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  1. It's definitely worth full price. Plenty of content for what they're asking.
  2. Probably Cross Edge. It has been nearly ten years, but I can still feel it sucking away my soul.
  3. Thanks, that works. The platinum shade is the perfect color. It really should look that way by default.
  4. I couldn't get it to work. After applying it, an exclamation point shows up on the "Dev tools" button without any changes to the site. Dark Reader probably has this issue with the site because the default color is barely visible. That's yet another issue that has been brought up many times before.
  5. Yet another reason why I mostly use True Trophies now, as they have a native dark mode. Dark Reader is not perfect on this site. It ignores the platinum shade that's given when you have the platinum trophy in a game. It shows up as black, just like a game in which you don't have the platinum trophy.
  6. I loved it, but I love Ninjago. It will probably feel like any other LEGO game if you don't like the IP it's based on.
  7. Nonsense. Before the game was released, I was told it would be simple.
  8. Both times I lost to this boss was during the final phase, as I just couldn't do enough damage to end it. The second time I even saved a Catastrophe, yet it still wasn't enough. I don't know how they were doing all that damage with Maximum Fury and normal attacks.
  9. Touhou Double Focus and The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince are both very short, but good.
  10. On hard mode I lost once against Bahamut and Ifrit, twice against The Arsenal, and around 6-7 times in various normal battles just trying to push through without healing. There were a few bosses I felt I had an easier time with when compared to normal difficulty, such as Scorpion Sentinel, Hell House, and Whisper Bahamut. Still, it felt fairly difficult. Once again I will have to disagree with the 3/10 brigade.
  11. To me, remaking a game is an opportunity to make a game better than it was. IX is my favorite of the series, but odds are the game wouldn't be any better if it were remade. It's already such a great game. That's why I would choose the worst of bunch, which for me would be VIII.
  12. I know everyone is annoyed, but for me, it was great to see the injustice of Zack dying become undone. The only real reason he was originally killed off was for the twist in Cloud's story. It never made sense that a natural first class Soldier with Zenova cells was killed by Shinra grunts (as evident by SE adding more and more of them each time they remade the scene). I would love to see him as a party member in the next game.
  13. That's all true. I would not be surprised to see games like Gato Roboto and Kunai eventually released on PS4. But I wouldn't be surprised if they never are released either. And if those games are already lost with how well the PS4 has sold, there's certainly reason to believe that the PS5 will not get as many of these games. Never mind if the PS5 does not sell as well.