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  1. Awesome. Thanks!
  2. I know the 1,000 kills trophy is supposed to be glitched, but i have already racked up 17 kills and haven’t gotten the “Kill 10 people by any means” trophy. Anything i can do?
  3. We actually do live in the same house, his parents kicked him out, and now he’s living with us.
  4. I’m not sure what they mean
  5. Oh that makes sense, my friend just bought 2k2. Problem solved
  6. I checked and there’s no purchases charged to my account. I have 2 FA on
  7. I was on my playstation desktop, when all of a sudden, I got a notification they said “2k21 added to downloads”. I have never even purchased a 2k game, and I’m not sure why this is happening?
  8. Thanks so much for the information!
  9. I love the fact that your active on this topic. Keep up the great work man!
  10. So i’ll have to do it in each region individually?
  11. After i get a win Streak in the NA version, I switch to the EU version and my win streak disappears, did i do something wrong?
  12. The trophy for substituting 50 times did not pop for me. Anyone else not get this auto pop?
  13. According to my stats i’ve lost 50 times, but i do not have this trophy. Anything i can do?
  14. what is “FPP” and “TPP”?