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  1. Someone unlocked the die will you trophy in 27 march anyone know whats up with that??
  2. Yeah i looked up the full heist on youtube and it was 7 hours. But i remember it being 9-11 hours if i remember correctly. Closing app as soon someone dies should make it not count but when someone dies via personal vehicle explosion then that has a chance to glitch it and make you need a full restart of your heist run.
  3. 100% is still obtainable its rare due to the online. The doomsday heist dlc is the hardest because of the criminal mastermind trophy requiring you to beat the whole heist in hard mode without dying. 3 times. Once with 2 people once with 3 and once with 4 and the heist takes 7 hours i think.
  4. Great hope its permanent ill check if they're still on in less than an hour and edit this post for the result Edit: still can't connect to servers
  5. I just got in the challenges can anyone else confirm if they can Edit: nevermind i cant anymore it just let me in then died minutes later
  6. Yeah they have. But didn't the pc servers get shutdown already or have a deadline? And i dont think the ps3 is affected or will be until further notice i thought it was just PC version thats shutdown
  7. I really hope online autopops. I have no problem with replaying the story 5 times over or paying for an upgrade i just dont want to redo legends 2 more times. If it's not autopop I'll still do it anyway but it will be a bit daunting
  8. It seems like a full restart. I got all online trophies again today the way they are supposed to be done and singleplayer obviously has no save transfer
  9. When i started the ps5 version i was rank 1 and my triumphs were reset i boosted the trophies normally and they popped. Just need to finish up the mp tomorrow. So there should be no problem unlocking the trophies again.
  10. Don't worry they are offline. But you still want to do NYMHC while you are familiar with the game and levels rather than leave it for months later cause it will be harder then. Goodluck
  11. If you're playing on the ps5 then your still using the ps4 version so its unlikely that it will transfer. If you want you can just wait till it comes out and replay the 2 levels you did, or just beat it on the ps4 version.
  12. Yes. But you need online servers to access it because the game cant verify if you have the dlc if you are offline so do it before the shutdown if you have the dlc. Its not that bad and its a single player challenge. And its good practice for NYMHC.
  13. If you go on deathmatch you only need 2 ( you and a freind) but you can probably find many randoms and boosting sessions so just try to join any deathmatch game then leave when you get the trophy
  14. They aren't dead you can still find games but you won't be able to get them naturally considering most players are lifers and have been playing since 2013. Also some trophies are near impossible with randoms especially the ones that require you to get multiple kills in a short time because most of the time no one will be close to eachother. Also the randoms might not even have the dlcs that are required for some trophies. I don't know how good you are at the game but if you wanna try it legit go ahead and give it a shot, but its way easier if you boost it
  15. I too enjoyed the game and felt it got too much hate. I loved the fast style gameplay and it probably had one of the best stories in an re game chris' story was emotional and awesome and i liked jake even if he was in 1 game