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  1. Finished Outer Wilds (plat only) and The Gardens Between for March. I think I am done with Outer Wilds for now and probably not going to revisit it to complete the DLC (don't own it either) anytime soon. The Gardens between was surprisingly a cute short puzzle game. The game had unique mechanics and the solutions to the puzzles aren't always as straightforward as you'd expect. Feels like a polished game with pretty graphics. The story service its purpose and keeps you engaged for the couple hours it takes to beat the game. The trophy list is just for "gold trophy farming" and doesn't take too much effort other than beating the game. Do look them up beforehand if you plan to play it otherwise you'll be replaying levels annoyingly to get them, Outer Wilds on the other hand is possibly one of the best gaming experience I've ever had. The kind of open world exploration mechanics it uses to uncover the secrets of it should be how every open world game should be made. The puzzles will keep you thinking for days and it amazing how well rounded the entire experience feels. It's also a game you shouldn't read too much about and play it completely blind with no knowledge. I ended up looking a solution for something, and sure enough it was explained in another part of the world I was too scared to explore early on. The only negative thing I have to say about this game is, and this is purely personal, is that this game repeatedly puts you in unsettling and precarious environments. It's also something that if you take out of the game would make it a worse game, but for me personally it's terrifying. I do not like scary/horror/unsettling games and I jumped into this one not knowing what it was about. The trophies of this game has to be one of the most annoying thing about the game. They aren't hard, just annoying. Also, one in particular gave me the shivers every attempt. I am yet again adding to the list and not working on the backlog. The games I am adding are Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight, Tchia, and Untitled Goose Game. I think I'll be removing a lot of the 100hrs games from the list in April anyway, since I don't think I want to play them anytime soon. Might pick one (probably P5R for 50th plat) and start working on it in parallel with others.
  2. huh?



    1. kindajustin


      More Persona 5 milking? Snooze. I'll be waiting for the only Persona-style game worth waiting for this year, The Golden Girls Take Manhattan DX.

    2. Cave Johnson

      Cave Johnson

      "Announced for iOS, Android" was already a bad sign, and then after " will be a free-to-play title with item-based in-app purchases" I stopped reading. 

  3. Haven't really been motivated to play anything recently. I don't feel like jumping back into either of the two games I've been working on, Celeste and Outer Wilds. Celeste has an insane difficulty spike in the C-side levels and Outer Wilds has been a terrifying experience. I think I might've discovered a lot of phobias I didn't know I had by just playing Outer Wilds. One of the trophies of this game has to be the most terrifying thing I've ever done in a video game. Not to mention that some of the trophies are just extremely annoying and un-fun. Also, as mentioned before, I don't own the DLC for Outer Wilds and from what I've read, it's downright scary. I am not even sure whether I want to play the DLC at this point. I should still get points for the platinum, right? I think I need to start a new game and slowly work towards completing these two. Bought some new games during the March sale and adding a few, which hopefully motivates me back into playing more. Adding Death's Door, GRIS, Pyre, The Artful Escape, The Gardens Between, and Road 96. A couple of these game might be too short for the event? Let me know if that's the case.
  4. I am not a fan of horror games but I just might play this for the parries.




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    2. Boorish


      I’d like to but horror games give me too much anxiety. Been playing Outer Wilds, which isn’t even a horror game, and that game is deceptively scary just because it puts you in unsettling environments. I still feel like I’m missing out not playing these kind of games and am trying to start small with games like Bloodborne. Hopefully one day I can play these games lol.

    3. JPtheNeurotic


      That’s fair . And that’s probsbly the best idea . 

    4. Sgznq


      I’m looking forward to this one. From what I’ve seen so far it looks fantastic. 

  5. It is and will be for most people. But some people are just cracked at platformers.
  6. Last Update: Well, I guess I couldn't complete the challenge. It was still interesting to discover my gaming and completion patterns. First, I think 6 games was too much to start with. I'll probably need a well curated list of games if I plan to finish 6 games in 3 months. Second, I have 3 games unfinished for different reasons. I didn't complete Celeste due to the difficulty towards the end, Wolfenstein out of boredom, and Outer Wilds because of how terrifying it is. I do plan on going back and completing them, I just need more time. It also doesn't help that I take week long breaks between playing a game again if I get stuck. Either way, all the best to everyone going into the Spring event! Have a great day ahead. Hades (PS5) - 100% Chicory: A Colorful Tale (PS5) - 100% Celeste (PS4) - 68% Wolfenstein: Youngblood (PS4) - 21% Outer Wilds (PS5) - 41% Transistor (PS4) - 0% Demon’s Souls (PS5) - 0% Returnal (PS5) - 0% GTA Vice City Definitive Edition (PS5) - 0% Games completed 2/6. Swaps used 3/3.
  7. Really impressed by what I am seeing. Combat seems an extension of FF7R mechanics, with even more polish.
  8. They should release this a week after HFW DLC.
  9. The best part was when Kratos says “it’s ragnaröking time” and ragnaröked all over the bad guys!
  10. It says reduced purchase price.
  11. This thread is just nerds making fun of nerds for being nerds. (I'm included)
  12. I have no idea about the story of the Resident Evil series (wish I liked horror games), but the latest trailer for RE4 make it seem like they are doing a FF7R style "remake" to retcon RE5 and RE6 because they weren't critically acclaimed lol.

    1. Jeanoltt


      A little resident evil timeline:


      RE1: The protagonists discover the virus and the first infected.


      RE2&3: Stories that happen just after the outbreak.


      Code Veronica: Cool story that follows Claire after RE2


      RE4: Mikami said "I'm the boss", and put Leon in the middle of a weird rural spain with crazy weapons and monsters never seen before. Also created the first ever third-person shooter by accident


      RE5&6: An incredible bad movie you remember watching on a long bus travel years ago; not sure if it exists. The protagonist for some reason moves a rock with his bare hands.


      Revelations: Actually a really good game following Jill & the guy who moves rocks, going back to the horror themes of the original trilogy.


      Umbrella Corps: That shooter game you downloaded years ago because it was free, unlocked a trophy and don't remember a single thing about it. Maybe there was a communist message behind.


      RE7&8: As far as I'm aware they are pretty good. The guy who moves rocks makes a special cameo.

    2. SnowxSakura


      @JeanolttMay have modernized 3rd person shooters, but RE4 wasn't even close to being the first

    3. Jeanoltt


      There were others before but the quality of RE4 was unmatched. 

      Also, RE4 simply inspired a lot of games that years later used that formula.

  13. Oh No.





    1. Abby_TheLastofUs


      If this were to actually happen, they'd have to patch it so that you'd be able to play the game at all. Because unlike Avengers, Suicide Squad can't be played offline, even in single player.

    2. PooPooBlast


      Damn. You got me good 🤣. I was sitting here thinking, did the game come out already?!!!! Ain't no way!???? 


      Looked it up online and found that it has yet to be released. Looked back at the screenshot and noticed that it said December 2023. Bruh 😂

    3. MidnightDragon


      Got me for a second. xD