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  1. The aesthetics and absurdity of this game reminds me of Donut County (loved that game). Definitely will pick this up day one for sure 😉👍
  2. I did it the hard way, but right when the patch with the mutators went live, my buddy got the trophy that way. Gosh I hope they didn’t patch it again, that would really suck
  3. The plat is hard and time consuming for sure. thankfully the insane trophy has been made far easier. If you load up a private online match, there’s an option called mutators. This feature allows you to include buffs and debuffs to your games. Such buffs include, +50 Health to all team members, no special zombies (but more frequent hordes, shorter hordes, and regenerative equipment just to name a few. It is important to note that u have to activate the mutators after each episode u play. If u have a couple of buddies, invite them to your private online game and u folks should be able to get the trophy in no time 😊 My friend was able to get the what did u achieve trophy through the use of mutators while playing private online matches 😊
  4. Here are my rarest Plats thus far: 1.Wipeout 2048 (1.31%) 2.Lumines Remastered (2.43%) 3.Super Time Force Ultra (2.51%) 4.Rayman Legends (4.47%) 5.Rogue Galaxy (5.49%) As with most games in the series, Wipeout 2048 was incredibly challenging but both the single and multiplayer modes were an absolute blast (plus the HD collection was later added as DLC)! Lumines was also a game I simply couldn’t put down. Reminiscent of Tetris, Lumines is easy to learn but hard to master. I think I played that game for about 5-6 months and nearly gave up on the plat due to the NPC boss mode (for anyone struggling with that mode, don’t give up! I assure you it is possible to beat all the bosses in one go 😉). Super Time Force Ultra is basically a perfect blend of Contra and Prince of Persia. In other words, each character could only get hit once before perishing but you had the luxury of rewinding time. A true gem that simply did not get the attention it deserved🙃 Though quite controversial to say, Rayman Legends is the best side-scrolling platformer I’ve ever played. The controls are precise, the levels are clever and the art style is timeless. Here’s to hoping Ubisoft and Michel Ancel decide to make another 2D Rayman game Rogue Galaxy is an RPG that I always wanted to play but never could until it became available on the PS4. This JRPG aged remarkably well (but boy is the grind to max level a real test of faith 😅) Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed obtaining these five ultra rare plats. Thank you for reading and happy hunting fellow gamers
  5. Thanks for the tip! Think I’ll start up a hardcore character with the class you suggested
  6. Haha hey RLE!!! Hope u r enjoying torchlight 2! By now I’m sure u r pretty close to getting this Platinum
  7. How does one get the hardcore trophy while playing on casual? Loving this game so far btw 😉
  8. Hi! Any tips on how to do a no damage boss run will be greatly appreciated:)
  9. I really need help with insane mode 😣 So far, have been able to get all episodes of New York done on insane, with some good friends, but have been really struggling with the rest of the episodes...if anyone wants to play and knock out this insane trophy, lmk 😉
  10. Longest Platinum: Guacamelee 5 years 10 months. Truly loved this game but recalled getting frustrated with the last boss on hard mode. Once I bought guacamelee 2, I felt it was time to go back to the original masterpiece and finish the game. The boss fight actually wasn’t that bad this time around lol 😆
  11. Ok will try to contact the devs as well. Sometimes the small devs can surprise us. When I found out that the bards Tale Remastered and Resnarkled had a trophy glitch, I (and I’m sure others) wrote to Red Art Games and the devs to see if they could put out patch prior to the physical release and they actually did! So here’s to hoping this dev helps us out with Mecho Wars 😊
  12. I’ve been having this problem as well...if anyone wants to try for this trophy please contact me
  13. Finally obtained the Guacamelee platinum 😊 Not sure why I didn’t just beat the final boss on hard mode all those years ago because that was literally all I had left to do in that game 😅
  14. I’ve own a Vita since launch week and haven’t stopped playing it since. Truly the best handheld Sony has ever made hence why I’m currently working on completing my physical US collection (so close yet so far haha 😅) Viva la Vita! 😉
  15. Devil May Cry 4. Heard it’s a good game with a pretty brutal plat 🙃