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  1. I just find the wording strange, is 'poison' considered a debuff? I usually associate the term with a skill that lowers def or att or some other stat. In which case only slow would be a debuff. I'm just wondering if it's worth unlocking the weapon upgrade that extends debuff length.
  2. I watched a tutorial on Youtube (I think the channel is 'the inhuman one') , single heart lowers your damage about 4% and twin hearts about 9%.
  3. Thanks everyone, I will give finishing the game a try, I've done 3 more endless dungeon runs without finding it! At this point I don't have much left to craft and the game isn't very challenging once you have the bulk of the permanent upgrades.
  4. I'm missing the one below wrecking and wreaking ball (3rd form I guess), am I better off with endless ruins or hydrologic labs? I've been farming for about 5 hours and still haven't met this entry.
  5. So far I've gotten Bayonetta, Dead Cells and Darkest Dungeon. I'm pretty close to completing a few other games as well.
  6. The story does seem puzzling, but once you complete the game and then replay it many earlier cut scenes will make sense. I really liked it but couldn't master the battle system well enough to 100% the game. Might dust it off again someday if I can get through some of the rest of my backlog!
  7. I'm also a backer, got a message yesterday that physical copy backers will get a download code so we'll be able to play this month. Physical copies aren't expected until mid June.
  8. Somehow I missed that...backers were told we would get our copies in April but I can still wait a couple of weeks!
  9. Hey everyone, Just wondering if anyone backed The Wonderful 101 on Kickstarter and received a copy of the game yet? I backed for a physical copy and did the survey maybe 2 weeks ago, but the Platinum Games website makes it look like the company isn't really operational right just wondering if anyone else has any news on the status of the game and copies... Thanks!
  10. Load times are significantly shorter on PS4. Definitely get it on PS4. Oh and Vanquish is probably the best cover shooter of the last decade. Unless you don't like 3rd person shooters at all it's totally worth playing. That said getting the plat on is very difficult.
  11. It looks great and the combat system is a huge step up from FF15. I have to agree that pacing is really wonky and Sephiroth is introduced and reused way too much. The whole build up in the original game was lost. OST is really mixed up too. The tough 'industrial' sounds of Midgar and the slums are replaced by soft reorchestrations and the world map theme appearing in chapter 3 is completely wrong. For that matter, what's up with the slums? Everyone who lives there is all good and happy? It lacks the feeling of crippling poverty of the original game. For that matter, there's something to say about having fewer NPCs. There are a lot of NPCs that mill about and talk (too much for my taste), but none of them are memorable. Think back to the original FF7 and how striking a number of the NPCs were. The dude in the sewers living on cardboard. People searching for food or money. That said I still think that this is a positive direction overall for the franchise, which has been struggling (just IMO) for the past 5 entries.