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  1. Does anyone know if this trophy is working again? i checked the recent people and there’s quite a few recent achievers
  2. oh sweet, thanks for the info
  3. Do kills against robots not count? because in my stats I have 184 watermelmg kills but I don’t have the trophy
  4. I’m not quite sure how to get this, because i think it glitched on me, or if i’m doing it wrong. But I honked the horn on the tractor of the farm map and it gave me the trophy for no scoping someone with the sniper
  5. minesweeper isn’t even hard, i beat minefield in like 30 minutes
  6. yes haha
  7. Is this double xp every weekend, or was it just a one time thing?
  8. okay thanks for the info. as i’m looking to finish the game😁
  9. Are there any unobtainable trophies?
  10. Are there any unobtainable trophies?
  11. Considering it’s been awhile since anyone has posted in this forum, and it still works. Do you think it’s going to be patched anytime soon?
  12. Well i have 15 wins left, and i just bought scorch. So i’ll see how it goes
  13. I know scorch is glitched for the 8 characters trophy, but does anyone know if her wins count for the 100 wins?
  14. Does anyone know about the “Geared Up” trophy besides the one guy that unlocked it. The way I understand it, it’s tell you to purchase all unlockable customizations, which you obtain by leveling up, correct? Also, does that include weapon skins?
  15. Awesome. Thanks!