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  1. Also the cover system in this one was pretty pointless at times; you get hit while in cover. The scenarios where you just pop out of cover and die were pretty infuriating. I have also seen enemies quickly turnaround and one shot me. I don't understand why they would put such a bad and unfair difficulty in the game.
  2. I am on Chapter 13 on crushing difficulty and this is my first Uncharted game. I have never played one before. For me, playing on crushing as my first play-through has completely taken the joy out of playing this game. I do not care about the story/characters (of which there isn't much any tbh); I only dread the next enemy encounter. As for the difficulty, if you are unfamiliar with the enemy positions it's going to be very hard. I hate the surprise wave of enemies ambushing you from behind (which is pretty cheap) after clearing an incredibly difficult wave just gets frustrating after a certain point. Having to clear the previous waves all over again is just not fun with how the game is designed. Playing the game using the cover mechanic will get you killed fast. You have to be behind cover and not in it to get anywhere in this game, which I assume is not how the game is intended to be played. I am probably not going to touch Brutal after experiencing this. Crushing a has enough cheap sections, I can only image what Brutal is going to be. I would recommend playing this game on Normal for new comers.
  3. I had to claim my FF7 Remake avatars by contacting PlayStation support. I did it after getting the platinum; but not sure whether that's necessary. See this thread
  4. Also do away with Niflheim grind fest. Muspelheim was fun.
  5. I am just glad to see a village and NPCs in the trailer. At least the world won't feel as bleak and desolate like the first one.
  6. Apart from the faster loading times, only if it's optimized for PS5, of which only a few games exists, the graphical difference aren't all that dramatic. If you juxtapose the two version and are being really pedantic about trivial graphical improvements, then I guess PS5 versions are better. For me, most of the PS4 games are perfectly fine and would take new games over PS4 remasters any day. That being said, I am a bit spoilt now with games running at 60fps. HZD was so smooth with the update.
  7. Hopefully would be on PS+ next month since it's free on Epic.
  8. #168, HZD platinum. Wasn't really into gaming, let alone caring about trophies, before the pandemic. Now I won't start a game unless I am willing to at least beat the main story and get as many trophies as possible.
  9. On launch day, Walmart had 3 slots to order PS5s; 3pm, 6pm, and 9pm. I couldn't add a PS5 to my cart in the first time slot. Added it to cart, but couldn't checkout during the second slot. Used the PS5 in my I added during the second slot and checked it out in the third time slot. 7 day later, I had my PS5.
  10. I put platinums of the games I enjoyed the most.
  11. FF XV 49% and Batman Arkham Knight also at 49%. I'll probably 100% Arkham Knight, but am never gonna touch FF XV again; the worst game I've ever played. You do get the Royal Edition (all DLCs excluding Ardyn one) with PS Plus Collection, however the Comrades trophies are unobtainable.
  12. Yea. You can also rent it and 100% it.
  13. Any idea if the DLC will be available with the physical copy? Or will it be a code and you'll need to download it digitally?
  14. If you earned the trophy doing this, does it count towards 100% completion?
  15. It was very easy to beat the times with the slow and invincibility cheat.