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  1. Red Dead Redemption 2: Cannot imagine going through another online grind after GTA V (which I will probably go back and finish) Hollow Knight: I love the game, but it's too difficult for me. Even the main game is sometimes insanely difficult with the platforming and bosses. I know there is a boss rush required for the platinum, just seems impossible.
  2. Software and game development have set targets to develop/test/release product. A shit QA would be one who is bad at testing. Not releasing NG+ at launch is more of a management decision than the development team sucking. They target a release date with pre-defined commitment. In HFW's case, they probably didn't want to release NG+ with release.
  3. I'd expect a PS version at some point. If not, they would be alienating a lot of fans in Japan who primarily own a PS. I have never cared about console exclusivity, because all the games I ever wanted to play were on PS, and never really cared about other platform exclusives. Sucks to be on the other side of fence here because I really want to play P3 and P4; as P5 is my all time favorite game. I wish all games were released on all platforms for everyone to play. Silksong is another game I would be really interested in playing, but its PS release in uncertain for now.
  4. I played NG on VH and towards the end I felt like Spike Throwers and Braced shot were pretty OP. Spike Throws stagger a lot of the machines and braced shots take out a large chunk of their health at a time. If you acquired all the legendary gear then you can pretty much use the build shown in the video. You don't have min/max the damage output as the video, but it gives a basic idea to what to go for. Still haven't played UH, but I don't think it's going to be as big of a difficulty spike with maxed gear.
  5. Please don't have children.
  6. Ben Shapiro.
  7. What's the "agenda"? How is it forcing the idea of being gay?
  8. to you.
  9. [*insert yes chad meme]
  10. LGBTQ movement: please give us equal rights. Reactionaries: This is mandated tolerance and forced diversity. If you think that asking for equal rights is too far for you, I don't think these people were ever "allies".
  11. I know this is subjective, but I found Sekiro to be easier than this game. I am not far in Elden Ring, but I am trying to play without summons with a dex melee build (uchikatana), because the souls community recommends that it is the best way to enjoy a souls game. I have to time my dodges and position myself correctly and find openings to attack; any miss and even a mid level mini boss would punish my mistake hard. And this game has weird dodge rolling time, where an enemy will hold back an attack long enough to roll catch my panic dodging. I liked Sekiro's combat because that game can be played reactively. Even if you are not familiar with the bosses attack, you can tap L1 when something's about to hit you, or maybe even spam it and miss time, where the punishment was just posture damage. I can risk miss timing if I haven't taken too much posture damage. I've heard some late game bosses in Elden Ring are even more brutal, where they will one shot you if you miss a dodge. Don't know how much longer I can go with using summons. I am just 40 hours and 2 main bosses in.
  12. I've significant frame drops with the new patch. The roundtable hold room drops to <30fps even, it feels like. The performance has gotten worse for me with each patch.
  13. The 100% of the game is itself is bugged. A lot of visual bugs, quest log bugs, and black screen bugs. For black screen just do 'Restart from save'. Also, the black screen bug might only be in performance mode, so maybe try switching to fidelity.
  14. Well the gameplay is still going to be Aloy vs machines, and Hephaestus escaped, so Nemesis will be controlling him in the next one. Unless Aloy is going to space and fighting other kind of machines.
  15. I don't have much experience with souls games, but what is the deal with the lock-on system? I played Elden Ring for a couple of hours and tried to fight this Tree Sentinel guy. And at crucial moments, all of a sudden it lock-on to random animals. Am I not supposed to touch the camera stick at all when I am locked-on? I have a habit of turning and controlling the camera at all times. It's very hard to unlearn. I platinum'd Sekiro, and I also thought that handling multiple enemies in that game was atrocious, just because of the lock-on system. Luckily you only had to fight one boss at a time in that. But in Elden Ring, I assume you will be fighting bosses in an open world and the lock-on system will just make me rage.