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  1. I also ended up playing the game out of curiosity thanks to this thread and it was a good, surprisingly addicting experience (some remix bosses were unreasonably hard to beat tho). Never played any Roguelikes before so i'll definitely take your list into account the next time i find myself in the mood for more @AndresLionheart, many thanks!
  2. Sorry to hear that, collecting the final chest just to find out that the trophy hasn't popped hurts the soul This actually happened to me more than once unfortunately, one time on Ys Celceta and another two on Trails 1 and 2. I managed to find the Ys one given that you can backtrack to any area but it took me a good while, didn't have the same luck on Trails tho, so i ended up doing all over again on nightmare. For Trails 1 i missed a chest at Garrelia Fortress, it countains a Hellfire sr quartz, maybe you missed this one too? it was hidden in a very small area of the map.
  3. Late reply, but yes that should work. Just reload your iron mode run and backtrack to any boss you didn't defeated yet, after that make your way to the final boss arena and the door should open. Just don't forget to make a backup, if you die it will reset your game even if you already defeated the final boss.
  4. NFS Undercover is the one i remember the most. I was saving some money to buy a class one car (Aventador) thinking "i'll breeze through the races now", only to find out that the game became a lot harder, literally every car in a low class race was faster than mine and i could not figure out why for a long time. Then i decided to buy a "worse" car (Gallardo) and tunning the thing all the way up, after that the game became a joke, i didn't even need to try anymore. Wish i knew this sonner, it would save me a lot of stress.
  5. Just a heads up for anyone who is still going for this trophy: Don't play local with a offline profile, it won't count. Just go online and create a private session, you can then check your progress in the leaderboards. Quiting the game also doesn't count, so make sure to let yourself be killed everytime you want to finish the match. good luck! Edit: You also need to play online during your Descent EE run, otherwise you won't unlock Double tap mode.