the trophy process currently works. They don't know that any developer is free to classify their game as a "large scale" game, regardless of how small it actually is, nor do they realize doing so will result in a few more sales.
  12. I've had this game on my wishlist since the day the trophy list appeared, and this is why. If they ever fix the game, I'll consider buying it.
  13. The developer has said in the past that bosses will be "optional". "First, I’m letting players adjust their own difficulty settings. Rather than choosing among an Easy, Normal, and Hard Mode, players can adjust both how much damage they do and how much enemies damage you. Second, bosses are optional. You will be rewarded for defeating them, but gone are the days where they stood in between you and the rest of the game."
  14. He made it clear enough that it's unlikely he would have the PS5 version ready. "I am going to try my best to get the PS5 version ready for launch, but that might take a bit longer since I really want to take advantage of that in-game hints system!"
  15. As it stands, you need a "cliffnotes book" to understand these inane memes. I seriously doubt the original Japanese text contains those.