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  1. The trophy has to be done 2vs2 only right? Another question, does your partner has to be a random or can I play with a friend and search for a public friendly match?
  2. I have more than 400 wins according to many Brawlhalla trackers and still no trophy. In the last 4 days I've got more than 70 or 80 wins and nothing yet. I was very close to 200 so it should've popped already. I usually play with crossplay on and off, and sometimes with my second controller in free for all matches. Is something about this that causes the trophy to not pop? EDIT: So it seems that these trackers also count private games and that's why you don't have a real number of how many games you have won. But I'm still thinking it's quite bugged cause I'm pretty sure I've done more than 250 matchmaking wins. The good thing is that it finally popped. Good luck everyone!
  3. Hello everyone! I'm looking for a crew lvl 50 or close to it, I'm glad to help. Please add me, my PSN Id: Francisco200400
  4. Hello everyone. I've seen that private games have been launched a few weeks ago. Anyone knows if they count for any trophy? And how many people is required in order to start one match? Thanks!
  5. Hey guys. I need Thermal, Burnout or Nitrous Rocket Boost in order to get Don't look back trophy and Ion Rocket boost or Halo topper in order to get Metaverse trophy please. If u still need those items I can give them back to you and I also have certified items that I don't need and you can take them if you want. Please🙏🏽🙏🏽 My PSN id: Francisco200400
  6. Here I explain how to do it
  7. I'll try to send you a video for you to see how to check what I'm telling you. Maybe can be glitched or maybe you're doing it wrong. This will help to know if it's bugged or not and also could help other people.
  8. Everyone, it's not necessary to grind till lvl 30 both Male and female. Just reach lvl 30 with one. Create a new character (from the opposite sex) from the main menu in 'My player' section. If you already started a career with that character just create a new one and don't start any career. In my player section you will have absolutely everything unlocked, so just focus on getting money because it's not necessary to grind with both male and female!!
  9. Have you checked in the main menu of the game in the 'My player' section? In career mode I don't have my girl items unlocked but in the main menu yes
  10. I'm glad that I helped. Congrats!
  11. Branded clothing does not count for the trophy, how can you confirm that? I'd thank you if you can answer that.
  12. You can do the challenges inside the career mode or in the tennis school, both count for the trophy. The only problem is that you have to at least do until challenge 9 in career mode to unlock them also in tennis school. Challenge 10 do it once in career mode (but it's going to be nearly impossible) and then do it in the tennis school with Nadal because is going to be easier. Once you finish it you'll have the 100%, if the trophy doesn't pop just repeat the running practice and the trophy will pop. Until challenge 9 my character was level 17-19.
  13. I can confirm that this works. I also got 100% using Nadal and then I did the running practice again and trophy popped!
  14. Yeah I was thinking that probably that was the answer. Actually I already got the trophy, you were right. I just needed to play a few more matches and the trophy popped so yeah bonus coins do not count for the trophy! If you are interested on writing the guide tell me and I can help you, I'd like to do it as well. If not then thanks for your answer!
  15. I haven't got all trophies yet but I only need 3 more. I know how all trophies work except for 'Eurover the moon' it says earn 50k coins in career mode. I have got more than 100k and still no trophy. Does bonus coins count for the trophy? If not that might be the answer. Maybe it might be glitchy as well, who knows... Anyway, if u want I can help you writing the guide, providing some videos or something. I have no experience also on writing guides but I'd like to do it on this one because I really love the game.