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  1. They aren't dead you can still find games but you won't be able to get them naturally considering most players are lifers and have been playing since 2013. Also some trophies are near impossible with randoms especially the ones that require you to get multiple kills in a short time because most of the time no one will be close to eachother. Also the randoms might not even have the dlcs that are required for some trophies. I don't know how good you are at the game but if you wanna try it legit go ahead and give it a shot, but its way easier if you boost it
  2. I too enjoyed the game and felt it got too much hate. I loved the fast style gameplay and it probably had one of the best stories in an re game chris' story was emotional and awesome and i liked jake even if he was in 1 game
  3. I know this is late and you probably already did the game but this is for whoever else sees this i had the same issue today and i found out that the game isn't compatible with ps4/5 controllers so you'll have to set your ps3 controller to port 1 then press start if that dosent work then i don't have a way to fix the issue
  4. Nice that's alot of games. If you've finished with the ps3 then the worst is already done good luck on your games
  5. I just downloaded the far cry 3 patch today. I was using the digital NA version and i got no errors so if it works for someone else then hopefully it good now
  6. Hello. So i purchased the mass effect 3 dlc recently, and from what i seen online some people have issues with having to authenticate the downloadable content via online connection every time they start the game. My question is, is it possible to play the dlc offline without having to sign in to authenticate it? I dont have issues with connection its just that I want to know if the trophies will become unobtainable if the server shutsdown because you cant access the dlc anymore
  7. Its a scorestreak like a sentry turret or combat bow or war machine
  8. Yep thank you.
  9. If you check the fastest 100% on gta 5 ps3 it is in 30 mins which is impossible also some other people have gotten gone like the wind and rank 100 quickly. I will hide gta 5 but then I will have no more strikes. But dead rising was done legit other than the glitch to unlock infinite mode which didn't affect the trophy in anyway I know it doesn't seem like it but I worked hard to get some of the trophies on my acc. I'm not the type of guy to pop trophies because they are too hard. If you check my other lists everything is 100% legit and like I said I will hide gta 5 ps3. But I just need 1 more chance please.
  10. Which game. And why?
  11. Bo2 was popped but I already hid it so it shouldn't show up gta 5 had some popped but some people have the game 100% in 30 mins and i only have a handful of them popped. And yes I did get the diamon rayman cup on vita it took me a long while though wasn't easy at all Ok I think I understand. I mean it is an in game glitch in a single player game and it doesn't pop any trophies directly all it did was unlock infinite mode and then the 7 day thing was done legit that ik sure because I was chatting with my freind using whatsapp for the whole duration of the 13 hours. Oh and also I don't have any platinums because it may seem stupid but I try to unlock the online portions of some games and the very difficult ones so later on I can come back to the games without having to worry about servers shutting down or that one really hard trophy
  12. Really? I didn't know that lol
  13. I just asked him and he says he used a glitch that involved jumping in the safehouse or something I don't know it fully and he says he can't find a vidoe guide for the glitch but he says he used it when the game was first released in Xbox 360. I haven't played the game yet just had the hard trophies out of the way by my freind but if they weren't cheated or popped then it should be find I think. Cause I mean it is possible to do low level it just takes skill I guess. And the other 2 trophies earned were some of the basic ones.
  14. Not shareplay I gave him my account info and logged in and did it. He has 100% the game in his account i asked him for help and he agreed.
  15. It says Reason: all day survivor 7 day survivor. I assume its about the 7 day survive trophy which takes about 13 hours but I had a freind do it for me and nothing was cheated the timestamps for 3 day 5 day and 7 day survivor trophy are earned within the span of 13 hours which is the time it takes to get the trophy normally