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  1. 3M foundation is a (free) VR game, could you update the tags for it?
  2. Absolute 100% competed all games, very nice! So freeballing it here, but I see Final Fantasy VII in there, so I'd recommend Final Fantasy VII Remake! I absolutely loved that game:)
  3. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas classic
  4. Anybody that can tell me why this one is 9.99 instead of 4.99? Doesn't seem like a game that needs a higher price to me, but maybe that because I'm only interested in the trophies that come with it. @RatalaikaGames Maybe you can shed some light on the pricing? Is this only for this one or did you guys up the prices for all upcoming games? EDIT: okay never mind, it's 9.99 on steam as well. So I assume it's just this game (we had more expensive Ratalaika games before)
  5. Did you play in VR or in normal mode?
  6. Has anybody found out how to recreate the OPs trick? Just bought the game (want to try out my new turbo controller haha), but I have the same issue as Smashhero. Playing online or not has no impact on it.
  7. Thank you! And I fully understand, take your time:)
  8. Sign me up! I've completed the following: Batman Batman: The Enemy Within Life is Strange Life is Strange: Before the Storm Minecraft: Story Mode (+ DLC) Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two Tales from the Borderlands The Walking Dead The Wolf Among Us Guardians of the Galaxy Aside from that I think you should add "Hidden Agenda" to the list as it's all choices as well. Not sure if that has been discussed before. I also see none of the Welsh interactives games listed, so I'm assuming there is a reason?
  9. Most European stores are having big issues with new games not being listed and a lot of games that were supposed to go on sale being delisted. No information from Sony on the issue as of now afaik.
  10. Yeah, I noticed over the years that sales always seem to be put on manually one game at a time. I never understood why this wasn't done by running a single update script, so I guess Sony is using massively outdated techniques or simply has a very inconvenient backend for the store.
  11. mmmm, I guess Greece is unaffected as well then. I just checked again and it's still not fixed for the Dutch store
  12. Very weird indeed. Any idea if they'll fix this soon?
  13. Nice, love how well they support this game even though it's age:)
  14. Your completion rate goes up if you complete new games as well, so the choice is yours. Stop complaining about DLC trophies.