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  1. The patch with the assisted mode reduces the difficulty of the no death level and 23 kills trophies quite significantly, the rest of the trophies are arguably the same. Definitely a help if you're struggling with the no death one though (which I certainly made use of!)
  2. Maquette has been one of my absolute favourite games this year so far, and I'd absolutely love to see a physical release of it. If anyone else really enjoyed this game, feel free to share your experience
  3. Hi guys, I collected all of the collectibles as part of the DLC, which I'm sure of as the trophy popped but hasn't synced with my profile. I was wondering if anyone else has had the same experience?
  4. Hi guys, currently working on this trophy list myself, and the geared up trophy is nothing short of a pain in the arse. I hit level 50 today, and I am still 50,000 coins off being able to buy all the items. I'm going to write a guide with some advice for the fastest and easiest ways to achieve this platinum, as I have spent an extensive amount of time this month going for it, and there have been very few videos/ written guides with methods for achieving some of the more tedious trophies. Can confirm that Geared Up requires all levelling unlocks. So be ready for a grind!